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Best Off-Grid Power Inverters: 10 Best Inverters for Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power

An AC inverter is indeed an essential part of any off-grid power system. Be it is a solar, wind, or hybrid power system, you basically need a power inverter. Simply, it is a device that converts the DC current stored in the battery to AC power to run your electronics.

Here is our list of the best off-grid power inverters.

Of course, we have a wide range of power inverters on the market with different power options. We would like to introduce you to some of the finest models here. So, it would be easy for you to set up your off-grid power system with the best inverter.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying an inverter.

It is actually the part that defines the output of an off-grid power system. In other words, even if your power system has got a large solar array or wind turbine, and a heavy battery pack, it can only run the devices and appliances that have less wattage than that of the included inverter.

Best Off-Grid Power Inverters

Though power inverters are available in pure sine wave and modified sine wave models, the former is highly recommended for use in off-grid power systems. A pure sine wave inverter is indeed the most advanced and safe one for the electronics connected to it.

The modified inverter, though available at cheaper prices, is not much refined and stable. Anyway, we have our list of the best off-grid power inverters with both types. Stay tuned for our list and find the best model to build your DIY solar power system.

1. Ampeak 750W Power Inverter

We would like to start the list with a cool 750W inverter. This stylishly designed inverter is from a brand called Ampeak and you get it in 400W and 100W variants, too.

This AC inverter is indeed an ideal pick for setting up a small off-grid power system. The 750W continuous power inverter can surge at 1500 watts and you have multiple outlets to power your devices. Check out the product on the link below at Amazon.com.


As you see in the image, the Ampeak inverter incorporates a pair of three-pronged 110V AC outlets for running your appliances and as many 3.1A USB outlets for charging your cell phones, tablets, and other USB devices.

It equips replaceable 35A mini slip fuses and other advanced safety measures.

So, it can perfectly protect the connected devices from overheat, overload, short circuits, and more. The inverter has a weight of 1.5 lbs and its compact size goes 5.2 x 8.1 x 2.2 in.

Notable Features

  • 750-Watt Off-Grid Power Inverter. 
  • Dual Three-Pronged 110V AC Sockets. 
  • Two 3.1A USB Outlets for Your Gadgets. 
  • Compact and Handy Design for Road Trips.
  • Other Power Variants Available. 

2. Bestek 2000-Watt Power Inverter

Next, we have a model from Bestek, a well-known brand with a wide collection of off-grid power inverters. As you see, it is a 2000W inverter with three full-size AC sockets.

It is indeed a highly recommended pick for setting up an incredible off-grid power system in your home, cabin, RV, trailer, or boat. Well, the red-colored inverter, as you see in the image, sports a carrying handle to let you take it anywhere hassle-free.


The 2000W inverter (2300W max power) can surge at 4600 watts, and for the better safety of your devices, it equips as many as six 50A fuses. Moreover, it features an overload alarm with an LED light indication, a high-speed cooling fan, and a power switch, and etc.

Above all, you get the inverter built with durable materials, which can ideally protect it from tough weather conditions, making it a superb choice for outdoor applications.

Bestek is indeed a leading brand with a large variety of off-grid power inverters. Starting from 500W to 2000W,  its collection of inverters spreads out in a lot of variants.

Notable Features

  • 2000-Watt Off-Grid Power Inverter. 
  • Three-Full Size 110V AC Sockets.
  • Compact and Handy with a Comfortable Handle. 
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Off-Grid Applications. 

3. Renogy 2000-Watt Inverter

The next is an incredible product from Renogy, a famous vendor of off-grid solar power solutions. It is a 2000W powerful pure sine wave inverter with three 110V AC sockets.

The inverter can offer excellent performance with a stable out of 2000 watts and a surge of 4000 watts. It highlights an advanced waveform technology to ensure little harmonic distortion. Check out the link below to order a unit of the Renogy inverter.

