Earlier, we talked about 10 best solar fence chargers on our blog. Here we would like to introduce you to a nice solar electric fence kit from a brand, Premier 1 Supplies. This is Premier’s Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer kit. Of course, this is a complete solar fence kit that you can easily set up in your farm to keep out all nuisance animals. By the way, along with the fencer, you can also try Premier’s electrifiable fence and other accessories. That is why this becomes the best solar electric fence kit out there. Stay with us for more details.

Best Solar Electric Fence Kit

This is indeed a fantastic idea to energize your poultry netting to prevent nuisance animals. Mostly, your farm and garden will be away from your home and so you can’t energize the fence using the grid power. Then, the finest way is to try out a reliable solar-based solution. Certainly, we have a lot of solar electric fence chargers on the market. Here we would like to introduce you to Premier’s Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer. This is probably the best solar electric fence kit out there thanks to its popularity and promised results.

Best Solar Electric Fence Kit – IntelliShock 60 Energizer

Fine, IntelliShock 60 Energizer is a fantastic model of its kind on the market. This all-in-one portable 0.60-joule solar energizer could brilliantly energize your poultry netting. Being a complete energizer kit, it has got many exciting features to keep your fence energized and safeguard your garden and farm. Sure, let us check out all the features and specs of the product in detail after the image break.

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First, this Premier model comes with a large-capacity battery (2V/12AH sealed lead acid unit) to ensure longer life. So even under low light conditions, you will have enough energy to energize your fencing. Meanwhile, the included 10W solar panel touts preset tilt angles to let you position it correctly to absorb the max sunlight.

The included U-Spike step-in ground stake lets you quickly set it up on the ground. It acts both as a ground rod and support stand. Besides, you have the required wiring harness to connect the energizer to the fence. By the way, apart from the solar panel, you can also run it from the grid. For that, it features a 110V battery recharger. Above all, you get the energizer in a UV-treated polycarbonate case with a yellow handle for portability.

How to Use

It is not a difficult job to set up the energizer. In use of the included instruction manual and enclosed stickers, you can yourself do that. The first thing you need to do is to collect the U-Spike and wiring harness from the battery box. After, step in the spike and slide the energizer onto it. And use the wiring harness to connect the energizer to the stake as well as the fence. Later, follow the below steps as suggested by the Premier team.


Why Should You Buy

There are several reasons why this is the best solar electric fence kit out there. First of all, it is a complete and all-in-one solar fencer kit as its title says. So you have everything required in one box, which makes you set it up easily. Moreover, its maker sells a range of other compatible accessories to help you build a finely secured fencing around your home, garden, or farm.

Another notable thing with the Premier energizer is its tiltable solar panel. You can adjust its angle as per the availability of the sunlight in various seasons. Also, you get the easily accessible fence and ground terminals with it. And with the wiring harness included, it is easy to connect the product with the stake and fence.

Moreover, as said above, you have it with a big battery. Hence, it would make sure you get enough power to run the fence charger even under low light conditions. By the way, apart from the solar, you can also plug it into a 110V power socket. Further, made with durable and UV-treated polycarbonate, it gives more life.

Compatible Accessories

Are you a beginner to the farming and looking for an electrifiable fence? Well, Premier offers you the fantastic PoultryNet Electric Fence, which is an electrifiable prefabricated fence. In fact, several customers on Amazon have bought this fence along with the above electric fence charger. Of course, this is a cool solution to prevent a variety of livestock and other nuisance animals if used along with the best solar electric fence kit.

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This is a 48-in taller x 164-in longer mesh fence. As you see, this arrives at your doorstep as a roll around the included the poles. You can set up the fence in a matter of time. By the way, this is highly conductive with 35 ohms of resistance per 1000 feet. You get double-spiked poles with the fence so it becomes easy to set up in the soft soil. Actually, Premier recommends .25-joule fence energizer for each roll of the fence. Hence, you can use more than two rolls of the fence with Premier Solar IntelliShock 60 Energizer fence kit.

Plus, you get Premier’s 48-inch FiberTuff Fence Posts for additional support for your poultry netting. If you find the included posts of the above fence are not powerful to support your netting, get this package. See, each kit includes four units of PVC posts that feature six internal fiberglass cables for increased stiffness and durability.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Premier Solar IntelliShock 60 Energizer kit. There are indeed several models of solar electric fence chargers on the market. But this model is likely the best solar electric fence kit because of a number of its features and specialties. You can try this model with confidence to block all types of nuisance animals from your farm, garden, or home premises. A lot of industry experts suggest this as the handiest and easy-to-use one you can rely on to quickly set up an electric fencer anywhere.