A non-electric washing machine is a brilliant way to do your laundry off-the-grid. Well, being an off-grid power blog, we are happy to introduce you to a variety of machines that work on alternative power sources. Here we have a list of top-seller alternative washing machines for off-grid life.

Fine, these cool washing machines come with some alternative mechanism for operation. Clearly, they work on the impact of either a hand-crank liver or foot pedals. They don’t consume any energy source.  Hence, you could take them anywhere on your travels and use ideally in an emergency situation.

Alternative Washing Machines

Anyway, a non-electric washing machine is a simple way to do your laundry. You could install it anywhere quite instantly. Its compact and sleek design makes it ideal for all your off-grid living spaces whether it is a camping tent, campervan, RV, remote cabin, cottage, and more.

Of course, since it consumes no energy you could easily clean your laundry anywhere in a matter of time. Yes, the only thing you would need to do is to pedal or hand-crank the included livers to create impact inside the machine. Let us have a look at some of the top-selling alternative washing machines after the break below.

Best Alternative Washing Machines

There are actually not many models of alternative washing machines on the market. It is a niche market where you could see only a few brands selling reliable non-electric washing machines. Of course, these machines are not designed for all types of users, as well. Only travelers, campers, and singles would think of such a machine.

Clearly, an alternative washing machine wouldn’t help you clean a big bundle of garments at a time. However, the main attraction of a non-electric washing machine is that it doesn’t require the electricity to run. You could just operate it anywhere, anytime with a few minutes of pedaling or cranking.

1. The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash

It is one of the most popular alternative washing machines out there. The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash is a compact hand-crank machine that could clean 5-lbs of clothes in a matter of time. As you see in the photo, it comes up with a handy patent-pending E-Z lid lever, which you could rotate easily to wash clothes.

This is ideal for cleaning silk, woolen, and other garments. You could set it up in small living spaces like an RV, apartment, cabin, and a boat. And make sure you have cleaner clothes, diapers, and hand washables right everywhere you head to. Check out its price on the link below and buy a unit if you like it.

Wonder Wash handles your clothes very gently. Different from the regular electric washers, it doesn’t have an agitator so it keeps cleaning your garments so softly. Likewise, it has no moving parts inside as well as a motor. That would certainly make the washer last longer and serve you the best.

Above all, the alternative laundry machine is quite affordable for anybody who is looking forward to buying a portable and non-electric washing machine. Yes, thanks to its light, compact, and handy design, you could take the washer right anywhere hassle-free and enjoy washing at no cost at all.

Why Should You Buy

  • One of the Most Popular Alternative Washing Machines.
  • 5-Lbs Non-Electric, Hand-Crank Washing Machine.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design for Portable Use.
  • Easy and Comfy Patent-Pending E-Z Lid Lever for Cranking.
  • Perfect for Travellers, Campers, and Singles.

2. Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washing Machine

It is almost identical to the above model. Maybe, a single OEM would have built it for the brands. Anyway, the EcoWash hand-crank washing machine is another cool pick for travelers and singles. The cleaning technology of EcoWash lets you do the laundry gently in a matter of time anywhere.

Yes, you could carry the washer on your trips and keep your clothes neatly using its smart technology. You just need to crank the liver to make it run exactly like the above model. Follow the link below to check out the price of Avalon Bay WcoWash non-electric washing machine.

It is, in fact, a great money-saver when compared to the regular electric washers. See, it costs you no electricity and its innovative method of washing also saves a good amount of water and detergent. Moreover, the biggest advantage is that the machine is very lightweight and handy.

Hence, it works quite nicely in your small living spaces such as RVs, boats, campers, and etc. Indeed, there is a good number of takers for EcoWash on all leading retail sites. Most of them are certainly satisfied with how it works in cleaning their laundry off-the-grid. So, it would surely be a nice pick for you.

By the way, Avalon Bay also sells a hand-crank mini spin dryer along with EcoWash. Called EcoSpin, it could dry up to 4.5-lbs of clothes by nearly 95% quickly. Along with an EcoWash, it is a great way to clean your clothes on the go. The unique design of EcoSpin dries up clothes with no damage. See more details about EcoSpin here.

Why Should You Buy

  • Non-Electric Hand-Crank Washing Machine.
  • Lightweight and Compact Alternative Washing Machine.
  • Perfect for Camping, RVs, Apartments, and Cabins.
  • Innovative EcoSpin Drier Available from the Brand.

3. Drumi Non-Electric Washing Machine

Yirego’s Drumi is the most popular model of alternative washing machines on the market. Different from the above models, it is a foot-powered machine, which needs no power and uses no much water as well.

