Solar-powered gable mount fan is a cool idea to cut down your cooling cost. It needs no electrical connectivity as long as it runs on a solar panel hooked up to. Whenever there is the sunlight, the fan runs and cools down your living space, reducing the load on your air conditioner. Of course, there are many models of solar-based attic fans on the market. Here we would like to invite your attention to an Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan. Stay with us for more details about the cool solar attic fan kits from Eco-Worthy below.

Eco-worthy Solar Powered Attic Fan for Better Cooling

The solar attic fan is certainly much more energy efficient than a regular ventilation system. But there is always a big concern on how much reliable the solar power is. That is true to an extent because you get solar power in the daytime only. But that doesn’t look a big deal since you will mostly need your attic fan to run during the day. However, a small photovoltaic attic fan is mostly ineffective in cooling your home, but a powerful model could do that more efficiently, of course. That is why we have Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan here.

Eco-Worthy Solar Powered Attic Fan

Are you looking for a way to control the summer attic heat? Of course, you need a perfect powered ventilation to realize it and thereof to reduce your air conditioning power bills in the hot-humid climates. Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan kits are cool solutions to attain that, for sure. We would like to explore two popular models of the Eco-Worthy photovoltaic attic fans below. Indeed, both the attic fans we have for a review are decently powerful models so we are sure they will perform in a fine way to help you bring down your attic heat.

We have two notable variants of the Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fans kits out there. The key difference is that the first one packs a 30W folding solar charger, while the second one has a 25W regular solar panel. Also, they are 12V and 18V systems respectively. Both highlight high-efficiency brushless fans and other essential components. Well, let us have a look at the specs and features of the solar attic fans in more detail below.

Eco-Worthy 25W 12V Solar Attic Ventilator

This is an ideal 25W 12V exhaust ventilation fan with a folding solar charger of 30W. The high-quality brushless fan works quite nicely to realize a quiet environment in your interior. The fan can cover a larger area of 2200 square feet area by providing 1960 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of ventilation. Amazingly, the fan is capable to work at low voltage automatically so you get good enough ventilation even on days with a cloudy sky. Use the link below to order a unit of the solar attic fan with an easy-to-mount folding solar charger.

Check Price and Buy @ Eco-Worthy 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

As you see in the photo, the attic fan kit packs up a 30W folding solar panel. With the included set of mounting brackets, it becomes a cool solar charger to mount on your wall or terrace. After the installation, you can just connect the solar panel to the fan to make it run when the sunlight hits the charger. With good enough output, you can largely rely on this fan to cool your living space, thus offering you a cut in your air conditioning bills.

Eco-Worthy 65W 18V Solar Attic Ventilator

This is another leading Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan. As you see, this 18V system comes with a 65-watt fan and a 25W regular solar panel. Otherwise, you have everything almost similar to the above Eco-Worthy kit, but this is also rather cheaper. The fan included is again a high-efficiency brushless unit, which could deliver excellent cooling to your interior. As a result, you can enjoy a more quiet and relaxing life in your living spaces. Use the link below to buy a unit of the Eco-Worthy 65W solar attic fan.

Check Price and Buy @ Eco-Worthy 65W 18V Solar Attic Ventilator

It would be quite easy to set up the Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan. You can yourself mount it in your attic, thanks to the availability of all required components in the kit. Well, you get it with a pre-installed 8-inch cable with the needed connectors. Further, it packs a set of mounting screws and a 16-feet solar cable. So, you can set up the system quickly and make sure you get an unlimited amount of solar energy to run your attic fan.

Why Should You Buy

The Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan kits are some of the highly reliable options of the crowd. Of course, you have some top-selling all-in-one solar attic fans out there. The HQST 30-watt solar roof mount adjustable attic fan is indeed a brilliant example. But both the Eco-Worthy solar attic fans come in two parts; solar charger and the fan. So you can fix the solar panel somewhere on your roof or terrace in a way it gets more exposure to the sun. And connect the panel using the included cable to the attic fan to make it run just under the sun.

Moreover, both the models of Eco-Worthy attic fan kits are popular on the market. There are a lot of takers for the models. And most of the former customers look happy with the performance of the attic fans. As of writing this, the Eco-Worthy devices certainly have a good rating on Amazon. Also, the assembly and set-up of the attic fans are also quite easier. Anyone with a basic idea on the electronics can put together the components in a matter of time and realize a great solar powered attic fan in your home.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

As you see, the Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan works only when there is the sunlight. That is why it is not a much reliable solution as you can’t run it on an evening or morning or on a cloudy day. If you want to run your attic fan in such situations, you should better go for a regular model that works on grid power. Also, this is not for you if you are looking for an all-in-one attic fan. You will have to separately fix both the parts of the attic fan kit – solar charger and the fan – in different spots to ensure better access to the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Eco-Worthy solar powered attic fan kits. Hope you can find a fitting model from the two items and make your attic cool and reduce your power bills on the air conditioning system. In fact, both the models are powerful enough to cover bigger areas of your living spaces. So, it would be a nice thing to fix such a cool solar-based attic fan as it works automatically on a hot day and cool down your attic. If you have something to say about the products make your comments below.