Renogy 2000W Power Inverter


The Renogy off-grid power inverter features all the safety measures, including overload protection for both AC output and DC input. Further, it incorporates a pair of high-speed cooling fans and special LED warning indicators.

Renogy has been offering this inverter in many of its famous off-grid solar kits. However, you can buy it separately to make a part of your high-power DIY off-grid power systems in your households, worksites, or any other outdoor facilities.

Notable Features 

  • 2000W Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Waveform Technology for Little Harmonic Distortion.
  • Four 110AV Sockets to Run Your Appliances.
  • Perfect for Use in Households, RVs, and Trailers.

4. WindyNation VertaMax 3000-Watt Inverter

Next, we have a top-seller modified off-grid inverter. The 3000W VertaMax inverter is a cool WindyNation product and it comes in other variants also, including a 1200W one.

Fine, the inverter can perfectly convert 12V energy to 110V AC power to run a variety of your appliances. The stylish, golden-colored device can thus be ideal for setting up your DIY off-grid power system. Check it out at Amazon with the link below.


Thanks to its 3000W continuous output and 6000 surge power, it can smoothly run a host of appliances like TVs, laptops, microwaves, medical equipment, and so on. The kit packs up some basic cables and connectors along with the inverter.

The inverter has got three full-size 115V AC sockets and an LED warning screen to let you track battery voltage and other information. Each of the AC sockets features an exclusive circuit breaker with a control switch.

By the way, as a modified sine wave inverter, it is remarkably cheaper compared to a pure sine wave alternative of the same output.

Notable Features

  • 3000-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Three 115 V AC Outlets and an LED Display.
  • Stylish and Golden-Shaded Inverter.
  • Powerful Solution for Off-Gird Power Sytems.

5. Energizer 1500-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

This is Energizer’s 1500-watt inverter. It is another perfect choice for your power systems in a camping tent, RV, and boat. The 1500W inverter can surge at 3000 watts and it sports dual 110V AC sockets and as many USB outlets.

Made of durable materials, the Energizer AC inverter can resist tough outdoor conditions and, at the same time, deliver a stable and safe flow of AC current to your appliances.


Like all off-grid inverters, it features a cooling fan to safeguard it from overheating. So, it is fine for setting up a safe and secure power station for various requirements.

Energizer offers the inverter in a wide range of power options, starting from a 100W one to a 4000W one. Some of the models are pure sine wave units, while some are modified units. Check out the link above to have a look at all the variants of the inverter.

Notable Features

  • 1500-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Dual AC Sockets and Dual USB Outlets. 
  • Perfect for Your Off-Grid Power Systems.
  • Multiple Power Variants Available.

6. Giandel 5000W Heavy-Duty Power Inverter

The next item on our list of the best off-grid power inverters is a large and heavy-duty model. The Giandel inverter is a 5000-watt model with a surge power of 10000 watts.

If you are looking to set up a high-power off-grid power solution, it is a fine choice. You can run nearly all your essential AC appliances using the power inverter. Check out the Giandel heavy-duty power inverter on the link below.

It an advanced inverter with a host of features.

You get it with four AC sockets and one 2.4A USB port so you can power up multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, it comes with a remote controller to manage its operation. It features a durable aluminum alloy housing to ensure better safety on your outdoor trips.

Giandel also sells a 3000W variant of the large off-grid power inverter. That can offer you 6000-watt surge power.  Both the variants would be great choices for large off-grid power systems.

Notable Features

  • 5000W Heavy-Duty Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • Ideal Solution for Large Off-Grid Power Systems.
  • Four AC Sockets and USB Charging Port.
  • Remote Controller to Manage the Operation Wirelessly.

7. Go Power 3000W Modified Wave Inverter

If you are looking for a 3000W inverter on a budget, a modified sine wave model is a fine choice.

Certainly, this Go Power model is one of the popular and best off-grid power inverters working on modified sine wave technology. Well, this cool power inverter offers 3000W continuous power and 6000W peak power. Follow the button below to buy a unit of the Go Power inverter.


