Solar is indeed the coolest way to produce power to juice your gizmos while cruising. No other option is much reliable, of course. You can only store limited juice in a power bank. And a diesel generator is a big harm to the nature and you will feel shortage of fuel also. Well, we have a list of best marine solar panels here. They will let you charge a wide range of your gadgets as you cruise in the remote waters.

Solar panel kits for boats, yachts and sailboats typically come with flexible or bendable solar panels. Of course, we have different types of solar panels that are friendly for mounting on any surface. A curved or flexible solar panel sits very neatly even on bowed surfaces. That said, you can easily install most of marine solar panels on the deck and roof of boats. Also do they sit comfortably over RV roofs, camping tents etc.

All best marine solar panels in our list are capable to produce quite enough energy to run many of your daily used gadgets. Well, just connect the panel to a battery or power bank to store the collected solar energy. You can use the energy on demand from the storage to charge your gadgets and run essential appliances. Check out our list of the best marine solar panels below to find the perfect one for your needs.

Best Marine Solar Panels: 10 Solar Panel Kits for Boats

Best Marine Solar Panels

As put it above, a marine solar panel is usually a flexible unit. We have also listed some solar panel kits here. Well, a marine solar panel kit packs up essential components like charge controller, mounting brackets, wires and cables. Meanwhile, if it is only a panel you should buy other components separately. A charge controller, inverter and battery are typically the key things needed to set up a full off-grid solar solution for your boats.

1. HQST Flexible Solar Panel 100 Watts

First, we have HQST’s 100-watt flexible solar panel. This 12V lightweight unit has a SunPower mono-crystalline cell laminated to a thin plastic sheet. That is, you can flex it up to some extent so that its mounting goes very easy on a curved surface. Moreover, different from conventional glass or metal panels, it is more efficient and amazingly lightweight too. Well, it weighs just 5 pounds.

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You can attach the solar panel with adhesive or grommets to any surface. You don’t need to install costly roof reinforcements to mount the solar panel. Moreover, it features pre-drilled holes so you can rug it up to any surface as well. Ideally, the HQST solar panel is good for mounting over boats, yachts, RVs, camping tents etc. Finally, because of its flexible nature and quality material, it won’t easily get damages in rough outdoor use.

2. Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel

| Link to Buy: Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel |

This Suaoki product is exactly like the above model. It also touts SunPower’s high efficient 100W solar cell and is flexible up to 30 degrees. The water-resistant solar panel is also nice for mounting over rooftops, boat decks and camp tents. Weighing at around 5 pounds, you don’t need to worry about moving it to another place. Still, the ideal way to utilize the panel is to mount it permanently over boat with adhesive, grommets, or Velcro.

3. AllPowers 100W Bendable Solar Panel

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Here is yet another cool SunPower flexible solar panel in our list of the best marine solar panels. This 100-watt monocrystalline panel also flexes up to 30 degree, thus letting you attach it to an irregular surface very neatly. The frameless design along with its lightweight body works quite nice in your off-grid applications. You can hang it anywhere or rug it up to something so that you get good sunlight and gets better sun energy.

4. DuraVolt Solar Panel Charger

It is a 16.6-watt extremely durable solar panel to charge marine battery. It is a perfect piece of marine solar panel to charge a 50Ah battery. Great thing is it doesn’t require a charge controller. Out of the box, just fix the panel on your boat deck and connect to your marine battery. However, it is more like a trickle solar charger, but is quite enough to keep charging your batteries all the time around.

| Link to Buy: DuraVolt Marine Solar Charger

DuraVolt solar charger has great customer reviews, by the way. Several people have tested it very successfully with their 12V batteries. Yes, you no longer need to run your boat engine to juice up your marine battery. Just get this superb solar charger to power up your gadgets as you cruise in the deep waters for long periods.

5. KingSolar 120W Semi-flexible Solar Panel

| Link to Buy: KingSolar Semi-flexible Solar Panel |

It is a 120W semi-flexible solar panel from KingSolar. The solar cell is neatly laminated over flexible material so that it bends up to 30 degrees. Well, you can mount it perfectly on curved surfaces like boat deck and RV roof. The highly efficient panel weighs just around 8 pounds. Like all similar models, it features an internal charge blocking diode so that you can keep battery connected to it all the time. It won’t discharge the power in night.

6. Go Power Flexible Solar Panel Kit 200 Watts

 | Link to Buy: Go Power 200W Flexible Solar Kit

It is the first solar panel kit in our list of the best marine solar panels. Well, it comes up with a pair of 100-watt monocrystalline solar panels and a 30A PWM charge controller. All you need is to just connect the kit to your marine battery. Thanks to 200W output, it can charge a battery of 100Ah capacity in some hours under bright sunlight. That means, you get sufficient power backup to juice up a wide range of your gadgets while cruising.

7. Lensun 100W Semi-flexible Solar Panel Kit

It is another cool piece of marine solar kit. Lensun’s 100-watt solar kit packs a unit of 100W ETFE flexible solar panel, a 10A PWM charge controller and cables with MC4 connectors. What makes it different from others is its unique ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) solar film layer, instead of the regular PET. As per the company, it largely reduces reflection and thus increases total output.

| Link to Buy: Lensun 100W Flexible Solar Kit

Moreover, Lensun solar panel has a fiberglass back sheet, making it quite flexible, but strong enough. Chance for cracking and water intrusion is less because of that material. Plus, it is resistant to rain, seawater corrosion and other harsh marine conditions. All you will need is to add a battery to the kit to start energy production.

8. PowerOak 72 Flexible PV Solar Panel

| Link to Buy: PowerOak 72 Rollable Solar Panel |

It is the only fully rollable model in our list of the best marine solar panels. As you see in the title, it is a 72W solar panel with an extremely lightweight design. PowerOak has used thin stainless steel substrate to realize the highly flexible solar unit. The integrated thin film amorphous silicon solar cells deliver more power than traditional panels. By the way, because of its bendable nature, you can mount the solar panel right anywhere. That is indeed the most exciting thing with the PowerOak 72 solar panel.

9. Lensun 80W Flexible Solar Panel

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It is an 80W variant of Lensun’s semi-flexible solar panel. It also uses the Japanese-imported ETFE solar layer instead of the traditional PET. As noted above, it helps the panel absorb more light with decreased reflection so that you get better results. The solar layer is made up on thin aluminum sheet. And you can mount it on irregular surfaces easily, thanks to its semi-flexible nature. You can also buy it with a solar charge controller.

10. Eco-Worthy Wind Solar Panel Kit 1000 Watts

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The final pick in our list of the best marine solar panels is not only a solar solution. It also packs a wind turbine with an overall output of 1000 watts. The Eco-Worthy off-grid power kit contains a unit of 400W wind turbine, four units of 160W monocrystalline solar panels, a 50ft solar cable and Y branch MC4 connectors. That is, you get a large off-grid power solution that you can mount over your boat for power from both wind and sunshine.