Thinking about building your own DIY solar generator? It is a simple job. You could just buy a DIY generator kit if not you don’t want to build one from scratch. Yes, with a cool solar generator kit, you needn’t be a tech-savvy to set up a generator of your own. Do you wonder what a typical solar generator kit includes? We have a list of 5 top selling kits below to let you find the best one as per your needs.

Hope you are familiar with lots of ready-to-use solar generators on market. Still, we think you miss something that meets your exact requirements. Well, the only way you could overcome the concern is to set up your own DIY solar generator. Of course, there is not a definite design or form for a solar generator. It could be anything that utilizes solar to charge batteries that could store power and outlet to your gadgets off-the-grid.

DIY Solar Generator

DIY Solar Generator: 6 Top DIY Solar Generator Kits

See, not any of the below DIY solar generator kits includes full components. You might buy things like battery and inverter in addition to realize your off-grid power solution. By the way, in case you want to set up a solar charging solution in your RV or boat, you could simply connect it to its included battery. Or get a brand-new battery to ensure you have another reliable source for backup. Stay tuned with us to find our list below.

1. Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit

| Link to Buy: Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit |

Do you have a 12V deep cycle battery? Or one in your RV or boat? This Grape Solar 400-watt kit is an ideal pick, then. As you see, it has everything required for an off-grid solar solution except the battery. Thus, it becomes the priciest one on our list. Well, you can interconnect its four 100-watt polycrystalline solar panels to harvest solar energy. All the panels feature two diode junction boxes to ensure better performance, by the way.

You can use the included cables to plug in the solar panels to the 35Amp Xantrex solar charge controller. Thus, you can easily store produced energy in the connected battery and use the 2000W pure sine Xantrex inverter to run a variety of your appliances and gadgets. Simultaneously you can connect a pair of AC appliances like TV, oven and fridge and a USB device to charge from the system.

2. Renogy 400-watt Solar Kit for RV

| Link to Buy: Renogy 400W RV Solar Generator Kit |

Looking for a DIY solar generator for your camper or RV? This kit could be a nice pick to charge your RV battery from the sun. Again, it is a 400W system, but with 4 high-efficient mono panels. Don’t worry about the life of the solar panels. You could use them for a long period because they tout advanced multilayered lamination. Plus, they are built on corrosion-resistant aluminum frames so that they could easily get by tough outdoor conditions.

You get enough mounting brackets and cables to place the panels over your RV or boat. Another thing that will excite you is its included 30A Adventurer charge controller. What is attractive is Renogy has specially made it for RV use, thus it supports clean flush mounting on the wall. And is negative grounded for battery compatibility. Well, once you connect the system to an inverter, you could run a variety of devices with the Renogy solar kit.

3. Renogy 400-watt Solar Kit with Wanderer

| Link to Buy: Renogy 400-watt Solar Kit with Wanderer |

It could be another exciting option for you to charge a set of 200Ah batteries. Make your off-grid life rather awesome with this DIY solar generator kit that could provide an output of 2000Wh per day, depending on the intensity of sunlight, of course. You get Renogy’s 30A PWM negative ground charge controller, the Wanderer. As you see, it goes a bit cheaper to the above model as it has poly-crystalline solar panels. In case of other accessories, it is up to all essential mounting brackets and cables.

4. Eco-worthy Wind Solar Power Kit

| Link to Buy: Eco-worthy Wind Solar Power Kit |

Would you love a DIY solar generator kit with a wind turbine? It is indeed a cool idea to combine two means of alternative energy. Thus, you get a chance to produce energy all the time around, i.e. even after sunset, you could get going with energy from a breeze. This Eco-Worthy kit could thus be a great choice for you to go with. Well, the logic behind this kit is simple. What you get is a kit of a 400W wind turbine and a pair of 100W solar panels.

Wouldn’t love to have a hybrid off-grid power generator with 600W power? That is why Eco-Worthy has bought into the market a line of such combinations. Along with the kit comes a hybrid charge controller, which works on PWM technology and certainly ensures over-load and short circuit protection. The wind turbine, as you see, is a 3-bladed corrosion-resistant one and also features an integrated automatic braking system.

5. Sunforce 55-watt Solar Backup Kit

| Link to Buy: Sunforce 55-watt Solar Backup Kit |

If you are on a budget and looking for a less powerful DIY solar generator, this could be your best choice. Simply, you get a three-layered 18W folding solar panel with metal frame. You could mount it anywhere on your rooftop and RV top. It is very simple to set up this solar kit with the included 7A solar charge controller from Coleman. Certainly, this could ensure enough juice to let you charge a range of your small gadgets. You should buy a battery unit and inverter to make a full off-grid DIY solar generator, however.