What do you think is the best option for off-grid energy? Do you think it is good to carry a power bank? Or a gas generator? Of course, both look not feasible options for certain reasons. Power banks run out of charge and generators emit noise and smoke. Well, if you live in a place with good sunshine solar is simply the best choice. Below we introduce you to 10 best off-grid solar kits that would make your off-grid life get going.

Best Off-grid Solar Kits

Best Off-grid Solar Kits: 10 Top Off-Grid Solar Kits

There is a variety of cool off-grid solar solutions for all what you typically need in the wild. First, you have a line of advanced solar generators with built-in or separate solar panels. Also, you have portable solar panels – both flat and flexible. The former, as you see, is ready-to-use out of the box, while the latter is a DIY solution to set up an off-grid energy solution. What’s more, you even get solar ovens for preparing essential meals in the wild. Remember solar cookers don’t use solar panels, but accumulate sunlight to produce heat for cooking.

1. WindyNation 400-watt Solar Kit

What about a complete off-grid solar kit? That includes solar panels, charge controller, inverter, batteries, and all cables and cords. Indeed, such a kit would be a great choice if you would like to set up a DIY solar solution for your home, apartment, RV, or boat. But it costs over $1500 to buy this 400W complete off-grid solar kit.

What you get, of course, is virtually everything you need to set up a DIY solar generator. First, you have four units of 100W mono solar panels, totaling an output of 400 watts. That is quite enough to charge 300Ah of battery in certain hours depending on sun. Added with a 1600Whr power inverter and 30A charge controller, you have nothing to worry about powering up all your appliances and gadgets by sun out in the wild.

2. Eco-Worthy 1300W Solar Panel Kit

Want a more powerful off-grid solar kit? It misses out battery, but you could set up the kit to ideally juice 24V battery with a daily output of 6KWh depending on sunshine. Well, it packs up eight pieces of 160W mono solar panels and so it won’t be much friendly for temporary mounting over your cabin or RV. The ideal way to use this large solar kit is to mount it onto the rooftop of your home, apartment or flat, and connect to your grid.

This Eco-Worthy product is indeed one of the best off-grid solar kits out there, because it is highly popular in the segment. As of writing this, it has grabbed almost full score in rating on Amazon.com. To add to the value of the kit, you have it with a highly powerful 45A charge controller and other accessories. More amazingly, you have the same kit available in several lower end variants, ranging from 160W to 1000W.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station Kit

Yet another best-selling off-grid solar kit is Goal Zero’s old flagship Yeti 1250, coupled with a pair of 30-watt Boulder 30 panels. Hope you already know that Goal Zero’s new series of Yeti Lithium series, which replaces Yeti 1250 with a more powerful Yeti 1400. As you see, you won’t have to do anything complex to set up power station-based solar kits. It just has a power station and solar panels, different from two above DIY solar kits. You could indeed add more panels or powerful panels to make charging faster, by the way.

Typically, a power station has the battery, inverter, charge controller and all other essential things integrated inside. That said, you just connect it with required solar panels and enjoy unlimited access to solar energy wherever you are. Moreover, you could charge Yeti 1250 from your wall socket or car charger and use it as a cool solution to power your life in a place with no sunlight or when you have a cloudy sky someday out there.

4. Humless Portable Solar Generator Kit

Looking for another solar generator kit? This flagship Humless solar power station could produce 1.3kWh and the included solar panels total at a massive 260W capacity. Yes, we have a pair of 160W folding panels that you could place right anywhere thanks to the built-in durable stands. Inside the solar power station comes a more reliable lithium battery, which would certainly inspire you to pick this model compared to above Yeti 1250.

Obviously, you have bigger prices for both the solar power station kits in our list of the best off-grid solar kits today. Simply, it is because you have the power stations ready for use out of the box. You need to do nothing at all to set up the kit. Once you connect the panels to the system, it starts to capture sun energy. So, if you are on a move with no RV or caravan, this could be rather helpful option. Otherwise, go for a rather cheaper off-grid solar panel kit to build up your own DIY solar energy solution to charge your already existing batteries.

5. HQST 200-watt Solar Marine Kit

Would you prefer a flexible solar panel kit? We have a variety of models available. Flexible solar panel means a unit of panel that flexes up to some extent so you could neatly place it over curved surfaces like sunroofs of RV, caravan, or boat. This HQST solar panel is well-built to endure bad marine weather conditions, so it could be your best pick to mount on to the roof a boat for fishing or cruising. It comes with a 20A PWM duo battery charge controller. Hence, you could charge a pair of batteries at the same time from sun energy.

6. Go Power 200-watt Solar Kit

Do you want to try another flexible solar panel kit? This Renogy kit is rather pricier, because it is more powerful and the panels you get are of better quality, indeed. The included box is a 30A PWM charge controller. These lightweight, unframed solar panels are best for mounting over boats, RV, and caravans as they curve up to 30 degrees. The highly durable surfaces let it stand for a long time irrespective of adverse of outdoor conditions.

7. HKYH Solar Panel Lighting Kit

You can’t survive in the wild without a good lighting solution. What about carrying a small solar light kit to light up your spaces and charge your gadgets? We would like to include a couple of cool solar light kits in our list of the best off-grid solar kits. Yes, if you own a big solar panel kit, you don’t need an extra small lighting kit. But as a regular hiker or camper, it would be a better idea for you to take along a small solar lighting kit so that you could light up your spaces with LED powered by sunlight.

In our research, we have found this HKYH product as one of the most popular solar light kits out there. Excited to know what makes it special? This primarily includes a 3-watt folding solar panel with metal kickstands. That would simply help you take it anywhere with no much burden and place it right anywhere. A stylish green box is a brilliant solar DC system that intermediates the panel and bulbs, including a pair of 2W LEDs and as many 3W LEDs. Also, it comes with a pair of  iPhone adapters and three other charging cords.

8. MicroSolar LED Light Kit |

Another top-selling solar light kit is here. It is again a four-lamp solar solution that provides you enough light in your campsite, home, or RV. This MicroSolar system features a 25W two-layered folding aluminum solar panel with kickstand so that you could place it anywhere to grab good sunlight. The included solar home DC system sports a 4Ah lithium battery to light up the LEDs and power two USB ports. You have a pair of 6W and as many 3W lamps with this cool solar LED light kit, making it one in our list of best off-grid solar kits.

9. SolSource Solar Cooker

A solar oven must be another key pick in the list of best off-grid solar kits. Would you think a solar cooker is a device that uses solar panels to cook? Never, that is not the case, it is a new idea of harnessing heat from sun to prepare your meals. Unlike the functioning of solar power systems, it makes use of sunlight reflectors to concentrate sunshine to certain angle, where you are expected to place cookware to bake or boil your meals.

SolSource solar cooker is the best of its kind on market. It realizes a powerful 1000W cooking zone so you can boil, sauté and grill your meals in a matter of time under bright sun. That is, you could make into the wild with your favorite recipes and just make anything you want with much comfort. You and your family can feel home even when you camp out with the best foods.

10. Solavore Sport Solar Oven with Reflector

The final one in our list of the best off-grid solar kits is again a solar oven. If you think the above one is costlier, this is the best alternative for you. Priced at below $300, we recommend it as one of the best solar cookers on market for its cool functionalities and design. Just like the above model, it uses sunlight to produce heat in a particular zone and lets you cook your essential meals in the wild as a delicious experience.