The Go Power inverter is made of strong aluminum. Its design makes it very cool and handy for outdoor use. Also, the inverter touts all essential security features to ensure that the connected devices are safe against any damages in situations like a short circuit, overvoltage, or etc.

By the way, as you see in the photo, it highlights multiple AC sockets. So, it can be yet antoher perfect choice for your big off-grid power systems.

Notable Features

  • 3000W Powerful Inverter on a Budget.
  • Made of Durable Aluminum Shell.
  • Multiple AC Sockets to Power Multiple Devices.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Off-Grid Systems. 

8. WZRELB 3000-Watt Off-Grid Power Inverter

Next, we have a brilliant 3000W pure sine wave off-grid power inverter from a brand called, WZRELB. Interestingly, it comes in wide power options for both 12V and 24V power systems.

This inverter with a 6000W peak power has many exciting features.

It has got a pair of 120V AC sockets, a cooling fan, and an earth connection for both the output and PCB board for added security. Check it out on the link below.

WZRELB 3000-Watt Off-Grid Power Inverter


The inverter features good quality and true copper inductance. Its pure sine wave output offers enhanced safety for your appliances.

Fine, you can go for this model with no hesitation if you are looking at setting up a complete off-grid power solution in your RV, trailer, campers, tent, remote cabin, home, or apartment.

The outer case of the inverter is crafted of a solid aluminum shell, making it perfect for various outdoor applications. By the way, as said above, you get it in several power options for both 12V and 24V battery systems, starting from 2000W to 5000W models.

Notable Features

  • 3000W Powerful Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • Dual AC Sockets to Support Multiple Appliances. 
  • Made of Strong and Durable Aluminum Casing.
  • Available in Multiple Power Variants. 

9. Edecoa 1500W Power Inverter

Here comes an incredible 1500W pure sine wave inverter from Edecoa. Like all similar products, it is a nice pick for your camping, boating, and emergency power needs.

With the advanced power inverter, you can set up an off-grid solar power system anywhere and power your electrical appliances. Check out the link below to buy the inverter.


The stylish green-toned inverter is rich with all the advanced safety features. It sports three full-size AC sockets and it comes with a remote controller. A longer LED display is there to show you operational data.

As for safety features, it carries a built-in fan control, automatic voltage regulation facility, and intelligent power management system. It is strongly built with aluminum and quality plastic so that you get a nice inverter for your off-grid power systems.

Notable Features

  • 1500-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Three AC Sockets to Support Multiple Devices.
  • Made of Strong Aluminum and Quality Plastic.
  • Remote Controller and LED Display.

10. Energizer 4000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Here comes up the last model on our list of the best off-grid power inverters. It is the higher-end variant of a line-up of off-grid power inverters from Energizer.

Well, the powerful modified sine wave inverter is indeed a superb choice for you to convert 12V DC power to stable AC power on the go. It is an ideal pick to set up a large off-grid power system in your RV, camper, boat, or cabin, home, and more. Check out the product on the link below.

Well, as you see in the photo, the Energizer inverter features a pair of standard AC sockets and as many 2.4A USB ports. Furthermore, the strong and solid case of the inverter has got a stylish design with mesh-like layering at the front.

Meanwhile, coming to the safety side, the inverter features all standard safety measures to make it protect your appliances secure from overload, short circuits, overheating, and more. This is, in fact, a METLab-approved power inverter for quality, performance, and safety.

Notable Features

  • 4000W Powerful Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • Stylish and Highly Durable Design.
  • Two AC Sockets and Two USB Charging Ports.
  • Ideal for Big Off-Grid Power Systems.
  • Available in Various Power Options.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best off-grid power inverters. It is never easy to hand-pick the best inverters as there is a wide number of models on the market. However, we have compiled this list after detailed research on the web and, hopefully, it will come out to be much helpful for you to get the best of the best for your power system.

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