Drumi came into the market as a highly successful crowd-funded project back in 2016. Its makers could raise a huge sum of $301,173 to realize this award-winning project. As of now, Drumi is available for public sale and it has got a lot of takers with good customer rating. It is still not available on Amazon, however.

Drumi Non-electric Washing Machine

Check Price and Buy @ Drumi Non-electric Washer Machine

This sophisticated foot-powered washer is designed to clean a 2kg load of lightly soiled garments every day. It would take only 5 minutes to finish a load. So it becomes yet another superb pick for various living spaces like RVs, campers, cottages, apartments, and etc.

However, the machine is priced a bit higher than the above non-electric washing machines. It has got a rugged and durable pedal that features textures to let you pedal it with a grip. Since it is not available on Amazon, you can use the link above to check its Indiegogo page. It is also available on its own website, by the way.

Why Should You Buy

  • Foot-Powered 2KG Alternative Washing Machine. 
  • Water-Saver Machine and No Electricity Required.
  • 80% Less Water Required Than Standard Machines.
  • Lightweight and Amazingly Portable Washing Machine.

4. Lavario Portable Washing Machine

Here is another cool alternative washing machine for off-grid washing of your dresses. This is a hand-powered non-electric washer. However, different from the above hand-crank units, it has got a different functionality. It highlights a piston and cylinder design to make use of your hand power for cleaning.

The piston is a plastic basket to load the clothes. It features a strong handle. You could move the piston up and down in the cylinder that holds the water. Fine, the up and down motion generates a continuous flow of water through your clothes. The result is that you get all the germs and dirt out of your garments.

Fine, the makers of Lavario have introduced it as the safest way to clean your dresses compared to both the above alternative washing machines and the conventional washing machines as well. They claim that with the simple up and down motion, you would get your garments clean with no damage.

By the way, you get Lavario in a highly compact and lightweight design. It could clean your clothes in just 20 minutes. And its handy and easy-to-use design makes it a perfect choice for camping, dorms, RVs, and more. Above all, the USA-made device is featuring better durability.

Why Should You Buy

  • Uniquely Designed Hand-Powered Washing Machine.
  • Piston and Cylinder Approach in Hand Power Washing. 
  • Perfect for RVs, Camping, and Apartments.
  • Strong and Durable Design for Safe Cleaning.

5. Aosgya Portable Washing Machine

The next model on our list of the best alternative washing machines is a mini and compact one. Well, the 1KG washing machine is a hand-crank model. It would only consume less amount of water and detergent to clean your dresses up to 1KG on your off-grid trips or in an emergency.

As you see in the pic, it comes up in two parts; a base and a rotatable washing basket, which sports the crank. That is, you could fill your dress, water, and detergent in the basket and place it on the base. And simply rotate it on the base, which you could place somewhere by filling either water or sand for stability.

Interestingly, the unique design of the non-electric washing machines lets you wash your dresses with no tear or wear. It includes no agitators or any protruding components as it is with the regular washing machines.

Moreover, this is an ideal choice for all your off-grid washing efforts in the wilderness. Its lightweight and ultra-portable profile makes it perfectly suitable for camping, RVs, trailers, and other outdoor activities. Check out the link above to see its price and other details, by the way.

Why Should You Buy

  • Innovative Hand-Crank Alternative Washing Machine.
  • 1KG Non-Electric Washing Machine with No Agitators Inside.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design for Ideal Off-Grid Washing.
  • Perfect Choice for RVs, Campers, Trailers, and More.

6. Washer Bucket Portable Foot Powered Washer

Finally, we have a simple foot-powered washer. It works on a simple technology that needs your foot to push down a pedal to make an impact inside the washer bucket. You could load your dresses, water, and detergent in the bucket, which features a small agitator. Follow the button below to check out its price.

Washer Bucket Portable Foot Powered Washer

As you see, it is a very compact and durable washer. You could use it to clean your essential dresses during a camping, RVing trip or other outdoor events. It is quite easy to operate and handle and so is certainly one of the top-selling alternative washing machines on the market.

Why Should You Buy

  • Simple Foot-Powered Pedal Washer. 
  • Durable and Strong for Outdoor Uses.
  • Perfect for Camping, RVs, and Emergency.

Final Thoughts

Hope this article helps you find all the best alternative washing machines out there. It is absolutely a great idea to have a hand-crank or foot-powered washing machine. That will help you quickly wash your laundry in many situations like an outdoor event or an emergency condition.

You could do your laundry smoothly anywhere and enjoy cranking or pedaling to get your dresses clean and neat. Well, we have tried to include all the best and leading alternative washing machines on the market. You could share your thoughts below if we missed out on something.

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