To go solar is certainly a nice way to ensure power in an off-grid living condition. Indeed, we have a variety of off-grid solar power solutions out there. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the best off-grid solar panel kits that are suitable for home, apartments, worksites, RVs, caravans, and etc. Of course, a solar solution will help you stay powered anywhere there you have no easy access to the grid power.

Best Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

Have you got a rural home or a remote cabin? Or a houseboat? Or an apartment for your grannies? Perhaps, an off-grid solar kit will be the only way to keep those distant spaces powered. At the same time, an off-grid solar system is also a good way to supplement the grid connectivity of your primary home. Let us explore the best off-grid solar panel kits that are capable to meet all your power requirements in the wild.

Best Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

This is not easy to find the best off-grid power systems on the market. Several brands sell readymade off-grid solar panel kits. Without a good knowledge about what is basically needed for a solar power system, you won’t be able to pick the best one. Don’t worry. Our team of researchers is bringing to you some of the best off-grid solar panel kits that you can use to set up your DIY power systems easily. Well, all the below off-grid power solar kits are perfect choices to build your own alternative energy sources, for sure.

1. Go Power 480-Watt Solar Extreme Solar Kit

Go Power sells a series of heavy-duty solar panel kits. This 480W solar charging kit is the top-end model, which comes with a 3000W pure sine wave inverter and other essential components. Well, this Go Power solar kit is a cool pick for your home and worksites as it is a high-powered off-grid power solution. You can easily install the included solar panels on a flat surface and connect the solar inverter system to your battery storage, up to 400 amps. Follow the link below to buy a unit of the Go Power 480-watt solar charging kit.

Certainly, its 480W powerful solar panels could charge your backups steady faster from the sun. It offers you a huge amount of solar energy to meet the unavailability of grid power in your living or working place. Or to face an emergency situation with the unlimited off-grid power. By the way, apart from the power inverter and solar panels, the Go Power kit packs up a voltmeter and other essentials like cables and cords.

The great attraction, however, is you get two low-power variants to the Go Power solar kit; a 160W Weekender and a 320W Elite solar kits. Hence, you could find the best one on a budget. When it comes to the installation, you can set up this solar kit yourselves anywhere. You don’t need the help of a technician to fix and connect it to the batteries. You get a detailed manual that explains its installation process clearly.

Why Should You Buy

  • Complete Heavy-Duty Solar Panel Kit.
  • 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Multiple Power Variants Available.
  • Large and Highly Efficient Solar Panels.

2. Renogy 800W Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

The next item on our list is Renogy’s 800W off-grid solar power system. It is actually a high-end variant of a line-up of Renogy’s heavy-duty solar kits. As you see in the photo, this large solar kit features eight units of Renogy’s premium high-efficiency mono solar panels. Certainly, that makes it one of the best off-grid solar panel kits you could try out in your home, cabin, RV, caravan, trailer, and etc. We have more details of the Renogy solar panel kit after the image break below.

Coming to features, this Renogy solar kit is known for its EL-tested solar cells. Built on the advanced TPT (Tedlar Polyester Tedlar) back sheets, you get the panels not susceptible to hot-spot heating. As a result, the panels offer you more life and a smoother performance. By the way, the solar panels integrate IP65-rated junction boxes so that the kit is ideal for all-weather conditions.

By the way, the included solar charge controller is Renogy’s famous Commander 60A unit. Featuring a die-cast aluminum case, this top-end solar charge controller realizes natural heat dissipation. Meanwhile, it offers a 4-stage charging process, which guarantees fast and safe charging of your power backups. Renogy sells many other variants of this solar kit. Follow the link above to check them out.

Why Should You Buy

  • Large 800W Off-grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Renogy’s Premium Quality Mono Solar Panels.
  • Built on the Advanced TPT (Tedlar Polyester Tedlar) Back Sheets.
  • 60A Renogy Commander Charge Controller.

