Are you planning to set up a DIY off-grid solar power solution? We have a lot of DIY off-grid solar power kits that you could simply put together to make a complete solar power solution.

This is actually an easy job. If you have a little knowledge about solar technology, you could do it yourself in a matter of time. As per your needs, you have a wide range of DIY off-grid solar power kits on the market.

DIY Off-Grid Solar Power Kits

Well, a DIY off-grid solar power kit is not a specific product of any kind. It is actually a solar panel kit with some basic components that let you set up a solar power solution.

All the solar kits wouldn’t necessarily have all the required items. In that case, you could collect the extra items from other sources. However, it is an interesting thing to set up your own solar power solution for your home, worksites, RV, camper, or any other emergency or off-grid needs.

Best DIY Off-Grid Solar Power Kits

Typically, an off-grid solar power kit features solar panels, solar charge controller, inverters, cables and wires, adapters, and mounting brackets. Some rare kits also feature the required battery packs.

There is actually no specific form for a solar panel kit. It could contain anything that is required to set up a power solution to charge your battery packs from the sunlight. You could use them anywhere whether your RV, camper, trailer, cabin, camping tent, home, worksite, and more.

Moreover, we have several brands that sell brilliant DIY off-grid solar power kits. They include the likes of Renogy, Eco-Worthy, HQST, WindyNation, and more. In total, you get a range of products to choose from.

1. Grape Solar 400W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

Do you have a 12V deep cycle battery? Or one in your RV or boat? This Grape Solar 400-watt kit is an ideal pick to set up an off-grid solar power system, then. As you see, this bundle has everything required to set up an off-grid solar system, except the batteries and a power inverter, for sure.

This is a pack of four 100W polycrystalline solar panels that you could interconnect to harvest the solar energy and store in your battery packs. Well, all the panels feature waterproof dual diode junction boxes to ensure a better performance. Use the button below to check out its price.

The Grape Solar bundle further packs up a 40A Comet PWM charge controller. It is capable of supporting one more 100W solar panel to take its overall output to 500 watts. Plus, it includes some basic cables and adapters.

Of course, the Grape Solar product turns out to be one of the best DIY off-grid solar power kits out there with a good number of takers. You could just add a power inverter and the required battery packs to use the kit as a reliable solar power system. And start to generate unlimited off-grid power right anywhere.

Notable Features

  • 400W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Four 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panels.
  • 40Amp Comet PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Ideal Solution for RVs, Campers, and Cabins.

2. Renogy 400W Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit

Looking for a DIY off-grid solar kit for your camper or RV? This is one of the medium variants of a line-up of exclusive camper solar kits from Renogy. Thus, it turns out to be a superb pick to recharge your RV battery from the sun. It is available in many other power options ranging from 100W to 800W.

Coming to specs, it is a 400W solar kit as you see in the title. For that, it packs four units of the brand’s popular 100W high-efficient mono solar panels. Further, it includes a unit of its Adventurer 30A solar charge controller. Use the button below to check out its recent price and buy a unit.

These solar panels are of high quality and increased efficiency. They tout advanced multilayered lamination for better durability. Moreover, they are built on the corrosion-resistant aluminum frames so they could easily get by tough outdoor conditions in the wilderness.

By the way, in the kit, you get enough mounting brackets to place the solar panels neatly over your RV or boat. Meanwhile, making it ideal for your RVs, boats, and other vehicles, the included charge controller supports clean flush mounting and it is a negative grounded model, as well.

Notable Features

  • 400W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit for RV and Boats.
  • Four 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panels.
  • 30Amp Renogy Adventurer Charge Controller.
  • Ideal Solution for RVs, Campers, and Cabins.

3. WindyNation Complete 400W Solar Panel Kit

This is a complete off-grid solar power kit. Apart from the solar panels and charge controllers, it also features a power inverter, batteries, and other accessories. So, you wouldn’t need to buy more extra components to set up an ideal off-grid solar power solution.

Specs-wise, this pack mainly includes four units of the brand’s 100W poly solar panels, a 30A P30L solar charge controller, a 1500 VertaMax off-grid power inverter with 3000-watt surge power, and finally four pieces of the BattaMax 100Ah AGM deep cycle batteries.

Besides, you have several basic accessories in the kit. They include solar cables, connectors, and mounting hardware. Overall, what you get is a bundle to set up a complete off-grid solar panel solution. The brand also offers the kits in different options. Follow the button above to check out its price and the other variants.

This is, in fact, a special solar kit designed for RVs, campers, cabins, homes, and other power back-up systems. You could just put together the items to set up. It would be a very simple job for you. You wouldn’t need to be an expert to set these things to realize a superb off-grid power system.

