Do you live in a locality where grid power is beyond the reach? The cheapest way to live off-grid is to depend on solar. Concerned about the cost and efficiency of the available solar solutions? Recent advances in off-grid solar power technology have indeed made it rather cheaper and efficient. For unlimited off-grid power, check our list of the best off-grid solar panel kits below. Certainly, thanks to a range of cool off-grid solar solutions, life is wonderful in any place, where grid power is unavailable, short, or terribly costly.

Best Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

6 Best Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

Do you have a rural home or remote cabin? Or a flat for your grannies? An off-grid solar kit may be the only option to keep such spaces powered. Also, you could set up an off-grid solar kit to supplement to your power use in your home. Amazingly, you get two benefits with solar; an independent power source and a significant cut on power bills. Yes, it makes you safe and connected if a blackout hits your locality. So, you could certainly try out any of the below best off-grid solar panels kits to make you and your family safe and powered.

1. Go Power 3000-watt Solar Extreme Solar Kit

Do you think you need a solar power kit for your RV or cabin? This kit looks cool as it has everything required to set up a wonderful off-grid power solution. You can install the solar panels on flat surface and connect the solar inverter system to your battery storage, up to 400 amps. Certainly, its 480-watt solar panels could charge the batteries steady faster from sun. Thus, this kit offers you good amount of solar energy to either replace grid power or meet the unavailability of utility power in your place.

This Go Power solar kit would indeed come a worthy investment for you. It comes with a 3000-watt pure sine inverter, 480-watt solar panels, voltmeter, and other accessories including cables and cords. Great attraction, however, is the long instruction manual that explains how to set up the solar kit in detail. Simply, you could set up this kit yourselves anywhere. The Go Power solar kit would come out to be a great addition to your survival kit as well. With it, you could produce energy from sun faster and reserve a good share for further usage.

2. Renogy 3000-watt Solar Cabin Solar Kit

Do you think you need more solar power for your off-grid system? This Renogy kit is absolutely one of the best off-grid solar panel kits with large solar capacity. Amazingly, you get 12 units of Renogy’s best-selling 250-watt mono solar panels, making total solar output at 3000 watts. So, you could easily charge up your battery packs very faster. And consume the stored energy with the included 3000-watt powerful inverter, letting it run a big range of your appliances and gadgets off-the-grid. Follow the below link to buy a unit of the solar kit.

Won’t you love to continue using your gadgets off-grid? Though away from grid power, you can stay connected to the world with your laptop, tablet, or phone. You could also relish your favorite meals in the wild as it could run your oven and fridge, or keep your CPAP machine running for better health. What all you need is to get a unit of Renogy 3000-watt solar kit. You could indeed run many appliances throughout the day with sun power. Moreover, interesting thing with the solar kit is the included MidNite Classic 200 MPPT charge controller, which features remote monitoring. All other components in the kit keep good standards for outdoor use.

3. Ensupra 5000-watt Solar Power System

Ensupra 5000-watt Solar Power System

| Link to Buy: Ensupra 5000-watt Solar Power System |

Do you know that an average home needs 5kW of power? Then, what about trying a unit of this 5kW Enspura grid-tied solar system for your home? Of course, you could save a significant amount on your power utility bill and be part of the world’s striving for a greener world. Well, this kit includes all you need to set up a complete off-grid power system like micro inverters, solar mounting frame, etc. Interestingly, you get this with 5000KW solar capacity with two options; 17 units of 300W panels or 20 units of 250W panels. Indeed, you could prefer the number of panels as per the availability of space for mounting in your home or apartment.

4. DIY SolarUSA 5000-watt Off-Grid Solar Kit

DIY SolarUSA 5000-watt Off-Grid Solar Kit

Looking for yet another cool 5kW solar kit to power entire your household? It is from a family business called DIY SolarUSA that unfortunately doesn’t sell its products on Amazon. Indeed, you could buy them on its web page here. Anyway, this could be an awesome pick for you if you want to power up an entire home or building that is not accessible to grid power. Also, you could use this solar kit along with a diesel generator to add to total output, thanks to the included smart AC/DC charger. Ideally, this 5kW solar system is good for charging 12V AGM deep cycle 110Ah batteries (model: UB121100 (Group 30Ah).

| Link to Buy: DIY SolarUSA 5000-watt Off-Grid Solar Kit |

You get 16 units of 100W mono solar panels by default with this kit. But the interesting thing is you could save some money by choosing the panels as poly units. Likewise, it is a single-phase power system, but if you prefer you could upgrade it to a split phase one, thus it would support as many as 10 AGM batteries. Further, it packs up a pair of 60Amp MPPT solar charge controllers, and more amazingly, you could upgrade both controllers and panels to increase productivity of this wonderful solar kit.

5. SMA 5000-watt Solar Panel Kit System

SMA 5000-watt Solar Panel Kit System

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The next one in our list of the best off-grid solar panel kits is from SMA America. It is a large 5kW grid-tie solar kit with ground mount system. You could set up this large solar kit and connect to your grid so you could save a good amount on power bills. It features a grid-tie single phase string inverter. You could wirelessly monitor its function on an interface. There is an option to get customized mounting system. As per your geographical location, trained experts of the company will design mount and so you get better results from less space.

6. DIY SolarUSA Hybrid 3000/5000W Solar Kit

DIY SolarUSA Hybrid 30005000W Solar Kit

| Link to Buy: DIY SolarUSA Hybrid 3000/5000W Solar Kit |

Hope you will love to see another cool solar kit from DIY SolarUSA. It is also the final one in our list of the best off-grid solar panel kits. You get two variants for this model based on the output; 3000W and 5000W options respectively for your spaces of 600sqft and 1200sft. Notable thing is the latter one costs around $350 more than the former one. Well, you get eight units of 100W mono solar panels and one 60Amp charger controller. Indeed, you could expand both solar panels and charge controller to increase productivity.