Best Solar Wall Lights in UK: 7 Most-Selling and Best Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

Solar-powered LED lights are much useful in lighting up a variety of outdoor spaces. We already had a look at the best solar lighting systems in the UK for outdoors and indoors. Here, we have some of the best solar wall lights that turn up in stylish profiles for an ideal wall mounting and are capable of adding charm to the walls.

All solar wall lights on our list have integrated solar panels, not separate ones. Besides the monotonous models, we have included a number of stylish and decorative solar wall lamps here. So, along with lighting, they can also turn out to be cool decorative pieces on your exterior walls.

As you know, solar lighting is an incredible way for outdoor lighting, if you live in a locality with enough sunlight. You just need to fix the light somewhere with access to the sunlight. Thanks to their built-in sensors, the lights will turn on automatically at the dusk and off at the dawn.

Some models also integrate motion sensors to save power by moving to an idle state during the lazy hours.

Best Solar Wall Lights in the UK

Many vendors offer great solar lights for walls in the UK. We would like to bring to you some of the best models so you can find the matching model with less effort. You will no longer have to scour the web for your favorite model as our team of researchers is well-equipped to do the compilation finely.

As put it above, here we have only solar lights with built-in solar cells. So, there may be a limited solar output, but what you get is very stylish models. The new-gen solar wall lights are certainly worth buying by their looks itself, apart from their functional property. With no wiring, they indeed look more compact, slim, and stylish.

1. Philips MyGarden Dusk Solar Wall Light

We would like to start the list with a product from the famous brand Philips. It is a super cool 100-lumen light and is certainly brighter than many of the rivaling products in the segment out there. The cable-free, standalone solar light has a stylish look with an inverted dome LED light that can evenly distribute the light.

The battery inside Philips Dusk is a rechargeable 3.6V 2200mAh lithium unit that can power the light for a pretty long time. The integrated solar panel will keep it charged during the days, letting you enjoy brightness in the dark hours from the pent-up energy. Check out its latest price below.

Philips MyGarden Dusk Solar Powered Wall Light

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Obviously, there are not many players like Philips to offer you a unique lighting solution of any kind. Fine, this light has got a specially designed, high-quality light that turns on quickly and provides optimal brightness.

As a wire-free, compact solar light, it is good for mounting anywhere on a wall. Make sure you have its solar panel part having ample exposure to the sun when installing.

The Philips solar light is weather-resistant, too. With an IP44 rating, you can install it in any outdoor conditions as it can resist water splashes and dust. Overall, you get a small and easy-to-install solar LED light that can emit an ideal brightness for your outdoor spaces.

Notable Features

  • 200-Lumen Stylish Solar Wall Light. 
  • High-Quality Light Effects with Quick Turn -On
  • IP44-Rated Weather and Dust-Resistant Light.
  • Easy to Install and Suitable for Any Walls.

2. Lucande Solar Outdoor Wall Lamp

Next, on our list of the best solar wall lights, we have an impressive product from a brand called Lucande. It is a small, but mighty and stylish solar lamp with a 150-lumen brightness. Integrated with a 1.4W LED, battery, and a small solar panel, the downward light can offer enough brightness from your wall.

Built with aluminum and plastic materials, it is indeed a high-quality and durable lamp. Further, its charming look is a notable factor why you can choose the light without a second thought. The IP54 rating makes it ideal for outdoor conditions as dust and water splashes won’t damage it. Check out its price on below.

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Of course, the light has got a motion detection sensor, which is located at the bottom. It can make the idle lamp turn fully on when there is a movement in front, enhancing the security of your spaces.

Fine, the light has got two modes for saving power. In the first case, the lamp will remain turned off until there is a motion. In the next, you can put it at a low brightness of 15 %, and a movement can wake it up to 100% quickly. It is indeed up to you to decide on what setting mode will suit your needs.

Notable Features

  • 150-Lumen Stylish Solar Wall Light. 
  • Very Stylish and Waterproof Solar Light.
  • Motion Sensor with a Range of 5 to 7 Meters.
  • Dual Power Saving Modes with Better Safety.

3. Lucande Eliel LED Solar Wall Light

Here is another great solar wall light from Lucande. It is a pretty large 25-LED wall pillar light with a total of 2.2 watts and a brightness of 160 lumens. The light can offer a warm white brightness of 3000K to ensure amazing lighting around your home or office with solar power.

Obviously, it has something special in its design. It follows a linear profile and its tone of graphite with white adds to its merit as an impressive piece of light for your wall decoration. Also, the tower LED light is made of quality materials like die-cast aluminum and plastic for durability.  Lucande Eliel LED Solar Wall Light

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It has got a small solar panel on its top. The light comes up inside four stylish and strong legs and so it can offer brightness to your premises. The brand offers the pillar light in other variants too. One such model comes with a pole so you can fix it somewhere on the ground in your garden or yard.

This light has a size of 14 x 29 x 15.4 inches. It is IP54 waterproof so you can place it anywhere with no worry of dust and water splashes.

Notable Features

  • 160-Lumen Solar Pillar Wall Light.
  • Bright LED Light with 25 LEDs of 2.2 Watts.
  • Strong, Stylish, and Waterproof Profile.
  • Ideal for Walls Without Grid Connection.
  • Available in Multiple Other Variants.

