Usually we buy solar generators for portable use. But what about a solar generator for home? It is absolutely a brilliant idea because a solar generator in your home doubles as a ready-to-go survival gear. That is, in case of a natural calamity in your locality, you could survive on the power from the solar generator. Here we check a number of machines to find the best solar generator for home.

Well, a solar generator is a solar-powered storage facility that is usually movable. And is often not a heavy-duty one. Of course, it differs from a permanent home solar system because of its portability. Here we cover a list of six cool solar generators for home, which include both small and big machines, based on their output. Some models are portable ones and some are not much friendly for moving.

On market, a wide range of portable solar generators are available. In different power options, you have two types of solar generators mainly, all-in-one or separate. The former one refers to the machines that integrate solar panel on its case. Meanwhile, the latter group refers to solar generators that don’t integrate solar panels. You should buy separate panels. Solar generators for home usually fall in the second group.

Best Solar Generator for Home – 6 Cool Solar Generators

Best Solar Generator for Home

Yet, there is no specific term to define a solar generator for home. You can use your camping solar generator for home when you are not exploring into the wild.  We have prepared the list below after a detailed research. Out there you can’t see a product defined as only for home use, but we hand-picked some models that look rather nice for home, than camping or hiking. Hope you can find the best solar generator for home.

1. PowerSource Heavy-duty Solar Generator

powersource heavy-duty solar generator

Though titled heavy-duty, it is not such a big solar generator. It is just a 300-watt machine with 35Ah battery inside. You can expand its storage capacity, however. Well, its battery compartment can lodge one more 35Ah battery, but if you want to add more powerful ones, place them outside the case. By the way, you should buy solar panels separately to charge the generator. The maximum solar wattage input it supports is 180 watts.

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The box-like solar generator sports a pair of AC outlets and as many USB ports to let you connect your gadgets to it. Anyway, it doesn’t have a much friendly design for portable use. Hence, it looks good for home use. You can power up a wide range of your gadgets and run small appliances from it once there is no grid power.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

This Goal Zero Yeti 1250 solar generator kit is a complete solar solution for your home. Mainly, the kit includes Goal Zero’s top-end Yeti 1250 power bank that is capable to power up most of your gadgets and appliances. As you know, it packs up a 100Ah battery and offers an output of 1200 watts. Anyway, the solar kit also packs four units of Goal Zero’s Boulder 30 solar panels, totaling a solar input of 120 watts.

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Furthermore, the solar kit features a solar tripod that can hold all the four panels. And a pair of carrying cases to take the panels anywhere. In the end, to your surprise, the solar kit also contains three units of Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 250 LED lamps to light up your home. Well, you can mount the solar panels over your roof with the included accessories and use the solar panel kit to power up entire your home.

3. OG 110 Solar Power Generator

OG 110 Solar Power Generator

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It is one of the most powerful machines in our list of the best solar generator for home. Like above models, it doesn’t come inside a well-built case. You get all its components in a solid, boxy case, along with a pair of 50W solar panels. The unit offers up to 4000 watts of peak power to run almost all electric appliances in your home. It has good battery backup of 1500 amp hours to store energy during day so you get enough power in night.

4. Humless Solar Generators

Humless Solar Generators

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We have two variants of highly powerful Humless solar generators on market. Though designed for camping and outdoor uses, they are powerful enough to run entire your home. Also, they are not much friendly for portable use. The first one is a 640-watt hour unit that weighs over 30 pounds. The second option is a rather powerful 1300-watt hour machine with a weight around 50 pounds. Added with solar panels, they are indeed perfect pieces of off-grid solar generators for your home.

5. Enspura Solar Generator for Home

enspura solar generator for home

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It another best solar generator for home. It is a 1000-watt solar solution with 250-watt solar panels. You have high efficiency polycrystalline panels to power up the machine. And a 20A solar charger controller is another attraction of the kit. You need to buy a battery unit. Or connect it to an existing home battery unit to charge it from sunshine. Overall weight of the system is 74 pounds and so is rather nice for home applications.

best solar generator for home og solar

Final Thoughts

As put it above, it is very difficult to find the best solar generator for home. We have just covered a few items that are capable to produce sufficient energy to run commonly used electric appliances in your home. Usually, a solar generator is best for camping, RV, and other outdoor uses. For home, we all wish to install permanent rooftop solar power system.

However, it is indeed a great thing to employ a portable solar generator for home use if you can afford. As mentioned above, it gives you an extra option to utilize the machine in case you meet with a natural calamity that results in the cut of grid power. A solar generator can always offer you power since there is sun in the sky and so you can power up all your essential gadget and appliances to save life under such a situation.