Do you rely on GPS to navigate your hiking trails? How could you charge your GPS device when it runs out of juice midway? Possibly, you could take a power bank, but that also stores limited power. What we recommend is a solar backpack that could both carry your belongings and juice your GPS and other gadgets with no limits. Plug in your camping gadgets to the sun with the best solar backpack available. And get into hiking adventures with unlimited power as long as there is sun in the sky.

Best Solar Backpack

Best Solar Backpack: 3 Top Selling Solar Backpacks

Certainly, you would be wondering what to buy from the crowded solar backpack market. We’d like to suggest you three options to find the best solar backpack. We hand-picked the items from top brands that have been selling solar backpacks for long time. They are Voltaic Systems, Eceen and Ghostek. These products are also doing well in customer reviews on various retail sites, so you will be getting the finest solar backpack for your next hiking. Stay tuned with us after the break.

1. Voltaic Array Solar Backpack

Are you a photographer? Don’t fret up on charging your camera as you are on the move. This Voltaic Array solar backpack looks a perfect solution. You could neatly store your DSLR, smart phone, tablet, and laptop in its 25L room. Incredibly, its 10-watt rugged solar panel powers up the included Voltaic V72 battery pack of 19,800mAh capacity. That said, wherever you go it would be charging the internal storage from sun. And that would keep your camping gear and devices running all the way on your hiking trail without limits.

Being a hiker, I personally love this Array solar bag. Simply, it has several pockets and compartments inside and outside. I love the top zip pocket especially, because I always keep things that I don’t want to store in my pant pocket. So, I don’t feel a bulge in my pants, thus walking in the wild becomes rather cool. What’s more, another loving thing with the Array backpack is its battery pack. It charges my iPad steady faster.

You could always use the bag to charge your iPad, even if you don’t hike. Just place the bag near your window and keep your tab inside to charge from the power pack. Trust me, it charges faster than your wall outlet. Well, its description on says Array could collect enough power to run a tablet for 2.5 hours from just one-hour solar charging. And a laptop for half an hour.

What else could you expect with the best solar backpack? Don’t worry about material quality as well. It is made of recycled PET fabric that is water and UV resistant too. It is so lightweight that it won’t add a burden to your hiking load. I also feel excited about the Voltaic customer team. They help you on everything promptly. So, if you go for this Voltaic bag, you would be picking the best solar backpack, of course.

2. Eceen External Frame Pack Hiking Backpack

A hiker should stay well hydrated all the way along. Why don’t you think of a solar bag with hydration bladder? This Eceen bag should do the job. You could sip water without putting the bag down. Just pull the sipping pipe out and drink from its 2L storage as you keep walking. Won’t it be a lovely experience for a serious hiker? In fact, this 42L backpack must not be everything for an overnighter, but it is an ideal pick as a companion bag. When you stay out for a couple of nights, this Eceen backpack would be the best partner.

Absolutely, there are more reasons for you to be in love with this Eceen solar backpack. First, it is more stylish, which would make you feel pride about your bag. Also, you could remove the solar panel from the bag and put it anywhere with better sunlight to charge the power pack faster. Indeed, this is also cheaper from the above Voltaic model, but for that you must compromise a little bit in its output and storage. You have only a 7W solar panel and 10Ah battery pack inside compared to Array’s 10W and 20Ah battery pack respectively.

Besides, I love its unique backpacking comfort. Will you love to carry a backpack that tires your shoulders? No. Eceen has done that part neatly. You get this best solar backpack from Eceen with an exceptional trampoline suspension feature that lets air pass between your back and the bag. Surely, it keeps you cool and in coziness. Further, I feel more excited to wear the bag by tightening its EVM foam perforated hip belt, which also adds to ventilation. It also has a reasonable number of pockets and sockets to store your essential hiking belongings.

3. Ghostek NRG Series Solar Backpack

Do you have a heavy 15-in laptop? Is your current bag not sturdy enough to carry it? This brilliant Ghostek NRG Series water resistant solar backpack will be your choice. I love this bag for two things mainly; sturdy material and sufficient padding for my gadgets to rest neatly inside. Also, you have enough plugs to connect variety of your gizmos and make your weekend outing with family lovely. It could also charge your camping gear all the way in your trail, so you don’t feel away-from-home during your outings.

Coming to specs, this backpack falls in between the other two in our list today. So is the case when it comes to price also. This is how it touts an 8.8-watt solar panel and a 16,000mAh battery inside. You could tether up to 5 USB gadgets at the same time. Interestingly, two USB ports appear on the solar panel so you could charge two devices directly form sunlight. Don’t worry it has all safety features to protect your gizmos from over charging. Two other USBs come inside the backpack and it has one external port, above all.

Finally, the question is why you should consider this as another best solar backpack. As I put it above, I suggest this backpack because you get a very strong and sturdy stuff that could keep your camping belongings and gear safe inside its spacious 40L room. At the same time, you get quite enough power on the way to charge all your devices. Never worry about getting your gizmos run out of juice. Just make your way ahead to the wild for explorations and stay connected to the world even while you hike the tough terrains out there.