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Best Solar Lighting Systems in UK: 7 Best Solar Light Kits for Sheds, Campsites, and Getaways

Solar lighting is a great way you can ensure lighting in any remote area, where you have no access to grid power. Whether it is a shed, outhouse, campsite, garden, pathway, backyard, or street, the idea of solar lighting is good. That is why we would like to come up with a list of the best solar lighting systems in the UK.

Technically, a solar light is a simple standalone lighting solution. For a non-solar light, you need grid connectivity, wiring, and an outlet. But solar lighting has everything built-in – either in a single case or separate units. That is, you have it with a solar panel for collecting power, battery for storing, and LEDs for illuminating.

In other words, with a solar light, you can light up the distant corners of your garden, backyards, and street. There are also solar flagpole lights, solar security lights, and more under the segment of solar lights.

Best Solar Lighting Systems in the UK

Of course, we have a variety of solar lighting systems on the market. Mainly, we have separate solar light kits that have solar panels and the lights independently. The lights pack up the battery. So, you can install the solar panel in a spot where you get better sunlight and the light in a spot where you need the illumination.

Here, we make an effort to bring to you a number of amazing solar lighting kits and systems.

The items on our list are absolutely the most recommended models for campers, tailgaters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They are all known for their quality and performance. And so, you can simply choose from one with no hesitation, and make your surroundings illuminated from the sun’s power.

1. SunStore 24W Solar Flood Light

We would like to start the list with a solar floodlight or road light. It is a 24W solar light with a brightness of 1200 lumens, as you see. It can be a brilliant way to generously light up an area with zero access to grid connectivity. You can use it in remote rural areas, pathways, courtyards, farms, worksites, and more.

The light equips a high-efficiency 24-watt mono solar panel and four pieces of 5000mAh LiFePO4 battery packs. They guarantee you a faster solar conversion rate, quicker charging, and longer runtime. Check out its latest price and more details using the below link to Sunstore.co.uk.



More interestingly, the light features seven light modes with a running time between 10 to 20 hours. The built-in high-efficiency LED chips can offer a total of over 20,000 hours runtime. The light alone enjoys a size of 274.8 x 209.8 x 79.8 mm, while the solar panel measures at 440 x 340 x 25 mm.

Of course, it is an IP66-rated water-and-dustproof light, which helps safeguard the battery packs and LEDs even in heavy rainfall and storms. Design-wise, the solar floodlight shows off a sleek and stylish profile, which absolutely makes it a nice piece of attraction in your garden, backyard, and more.

Notable Features

  • 24W Solar Floodlight with 1200 Lumens. 
  • Four 5000mAh LiFePO4 Battery Packs.
  • Built-in Battery Indicator Light. 
  • Efficient LEDs for Over 20,000 Hours Lighting. 
  • Stylish and Sleek Solar Road Light. 
  • Seven Light Modes With 10 to 20 Hours Runtime.

2. SunStore 10W Security Solar Lighting System

The next one on our list of the best solar lighting systems in the UK market is SunStore’s 10W solar security light. It has been designed to bring light to buildings and spaces where no grid connectivity is accessible. The lighting system with 12V LED lights gets the juice from regular batteries powered by the included solar panel.

If you are looking at buying a solar LED light for your sheds, outhouses, stables, yards, and worksites, it is a cool pick, indeed. The light can illuminate two areas of 5m x 5m quite smoothly from a height of 2 meters. The brand also sells a 5W variant of the solar light, by the way. Check out its price on the link below.

SunStore 10W Security Solar Lighting System for Off-Grid Power


Obviously, the lighting hours are dependent on the size of the battery used. An 18Ah 12V battery is the minimum capacity recommended for use with the system in the wintertime. Of course, the more powerful the battery is, the longer the light will give you brightness in dark hours.

Apart from the 10W solar panel, the bundle includes a 5A solar charge controller with the integrated light switch, wall mount bracket, 10m lighting cable, and 5m solar cable. The lights included are two 10W LED floodlights with a PIR motion sensor. There are also a pair of MC4 connectors, battery clips, and more in the kit.

Notable Features

  • 10W Solar Security Light with PIR Sensor.
  • 10W Mono Solar Panel with Mounting Brackets.
  • Featuring Two 10-Watt LED Floodlights.
  • 5A Charge Controller with Integrated Light Switch.
  • Ideal for Outhouses, Stables, Worksites, and Yards.

3. Richarm 6W Solar Powered Floodlights

Next, we have a cool 6-watt solar floodlight from the brand Richarm. It is a pack of two 42-LED super bright lights made of die-cast aluminum and they are IP65-certified waterproof units. The lights can output super brightness at an angle of 60 degrees to cover a wide area of 430 ft^2 for enhanced security.

The solar panel in the bundle is a 6W/6V highly efficient polysilicon unit that can convert up to 17% of the solar power into electrical energy. Inside the lights, you have 2200mAh, 3.7V rechargeable battery packs to store power, and to run the lights for six to eight hours continuously. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The solar lights are indeed automatic systems. They will turn on at dusk and turn off at the dawn automatically. You have nothing do to manually. However, the included remote controller helps you adjust the brightness and control the lights manually at ease.

The installation of the lights is very easy. Even a layman can do it in a matter of time. You can mount the solar panel on a wall with the included screws and mounts. Then, connect the panel to the lights, which contain the batteries to store the power for the lights to run in the nighttime.