Notable Features

  • Complete Off-Grid Solar Power Kit.
  • Four Units of 100W Poly Solar Panels.
  • 1500W VertaMax Off-Grid Inverter with 3000W Surge. 
  • 30A P30L Solar Charge Controller.
  • Four Pieces of 100Ah AGM Batteries.

4. Eco-Worthy 1000-Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit

The next is a large Eco-Worthy solar panel kit on our list of DIY off-grid solar power kits. As its title says, this is a special design for RVs, boats, campers, and trailers. But you could also use it to set up a large DIY solar power solution in your home, apartment, cabins, worksites, and more.

Specs-wise, the large Eco-Worthy kit packs up six pieces of the brand’s famous 160W mono solar panels. Along with it comes up a large 60A solar charge controller to let you safely power up your battery packs. Further, the bundle has other accessories like a solar combiner box, solar cables, adapters, and mounting brackets.

The included solar panels feature high-efficiency silicon cells and they could produce a good conversion rate. Meanwhile, you get each panel with IP65-rated waterproof junction boxes that accommodate by-pass diodes to lower power dorps of any kind. Thus, these panels could perform quite well even in low-light conditions.

Why should you buy the Eco-Worthy solar kit? Simply, this is an incredible way you could design your own DIY solar solution for large applications. Yes, if you want to design a high-performance solar power solution, this is one of the best bundles you could buy. Use the button above to check out its latest price. 

Notable Features

  • Large 1000-Watt Off-Grid Solar Power Kit.
  • Six Pieces of 160-Watt Mono Solar Panels.
  • Powerful 60Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Large-Scape Off-Grid Power Applications.

5. AcoPower 500W Off-Grid Solar Power Kit

The next model on our list of DIY off-grid solar power kits is from AcoPower. This is a 500W large solar power kit and is also the top-end model of the series. It comes up with five units of the brand’s high-efficiency 100W mono solar panels, which you could combine with branch connectors to generate an output of 500 watts.

You could use this kit to set up a perfect DIY off-grid solar solution for your RVs, campers, homes, boats, and remote power. You could wire two solar panels in parallel to make it charge a 12V battery and in a series to use it for a 24V battery system. Follow the button below to see its price and find other power variants.

Apart from the solar panels, you get a good charge controller in the kit. That is a unit 40A MPPT controller with the user-adjustable settings. It has got an LCD screen to show voltage, battery status, and more. The system is compatible with all types of batteries including AGM, gel, lead-acid, lithium, and etc.

By the way, the system is featuring a positive grounding design different from all other vehicle-friendly solar kits. But the company requests the customers to contact them if they wanted to buy it for a common negative ground system. AcoPower also offers 25-year transferable warranty for the solar panels and one year for the rest of the components.

Notable Features

  • 500-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Five Units of 100W High-Efficiency Mono Solar Panels.
  • 40A LCD MPPT Solar Charge Controller. 
  • Perfect for All Types of Batteries Including 12V and 24 Sytems.

6. Renogy 400W Off-Grid Solar Premium Kit

Above, we talked about a Renogy RV-special off-grid power kit. Here, we have the 400W variant of the brand’s much popular premium solar panel kit. Technically, it is also a regular solar kit with basic accessories such as solar panels, charge controller, and other accessories.

This is also designed for various off-grid applications including RV, boat, caravan, greenhouses, emergency life situations, and more. Well, you get four units of the brand’s much popular mono solar panels that offer a solar conversion rate up to 20%. Visit the link below to check out its recent price and buy a unit.

The solar panels feature a sleek design with a durable frame. They are truly some of the best performer mono solar panels on the market. By the way, along with the panels you get a piece of Renogy’s famous 40A MPPT Rover charge controller, mounting brackets, adapters, and cables.

What’s more, this Renogy kit has got an exclusive Bluetooth module. That will make you remotely manage the DIY off-grid solar solution you set up with this Renogy kit. Overall, what you get is an ideal off-grid solar power kit that you could buy and put together along with the required 12V batteries for a perfect solar power system.

Notable Features

  • 400W DIY Off-Grid Solar Power Kit.
  • Four Pieces of 100W Mono Solar Panels.
  • 40A Renogy Rover Charge Controller. 
  • Ideal for RVs, Caravans, Trailers, and Cabins.

7. AcoPower 50W Solar Panel Kit

This is a small DIY solar kit for setting up a small DIY solar power solution. It is from AcoPower and the brand also sells more power variants of the kit including rather small 5W, 10W, and 15W units. Well, with a 50-watt single flat poly solar panel and a 5A charge controller, you could use it to build a small solar power system.

The included solar panel is capable of offering high conversion efficiency. And it is easy to install with its pre-drilled holes. You could easily fix it over your RV, camper, or camping tent, and connect to the solar power system you have made with the rest of the components.