3. Eco-Worthy Hybrid Solar Wind 1400W Off-Grid Kit

The next on our list of the best off-grid power systems is a unique wind solar hybrid kit. Featuring a 400W wind turbine and ten pieces of 100W poly solar panels, you get a versatile off-grid solar hybrid kit with a total output of 1400W. You can easily set up this hybrid off-grid power kit on the roof of your home, garage, or worksites and enjoy access to the unlimited off-grid power. Follow the link below to buy a unit of the Eco-Worthy kit. 

What’s more, the Eco-Worthy off-grid solar wind kit packs a powerful 1500W pure sine wave inverter. So you can use the kit to set up a complete off-grid power system by just connecting to the battery in your home or a camper. Of course, the included charge controller is a hybrid unit, which merges power from both the sources. Overall, you get a complete off-grid power kit since it could produce power during the daytime from the sun and in the evenings and nights as well from the wind turbine, as per the availability of winds, for sure.

The Eco-Worthy solar wind off-grid power kit is very much durable. You get the blades of the turbine in high-quality nylon fiber, which makes it suitable for both marine and land uses. Meanwhile, the panels are crafted with corrosion-resistant aluminum frames so they are also capable to withstand high weather conditions.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful Solar Wind Hybrid Off-grid Kit.
  • 400-Watt Highly Reliable Wind Turbine.
  • 1000-Watt Highly Efficient Solar Panels.
  • 1500-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Powerful Hybrid Solar Wind Charge Controller. 
  • Multiple Variants Available Based on Output.

4. Renogy 3600-watt Solar Cabin Solar Kit

Here is another large off-grid solar kit on our list the best off-grid solar panel kits. It is the high-end variant of a line-up of popular heavy-duty off-grid solar kits from the brand. As you see in the photo, it packs up 12 units of Renogy’s much-touted highly efficient mono solar panels to reach a total output of 3600 watts. It doesn’t pack up an inverter, but you get a powerful charge controller, combiner box, breakers, cables, and cords. Follow the link below to buy the big Renogy solar panel kit and stay for more details after the break.

Fine, the included solar charge controller is a unit of Renogy’s famous MidNite Classic 200 MPPT controller. It highlights remote monitoring and a host of other advanced features. By the way, along with the higher-end 3600W variant, you get several low-power models for the Renogy product, ranging from 1200W to 2700W. That said, you could easily find the best one as per your interests and budget.

Certainly, you can use the Renogy off-grid solar kit to set up a quick DIY solar power solution anywhere. With almost all the basic components, you just need to buy a battery and power inverter to realize a reliable solar solution. Or you can connect it to RV, camper, or houseboat backups to recharge from the sun. Overall, the Renogy off-grid solar kit, one of the popular models of its kind, is really worth buying for its price and features.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 3600W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Renogy MidNite Classic 200 MPPT Charge Controller.
  • Packing Up Combiner Boxes, Breakers, Cables and Cords.
  • Multiple Low-Power Variants Available for Budget Customers.

5. Grape Solar 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

This is another popular off-grid solar panel kit out there. This Grape Solar kit is a 400-watt solar power solution with a charge controller and a power inverter. It is ideal for charging your small backups and running various electronics like small pumps, lightings, and medical equipment. Branded as Grape Solar GS-400, it is certainly one of the best off-grid solar panel kits to ensure unlimited solar power in your living spaces.

The included panels in the bundle are four polycrystalline units that highlight two-diode junction boxes for increased performance. The bundle also comprises of an 1800-watt Grape Solar PurePower inverter with two AC sockets and a USB port to charge your gadgets. Meanwhile, the included solar charge controller is a 35A Xantrex unit. Follow the link above to buy a unit of the Grape Solar off-grid power kit.

Though not a powerhouse, the Grape Solar off-grid kit is a perfect choice to power your RVs, campers, and remote cabins with solar energy. You can surely ensure the basic power to run your essential electronics, lightings, and gadgets. The kit doesn’t include a battery. Well, you need a minimum of one 12V deep cycle battery to make use of the solar kit.

Why Should You Buy

  • 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • 1800-Watt Grape Solar PurePower Inverter.
  • 35Amp Xantrex Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Campers, RVs, and Boats.

