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Lifepowr A3 Power Bank: Sleek and Compact Solar Power Bank with AC and USB-C Outlets

If you are looking at buying an AC solar power bank, Lifepowr A3 power bank is an incredible solution. It is a sleek and compact solar-based 100W power station with a full-size AC socket and other advanced charging options. With a suitable solar charger, LifePowr A3 turns out to be an ideal portable solar power solution.

What makes LifePowr A3 unique is indeed its interaction of ultra-fast USB C ports. Once it was launched, it was one of the rare compact solar power banks with the advanced USB-C. Today, we have several models out there, and LifePowr A 3 has a strong competitor in the Goal Zero front, Sherpa 100AC portable power bank.

Like most of its products, the Belgium start-up accrued the fund for the product through a crowdfunding campaign. That was launched on Indiegogo in 2017 and was very successful. As a result, we have got a cool AC power bank today. Nearly 1300 people backed it up, and the contribution hit a massive sum of $172,096.

Lifepowr A3 Power Bank Overview

LifePower A3 is an incredible power bank that integrates a 99Wh 27000mAh LiNiCoALO2 battery. With multiple charging options, including an AC socket, it can power up your essential electronics off-the-grid or in an emergency. Its compact and lightweight profile has always been one of the major attractions of it.

It is actually an upgraded variant of LifePower’s series of solar AC power banks. Though the brand doesn’t claim it to be an exclusive solar power bank, it comes up with the solar charging facility. Hence, you better buy it with a suitable solar charger and so you will be lucky to get a reliable solar back-up system.

In other words, LifePowr A3 is primarily a portable power bank with a solar option. However, like all similar items, you can juice it up from various sources, including a wall outlet. But it becomes a solar power solution only when you attach it with a solar panel. Check out its latest price on BhPhotoVideo.Com Lifepowr A3 Power Bank Features and Specs

Specs-wise, the Lifepowr A3 power bank is a brilliant product of its kind. It is basically a 120W power station with a single three-pronged AC socket. In addition, it highlights a USB Type-C PD port at 60W+18W and two fast-charging USB A outlets at 18W to support a variety of your non-AC gadgets.

Lifepwr A3 is capable of offering an output of 2.4A, 2.5A, 3A, 4A, and 5A through different ports. It also touts Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Meanwhile, there is a USB Type C input port of up to 20V/4.3A. Housed in a quality aluminum case, the power station can obviously have a longer lifespan.

The handy device has a size of 8.66 x 7.68 x 1.77 inches and a weight of 28.22 oz.

Important Facts and Features

Compact Off-Grid Power Solution

LifePowr A3 is a compact portable power bank for reliable off-grid applications. Well, combined with a solar panel, it is a very handy device that you can take anywhere. Of course, nothing will hold you back out in the wild if you have a unit of LifePowr A3. You can profusely juice your daily gear and recharge the power bank from sunlight, making it an awesome off-grid solar power station.

Fast, Reliable Charging Outlets

Yet another notable thing with LifePowr A3, as touted by its maker, is its integration of different output ports. Most importantly, you have it with a fast-charging USB Type-C port and two QuickCharge 3.0 USB-A ports. Moreover, it has got a 120W AC outlet that is a full-size and standard US socket. Overall, the portable solar power bank features a rich number of output ports to back up a variety of your electronics.

Unique Portable Solar Power Bank

LifePowr A3 is certainly an outstanding power source. It touts several exciting features as key traits. First, as noted above, it is very lightweight and compact in design. You can carry it anywhere with no much burden.

Plus, it offers 100W USB power delivery. And you can charge all your gear with the same USB C cable. Above all, it stands out almost all its rivaling products with an AC socket and QuickCharge USB ports.

Highly Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

As said above, LifePowr A3 power bank came into existence as a result of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. Thousands of people supported the project back in 2017 as they loved the concept. As of now, it is indeed one of the finest solar power banks with an AC socket and fast-charging USB outlets.

Lifepowr A3 Vs Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Power Bank

Goal Zero Sherpa is indeed a direct competitor to Lifepowr A3. Sherpa is, in fact, a 94.7Wh power bank with a 25600mAh Li-ion battery. That is, you have it with exactly the same specs of Lifepowr A3. Moreover, these two devices share the same design and form factor.

When it comes to AC outlet, Sherpa equips a 100W inverter with a 110V full-size AC socket. It also features the advanced USB charging options, including two USB-A ports and as many USB-C Power Delivery ports. But what makes it immediately unique from the Lifepowr A3 is its Qi wireless charger at 5W.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Power Bank

Moreover, Goal Zero Sherpa integrates a small display. That is a way you can monitor the charge status and other system information. Lifepowr A3 misses it out. Sherpa is also made with quality aluminum and plastic to offer you a longer life span. It has a size of 7.5 x 5.68 x 1 in and it weighs just 2 lbs.

When it comes to the matching solar chargers, Sherpa again has an edge over Lifepowr A3. Goal Zero has a series of Nomad solar chargers for its small solar power banks, including Sherpa 100AC. So, you don’t need to look for a third-party vendor for a solar charger as in the case of Lifepowr.

Yet, Lifepowr A3 is the cheapest of the duo. It is priced $100 less than the Goal Zero product.

Final Thoughts

LifePowr A3 is indeed a brilliant piece of solar power bank for off-grid and emergency power. With a solar charger of 50 watts, you can charge it faster under a bright sun. The brand doesn’t currently offer a solar charger. But you have a variety of suitable solar chargers out there, including the folding and flexible models.

Overall, combined with a reliable solar panel, LifePowr A3 is an amazing solar power source. You can easily take it anywhere on your trips and have access to unlimited portable power. Though not good for running big AC appliances, you can run a small one quite comfortably on it. Share your thoughts below.

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