Wanna set up a security camera somewhere there you have no grid connectivity? Of course, you have a super cool solution. Go for a solar powered security camera. Simply, it grabs juice from the sun and records all what you need round the clock. Thus, you could ensure security in areas like garden, farm house, and surroundings. Well, we would like to have a look at three best solar powered security cameras below.

Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

3 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

A solar camera is just a surveillance camera with solar charging option. Certainly, it goes with a built-in battery that gets charged by solar. Luckily, most models available on market are weatherproof so you could set them up anywhere. Yes, rain or sunlight won’t ruin the cams. They capture footage from your surroundings and avail you for monitoring. Stay tuned with us to have a look at the best selling solar powered CCTV cameras.

1. KKMoon Wi-Fi Solar Security Camera

This looks a cool option for you to keep an extra eye on your property. Fine, you could easily install it on a wall, tree or any surface and keep watching a remote area from home. Certainly, many people have successfully set it up in their construction sites, farm houses, and gardens.

Connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you could access footage and images anytime. Come to specs, what you get is, in fact, a 720p HD video recording camera with CMOS sensor. Android and iOS apps bring to you the recorded content right anywhere anytime.

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Absolutely, this KKMoon device is one of the best solar powered security cameras as it touts all advanced and essential features. See, it sports a motion detection sensor so that it automatically starts recording footage if something moves in front.

Thus, you could obviously ensure more security to your property. Apart from solar, you could also charge it wall outlet via an included adapter. Once charged, the battery could power the cam for two days. Since you have solar panels, you could ensure enough juice all the time if there is sun in sky.

2. Lxory Solar Powered Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera

What about a standalone solar Wi-Fi security camera? That said, you have the solar panel, camera, battery and other components built into a single unit. Absolutely, that makes it brilliant for easy mounting anywhere. More awesome is the machine is night-vision ready and waterproof as well. It could resist rains and tough conditions so that you could set it up anywhere outdoors. Thanks to Wi-Fi, you could access footage and pics anywhere.

Interestingly, you could control this security camera completely from your handset. You could enjoy anything like accessing to live stream including audio, managing smart motion sensor, and checking battery levels via mobile app. Simply grab a screenshot if some object moves in front of camera from your home. Thus, you get an opportunity to guarantee enhanced security for your properties.

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You get it with a strong mounting kit. Just screw the included brackets on your wall and mount the camera on it. Customers have widely appreciated it as a hassle-free job, of course. By the way, you  have a built-in solar cell on top of the camera. So make sure you fix it in a place where you get better sunlight. Or you will have to use a power bank to charge it. Solar is indeed a good way that makes it a reliable outdoor security camera.

3. Funxwe Solar Wi-Fi Security Camera

Here comes the final pick in our list of the best solar powered security cameras. Yes, it is again one of popular models of its kind on Amazon and other retail sites. So let us have a look at how it stands out from the above models. First, it is very similar to the first model in terms of design and specs.

That said, it is 720P HD video recording camera with 1MP CMOS sensor. Of course, it features night sensor that offers bright video and pics at night with coverage up to 110 meter area. And you could zoom it into 3X on your IE browser.

Inside the camera has a 16GB TF memory card and you could expand it up to 128GB if you want more space. Like other picks in the list, this one is also very rich when it comes to connectivity and other advanced features. You could schedule video and snapshot capturing on your phone and PC browser.

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You get Android and iOS apps free. Besides Wi-Fi, you could also connect your PC to the camera via a cable. But since you would like to place this away from your home, it would be nice to go for Wi-Fi option, of course.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best solar powered security cameras. We actually did an article on the same topic sometime before. But in this listicle, we have included three best selling models on market today. So you could easily pick one model to enhance security of your home premises and remote outdoor areas, where you don’t have grid connectivity. Share your thoughts about the list in comments below.