4. Lucande Solar LED Outdoor Wall Light Valerian

It is another brilliant product on our list of the best solar wall lights in the UK. Specs-wise, it is a 150-lumen light with an LED of 1.4 watts. You can mount the stylish lamp quite easily on your wall and ensure the brightness of 3000-watt warm white on your premises.

The solar panel on the top of the LED light is a decently larger one, which can quickly power up the inside battery of 3.7V, 2200mAh lithium unit during the day, and light up your wall in the dark hours. Made with aluminum and plastic, it is indeed a high-quality and durable outdoor lamp, for sure.

Lucande Solar LED Outdoor Wall Light Valerian

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The light has got a motion sensor with a detection range of six to ten meters. You can adjust the range as per your needs, and its lighting duration is between eight seconds to eight minutes.

The available lighting modes are two as it is with most of the similar products. In the first one, you can set the light to go fully turned on when motion is detected, and off after. Meanwhile, you can also set it in a way the light turns on at 15% full-time, and 100% following a movement.

Notable Features

  • 150-Lumen Stylish Pillar Wall Light.
  • Bright and Warm Lighting with a 1.4W LED. 
  • 3.7V, 2200mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Strong, Stylish, and Waterproof Profile.
  • Dual Adjustable Modes for Power Saving.

5. Vooe Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

If you are looking at buying solar wall lights, here is another great option from a brand called Vooe. It is a pair of bright lights with 288 premium quality LEDs that offer highly efficient lighting at a wider angle. The light can emit 2500-lumen brightness to keep your spaces illuminated for increased security.

The solar lights have got PET laminated solar cells on the top with a higher conversion efficiency to recharge the inside 4400mAh lithium battery faster during the day. As a result, you get amazing brightness on your wall in the night. Check out its latest price on the link below at

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The solar light has three lighting modes; medium, dim, and sensor. Thanks to the included PIR sensor, the motion sensor mode helps identify people up to 16 feet at an angle of 120° and make the light respond accordingly. Of course, it is a key feature that makes it an ideal security light on your wall.

The light is IP65-certified so that you can place it in any outdoor conditions with no worry of dust, water splashes, and more. Thanks to the included screw holes, you easily install the light on your wall with a few nails.

Notable Features

  • 2500LM Highly Efficient Solar Wall Lights.
  • Made of 288 Premium Quality LED Chips
  • Powerful 4400mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes – Dim, Medium, and Sensor.
  • Perfect for Home Walls for Increased Security.

6. iPosible Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Next is a pack of six super bright solar lamps. Each unit has got 150 highly-efficient LED chips and a 2000mAh rechargeable battery. The lights are capable of emitting brightness at a 180º wide-angle and with 1000 lumens. You get a chance to use the little lights to cover many walls in your garden, home premises, and more.

The solar lights are highly durable and solid as they are made with quality ABS plastic and other materials. They are also heat-and-water-resistant with a rating of IP65. So, you can mount the lights outdoors in severe weather conditions with no issues and rely on for light for a pretty long time.

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Like all similar solar wall lights, it also integrates a smart motion sensor. The advanced PIR sensor helps the light recognize movements of up to 20 to 26 feet. When a motion is detected, the light will quickly act by automatically turning on or brightening up. And will turn off or go dimmer after a while to save power.

Overall, you get a series of smart solar lamps that will be quite enough to illuminate a wide area of your garden, pathway, or any other outdoor spaces. The only thing to take care of is that you should place the lights in a place where the solar cells can accept enough sunlight to convert to power.

Notable Features

  • Bundle of Six Super Bright Smart Solar Lights. 
  • 150 Highly-Efficient LED Chips for Bright Light. 
  • 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery for Ideal Back-Up.
  • Motion Detector for Security and Power Saving. 
  • Perfect for Home Walls for Enhanced Security.

7. Smartwares Solar Wall Light

Next, we have a smart solar light in a unique design on our list of the best solar wall lights. The tube-shaped light made with a stainless-steel finish can give your wall a grand look and feel. The included 0.5W LED with 35-lumen brightness can make it create perfect atmospheric lighting on your wall.

The light comes with a night sensor so that it will automatically turn on and off at the dusk and dawn. You don’t need to manually operate the light. The brand offers the light in several options, by the way. They include the models with and without the PIR sensor and more. Check out the link for all its variants.

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The light has a compact size of 117 x 89 x 115 mm. And it is water-and-dust-proof, thanks to its IP44 rating. Like all similar products, you have its solar panel located on the top. So, make sure you install it in a way the sunlight hits its top part correctly.

One day’s bright sunlight is enough to operate the light for approximately eight hours at night. You can install the light quickly and easily on any wall and enjoy access to unlimited lighting at the night powered by solar power.

Notable Features

  • Small  Tube-Shaped, Stylish Solar Wall Light.
  • 0.5W LED With 35-Lumen Brightness.
  • Decent Battery to Support the Light for Eight Hours.
  • Stylish and Beautiful Solar Light for Your Walls.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar wall lights in the UK.  Of course, all the models on our list are available for sale on the leading retail sites in the UK. You will surely be lucky to have a specially designed solar wall light in a single case. That will not only offer you the light but also add to the charm of your home exterior.

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