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Best Lithium Batteries for Solar Power Systems: Highly Reliable Solar Lithium Batteries

Black Friday is, of course, the best time of the year to buy lithium batteries for your solar power systems.

Several brands have unveiled special deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers. Brands like Renogy have flash and super sales on their off-grid power system components, including batteries. Here, we have a list of the best lithium batteries for solar power systems you can buy on Black Friday 2020.

Batteries are indeed the heart of a solar power system. Without a battery, you are left with no option to store the collected solar power. Hence, you need to make sure you get the best battery packs for power systems whether it is in your home, RV, camper, trailer, or more.

The cost of the battery represents the quality its maker has put in it. So, it is a bad idea to try cutting the corners when it comes to batteries. You need to buy the best battery for setting up a reliable off-grid power system. Here, we have a list of the best solar lithium batteries you can go for without a second thought.

Best Lithium Batteries for Solar Power Systems

There is a large number of lithium battery vendors on the market today. Big backup solutions like Tesla Powerwall are made of lithium cells. In other words, it was the EV maker Tesla that early came up with lithium batteries as the ideal solar power storage solution with the launch of Powerwall 1 back in 2015.

The development changed the solar backup scenario as a whole. Many brands ditched the traditional lead-acid batteries from their power solutions and went for lithium. Of course, lithium cells help achieve several benefits for the storage systems, including faster solar charging and more charging cycles.

Anyway, below we have a handful of the best lithium batteries for solar power systems from some top brands. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most vendors have special offers for batteries, indeed.

Renogy Lithium-Iron Phosphate Batteries

Renogy is known for its collection of lithium-ion phosphate battery packs. As you see, these batteries are highly powerful, lightweight, and compact when compared to the likes of lead-acid, gel, and flooded ones. You will also get more charging cycles and lifespan with the Renogy lithium batteries.

Well, the Renogy lithium batteries appear in different capacities, starting from a 50Ah model. The high-end one is a 170Ah model, and the middle variant is obviously a 100Ah unit. Below, we have a link to the Renogy site where the brand has put on display its lithium batteries at great prices.



The Renogy 12V LFP batteries are ideal backup solutions for a wide number of common applications like solar, wind energy systems, cabins, home UPS, and more. The batteries are indeed quite safe and lightweight different from the old-gen lead-acid and gel batteries.

Since you get the Renogy batteries in multiple capacities, you are lucky enough to find the best one for your off-grid power system. You won’t need to look for another brand. Instead, you can get the best quality battery packs from Renogy and pair together multiple units for rather advanced storage options.

Lion Energy Safari UT Lithium Batteries

Lion Energy is an incredible brand in the portable solar power market. Its line of Safari UT lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are premium and high-performance units of the kind. Well, Lion Energy has its lithium battery packs in three models, ranging from 20Ah to 105Ah in the storage capacity.

The Lion batteries are branded as Safari UT 250, Safari UT 700, and Safari  UT 1300. The denominations simply represent the capacities of each variant. Thus, they are respectively 250Wh @ 20Ah, 716Wh @ 56Ah, and 1344Wh @ 150A lithium batteries. Check out the link below to buy any of the Safari UT batteries. Lion Energy Safari UT 1300 Battery


All the Safari UT batteries feature quality materials. The lithium-ion technology makes them last longer with over 3500 charging cycles. That is how they can outlast the lead-acid batteries in backing up your off-grid power systems pretty longer, for sure.

Lion offers a 7-year unlimited warranty for the battery packs. As they are available in multiple power options, you will be lucky to find an apt one for your off-grid power systems.

Besides the lithium batteries, Lion is also known for its wide collection of application-based solar panel kits that include the same batteries. The brand has got multiple suitcase-style solar panels and a handful of outdoor-friendly accessories to make your off-grid life awesome.

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