6. WindyNation Complete 400-Watt Solar Panel Kit

WindyNation is another top brand that sells some of the best off-grid solar panel kits. The lovely thing about this unit of the WindyNation kit is that it is a complete one as its title suggests. That said, it packs up even the required batteries to store power for later use. Anyway, apart from the batteries, it basically has four pieces of 100W polycrystalline solar panels, a 30Amp solar charge controller, and a 1500W VertaMax DC to AC inverter with a surge capacity of 3000 watts. Follow the link below to buy the 400W kit with batteries.

And remarkably, as put it above, the WindyNation solar panel kit features four pieces of 12V BattaMax 100Ah AGM deep cycle batteries. So, you can set up a complete DIY solar power system with the capacity for decent output. Clearly, it could produce an average of 1600Wh or 135A hours of power on a normal day with enough sunlight. That means you can run all the basic AC and DC electronics in your home quite comfortably.

By the way, WindyNation also avails the same 400-watt solar panel kit without battery. If you already own the backup facility you can try out that model at a rather budget price, obviously. Overall, it is one of the best off-grid solar panel kits you could buy to install in your RVs, homes, boats, and etc. Use the link above to check out all the variants of the WindyNation solar panel kit.

Why Should You Buy

  • 400W Complete Solar Panel Kit with Batteries.
  • 1500W VertaMax DC to AC Power Inverter.
  • 400Ah AGM Lead Acid Battery Pack.
  • Perfect for RVs, Boats, Trailers, and Cabins.

7. Eco-Worthy 800-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Well, above we talked about an Eco-Worthy solar wind hybrid off-grid kit. Here we have an exclusive solar kit from the brand. This 800-watt solution is, in fact, the high-end variant of a line-up of its popular solar panel kits. With eight units of 100-watt high-efficiency silicon solar panels and other required components, this is absolutely one of the best off-grid solar panel kits you could buy at an amazing price.

Besides the solar panels, the Eco-Worthy bundle features a unit of 3000W pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 6000 watts. Indeed, that is an amazing amount of power to support a range of your AC appliances in your living and work spaces. Plus, the solar kit contains a unit of 60Amp PWM charge controller, a combiner box, 15-ft solar cable, and the required mounting brackets.

By the way, set aside the 800W kit, Eco-Worthy sells a number of its base variants ranging from 100W to 600W. Hence, you are lucky enough to find the best model as per your requirements and budget. All the variants are indeed perfect choices to power up all your essential electronics in a camp tent, remote cabin, and etc.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 800-Watt Solar Panel Kit. 
  • 3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. 
  • 60Amp PWM Charge Controller. 
  • Multiple Low-Power Options Available.

8. HQST 400-Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit

The final one on our list of the best off-grid solar panel kits is from HQST. As the title says, it is a 400W flexible solar panel kit with a solar charge controller and some essential cables and cords. Flexible solar panels are a type of advanced panels that you can flex up to some extent. So, it becomes quite easy to fix a flexible panel on curved surfaces like a boat deck, RV roof, and etc. See the link below to buy a unit of the HQST kit.

Included in the HQST flexible solar kit is a unit of 20Amo PWM Duo battery charge controller. As its name suggests, this controller allows you to charge more than one battery at the same time. Moreover, the flexible solar panel kit is perfect for storage in congested areas different from the conventional metal and glass panels.

Apart from the solar panels and controller, the HQST kit packs some basic cables and wires. Well, they mainly include MC4 adapter kits, tray cables, MC4 branch connectors, and extension cables. By the way, like most of the best off-grid solar panel kits above, you get some low-end variants to this as well. Fine, they range from 100W to 300W units other than this 400W four-panel solar panel kit.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of best off-grid solar panel kits with large output. In fact, we don’t have many heavy-duty solar kits on the market. We have made our best effort to include all the available items on this list. However, we are committed to look into the market and update the list with newer arrivals. By the way, hope this list has helped you find your favorite large off-grid solar panel kit. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.