Notable Features

  • 6W/6V Solar Powered LED Floodlights.
  • 6W Polysilicon Solar Panel with Mounting Screws.
  • 2200mAh, 3.7V Rechargeable Battery Packs.
  • Lights with Die-Cast Aluminum and ABS Plastic.
  • Perfect for Outhouses, Campsites, and More.

4. SunStore Solar Lighting System 3.2

The next one is the top-end variant of SunStore’s line-up of indoor and outdoor-friendly solar light series. Called SunStore 3.2, it is a bundle of multiple LED bulbs, regular bulb holders, floodlight, and more. The included solar panel is a 10W mono unit, which requires a minimum of 70Ah 12V battery for ideal wintertime use.

More clearly, the SunStore kit mainly features three wall\ceiling bulb holders, three LED light bulbs equivalent of 60 watts and one 150W equivalent floodlight with a PIR motion sensor.

SunStore Solar Lighting System 3.2


In addition, it features a 5A solar charge controller with the integrated light switch, apart from the solar panel. So, what all you need in extra is a battery pack to make it a complete off-grid power solution for your homes, remote cabins, buildings, worksites, stables, and more.

Some other accessories included in the bundle are wall mount brackets, 10m lighting cable, 5m solar cable, an extra internal switch, MC4 connectors, battery clamps, and more. Overall, you get a complete solar kit to make your life more awesome in any off-grid condition.

Notable Features

  • 10W Solar Indoor and Outdoor-Friendly Light.
  • 5Amp Solar Charge Controller
  • Three 60-Watt Equivalent LED Bulbs.
  • Three Regular Wall\Ceiling Bulb Holders. 
  • One 150W Equivalent Floodlight.

5. Lindby LED Solar Wall Lamp

If you are looking for the best solar lighting systems in the UK, here is a cool choice. The Lindby LED solar light is actually a wall lamp, as you see. It can offer you a total luminous flux of 550 lm so you get perfect and practical lighting for your outdoor spaces, solely powered by solar energy.

It has got a decently powerful battery inside. Thanks to the combination of solar panel and battery, you are lucky enough to enjoy a great deal of freedom in the placement of the light. Only make sure you place it in a location with enough sunlight. Check out its price on Lights.co.uk with the link below.

Lindby LED Solar Wall LampLindby LED Solar Wall Lamp


As a wall lamp, its key attraction is the integrated sensor, which offers you an additional efficiency, making it turn on only when someone walks or some object moves in front. Well, the motion sensor has a range of six to eight meters and a 100° detection angle.

The LEDs inside are 6 watts in total. And the light has a size of 11.4 x 21.1 x 13 cm, and it has got a strong and durable mount to easily attach to your wall. The solar panel comes separately and is a highly efficient mono unit.

Notable Features

  • 6-Watt Solar Outdoor LED Light.
  • Total Luminous Flux 550 Lumens.
  • Motion Sensor with 6 to 3 Meter Range.
  • Stylish Dark, Grey Solar LED Outdoor Spotlight.

6. Lampenwelt Ignaz LED Solar Spotlight

It is another impressive solar light. As you see, it is actually a two-angle solar lighting system, which is made up of a small solar panel and a pair of bright LED spotlights. Interestingly, you can rotate the lights to optimally align the delivered light. The two lights have an overall luminous flux of 640 lumens.

Moreover, the light integrates a good quality sensor at the bottom to make it identify the movements in front and act accordingly. In a detection angle of 180° and a range of 12 m, it can recognize any untoward movements and turn on the light by improving the security of your premises.

Lampenwelt Ignaz LED Solar Spotlight


Overall, you get a great solar alternative to a traditional LED lamp. You can easily mount it on a wall and light up nearby areas in amazing brightness. Thanks to the solar panel, you don’t need to connect it to the grid and, as a result, you can also enjoy a meaningful cut in your power bills at the end of the day.

Notable Features

  • Solar Outdoor Lamp with Two 3W Lights.
  • Small, Individual Mono Solar Panel.
  • Total Luminous Flux 640 Lumens.
  • Motion Sensor with 12-Meter Range.
  • IP44 Waterproof LED Solar Light. 

7. Lampenwelt Silvan Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lamp

Next, on our list of the best solar lighting systems, we have a very stylish and self-contained model with a 1.7W LED light. It is perfectly suitable for any walls, thanks to its classic design with a built-in solar panel. The light is capable of distributing even lighting that you can easily manage with the included sensor.

Specs-wise, it is a 200-lumen wall-mounted LED light and can deliver a warm white 3000K brightness to light your outdoor spaces. The stylish design surely makes it a cool choice for your home walls as a decorative piece. With a small size of 14 x 32.1 x 17.5 cm, it will sit perfectly anywhere. Check out its latest price on Lights.co.uk.

Lampenwelt Silvan Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lamp


Its sensor has a range of six to ten meters and the detection angle is 120°. The light offers two lighting modes. In the first mode, the light constantly shines at 10% and turns bright at 100% when a motioned is detected.

In the second mode, it shines at 100% for a few moments once there is a movement. And after, it gets turned off automatically. In both modes, you can save some power and warrant the security of your spaces.

Notable Features

  • 2.7W Stylish Solar Outdoor LED Light.
  • Integrated Highly Efficient Solar Panel. 
  • Total Luminous Flux 200 Lumens.
  • Motion Sensor with 10-Meter Range.
  • IP54 Waterproof LED Solar Light.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar lighting systems in the UK. We have tried to cover all the best products worth buying. All the lights on our list are ideal solutions for lighting up a variety of outdoor events, worksites, remote cabins, outhouses, and more. We would like to update the list with more products and so stay tuned to have a look at the best solar lights ever on the market.

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