Apart from the solar panel and controller, it also features a pair of MC4 connectors and a battery cable with the alligator clips. So, what you will mainly need in extra are a battery and power inverter. Thus, you could set up a cute and small DIY solar power system quickly.

Anyway, this is one of the best DIY off-grid solar power kits you could find on the market for making a smaller power system. It is very popular with a good number of takers, though we have more brands selling such small items. By the way, you could use the button above to check out the latest price of the bundle.

Notable Features

  • 50W Small Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit
  • Single Piece Flat 50W Poly Solar Panel.
  • 5Amp Solar Charge Controller. 
  • Perfect Pick for Small RVs, Campers, and Cabins. 

8. Dokio 300W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

What about a fabric-based off-grid solar power kit? This Dokio product is a high-capacity fabric-based one. As you see, it is a three-fold solar charger with a charge controller for charging your 12V battery systems. So, you get an amazingly portable folding solar charger, which is perfect for your RVs, campers, and trailers.

Like all the Dokio solar chargers, it features high-efficiency solar cells with a great conversation rate to charge your batteries faster. That means, even if the panel is smaller and lighter than the traditional glass and metal variant, you get almost the same efficiency, for sure. Check out its latest price on the link below.

However, the amazing thing with the Dokio solar charger is its foldable and lightweight design. Though it is capable of producing 300W power, it is only 0.9-inch thick and the overall weight is just 17 lbs. That makes it one of most portable off-grid solar panel solutions out there.

The solar cells come well-protected in a thick fabric material. That also features a simply practical carrying handle so that you could take it anywhere with less effort. That is how you could use the solar charger to power up a variety of your devices and batteries right anywhere in the wild.

Notable Features

  • 300W Ultra-Portable Folding Solar Charger.
  • Solar Charger Included for 12V Battery Charging.
  • Highly Portable and Friendly for Outdoor Uses.
  • Highly-Efficiency Solar Cells for Better Output.

9. HQST 400W Off-Grid Solar Power Kit

Next, on our list of the DIY off-grid solar power kits, we have a great solar panel kit from HQST. The company has specifically put together this kit for the customers, who are new to solar. It is an easy-to-use-and-install DIY off-grid solar power kit with an output of 400 watts.

Well, the included 100-watt solar panels come with pre-drilled holes for easier mounting. And the included Z brackets help quick mount and secure up the panels on your RV, camper, home, or anywhere else. Check out the button below to buy a unit of the HQST off-grid solar power kit.

Specs-wise, the HQST solar panel kit, as you see, features four units of 100W 12V poly solar panels. Coming to the charge controller, it is a 30A PWM LCD unit. The other items in the kit are a pair of 20-ft 10 AWG adapter cables, mounting brackets, and more.

On average, it could deliver an ideal output of 2000 watt-hours per day under optimal sunlight. Well, the solar power system is capable of powering up various off-grid applications including your 12V and 24V systems. So, you could comfortably run various devices like water pumping systems, lights, and more.

Notable Features

  • 400W DIY Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Four Units of 100W Poly Solar Panels.
  • 30W PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Your RVs, Campers, and Trailers.
  • Good Pick for Both 12V and 24V Systems.

10. Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Here is the ultra-portable model on our list of the DIY off-grid solar power kits. It is a powerful 100W solar kit in a completely foldable suitcase-style design. You could easily fold it down to a small unit and carry it anywhere hassle-free. And use to recharge your power stations and gadgets on your outing and emergency needs.

The Rockpals solar charger comes up with multiple charging outlets. They include three USB ports and one DC socket. An outstanding thing is that the solar charger kit bundles up a 10-in-1 adapter kit that includes a host of connectors suitable for the power stations from all leading brands.

Fine, the built-in solar cells are capable of delivering you high-efficiency and a better conversation rate. At the same time, this is also water-resistant and highly durable as it is made from Oxford cloth. That is how it comes out to be yet another ideal solution for all types of outdoor activities and emergency situation.

By the way, you could use the solar charger to directly power up your USB devices. For that, it features three USB ports, which tout built-in smart IC chips for better safety of your devices. They help protect the connected electronics from overcharging, overloading, and other voltage issues.

Notable Features

  • 100W Ultra-Portable Folding Solar Charger.
  • Three USB Sockets with Smart IC Chips. 
  • DC Socket with 10-in-1 Adapter Kit.
  • Highly Portable and Friendly for Outdoor Uses.
  • Highly-Efficiency Solar Cells for Better Output.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best DIY off-grid solar power kits. As you see, all these solar kits are not complete solutions. You will have to add extra items to most of the kits to go for making a complete off-grid solar power system. Anyway, you have the best solar panel kits available to put together interesting solar solutions for your RVs, campers, trailers, remote homes, greenhouses, and more.