A new upgrade to LifePower portable power bank is around the corner. Branded as LifePower A3, the brand-new variant is solar charging friendly and is future-proof, compact and lightweight. What  makes it unique is its use of ultra-fast USB C ports for quick charging of your gadgets. Hence, if you are looking for the best portable solar power bank, LifePower A3 can be an ideal choice out there in near future.

Well, LifePower team is currently seeking fund for the project on Indiegogo. The company expects to ship the mobile power bank late this year. Anyway, it is receiving amazing response in its crowd funding campaign. As of writing this, it has attracted nearly $114,000 from around 750 backers with 16 more days to go. Amazingly, this is around 300% higher than it expected goal.

Best Portable Solar Power Bank

Best Portable Solar Power Bank: LifePower A3 Power Bank

Basically, LifePower A3 is a power bank with solar input. Like all similar models, you can juice it from different sources including wall outlet. But it becomes a solar charger when you combine it with any of LifePower solar panels, i.e. 6W SUN6 or 24W SUN20 PRO. By the way, LifePower A3 is an incredible power source that sports a 99Wh 27000mAh LiNiCoALO2 battery. And it charges multiple devices at the same time, thanks to its different output ports. We have more details below.

What Makes it Special

LifePower A3

Best Off-grid Power Solution

LifePower A3 becomes the best portable solar power bank as it is highly reliable for off-grid applications. Well, combined with a solar panel, it is a very handy power bank that you can take anywhere. Of course, nothing will hold you back out in the wild if you have a unit of LifePower A3. You can profusely juice your daily gear and recharge the power bank from sunlight, making it really an awesome off-grid solar power solution out there.

Fast, Reliable Charging Outlets

Yet another notable thing with LifePower A3, as touted by its maker, is its integration of different output ports. Most importantly, you have it with a pair of fast-charging USB C Thunderbolt 3 ports that offer up to 20V/5A. Moreover, it features two QuickCharge 3.0 USB-A ports and a 120W AC outlet to power up big appliances. Overall, the portable solar power bank has a rich number of output ports to juice up variety of your gadgets.

LifePower A3 More Details

Unique Portable Solar Power Bank

LifePower A3 is certainly an outstanding power source. It touts several exciting things as key traits. First, as noted above, it is very lightweight and compact in design. You can carry it anywhere with no much burden to your backpack. Plus, it offers 100W USB power delivery. And you can charge all your gear with the same USB C cable. Above all, it stands out almost all its rivaling products with an AC socket and QuickCharge USB ports.

Highly Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Well, LifePower A3 is getting amazing response in its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. As put it above, it has already attracted over 300% of its goal. Of course, backers have found it as the best portable solar power bank out there and started to support it with much excitement. Yes, with 16 more days left for the campaign to end, certainly it will be attracting more funds.

LifePower A3 Overview

Where to Buy From

As of now, LifePower A3 is available for pre-order on Indiegogo with various offers. When it hits public market, it will carry a price of $299, but you can pre-order an early model of it for just $179 on the crowdfunding site now. It doesn’t include the solar panel, however. For solar panel, you need to pay an extra of $45 for SUN6 and $109 for SUN20. By the way, if you buy multiple units, you have many other exciting offers on Indiegogo. At the same time, LifePower sells its other products including LifePower A2 on its Amazon page here.

Best Portable Solar Power Bank LifePower A3 Overview

Final Thoughts

LifePower A3 is indeed a brilliant piece of off-grid solar power source. It looks to be the coolest option for you if you are looking for the best portable solar power bank on market. It takes not much time to charge it from sunlight if you attach it with LifePower SUN20 solar panel. As per the company, under bright sunlight it takes only six hours to charge a unit fully. Meanwhile, two units of SUN20 solar panels can charge it in just three hours. Overall, getting into the wild, it becomes a wonderful sidekick for all your adventures outside.