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EcoFlow Vs Bluetti: EcoFlow Delta Pro Vs Bluetti EP500 – The Big Fight Ever

It looks that huge solar power stations are going to rein the portable power market in the days to come. Bluetti has released its massive EP500 on Kickstarter. EcoFlow has declared the arrival of its colossal Delta Pro in July 2021. Here, we would like to have an EcoFlow Vs Bluetti comparison with a run-through of the heavy-duty machines.

Delta Pro comes as an upgrade to the brand’s top-seller Delta power station. It keeps the same design as its original, but it touts a heavy battery and unmatched modular features.

It is where Bluetti EP500 is a big variant of its line-up of Bluetti power stations. The product, which has already been launched on Kickstarter, has attracted more than 3M USD from nearly 800 backers. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers from August 2021.

EcoFlow Vs Bluetti

EcoFlow and Bluetti are absolutely two leading brands in the portable power market. Both have marked their presence with a great number of products in different power options and styles.

EcoFlow is known for its Delta and River power stations, and the new heavy machine comes as a pro variant to its 1260Wh/1800W Delta. Meanwhile, Bluetti is famous for its 2000Wh/2000W AC200P, and a lot of other power stations in all power segments and price ranges.

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We have a detailed comparison of EcoFlow Delta Pro Vs Bluetti EP500 in our EcoFlow Vs Bluetti article below. Stay tuned if you are excited about buying a heavy solar power station ever.

Storage Capacity and Output

EcoFlow Delta Pro is basically a 3.6Wh power station, but you can expand it up to a huge 25kWh unit to ensure emergency power to run an entire household for around 13 days. Well, enhancing its storage capacity is easily possible with the brand’s Smart Extra batteries.

When it comes to the power inverter, a single Delta Pro is a 3600W unit. But by pairing two units together, you can double its output to huge 7200 watts at 240V. That is how you will be able to smoothly run pretty much any powerful appliance on it in your home or away.


Meanwhile, Bluetti EP500 and its Pro variant incorporate a massive 5100Wh battery pack. You can expand it to double by pairing two units of each model via an innovative accessory board. That is, you will need only two EP500s or EP500 Pros to hit the 10kWh mark.

In the process, you make the inverter power of the devices double, as well. That said, the 2000W EP500 gets to 4000 watts at 240V, while the 3000W Pro variant gets to 6000 watts at 240V.

Winner: EcoFlow Delta Pro

Once paired together, the EcoFlow power beast has more output and inverter power, indeed. But to reach the 10kWh mark, you need to connect two extra batteries to the original. By the way, taken as a single unit, Delta Pro is less in storage capacity, but it still has a big inverter.

Meanwhile, two units of Bluetti EP500 or EP500 Pros make it up to 10.2kWh. 

Expandability Capabilities

Well, as high-powered modular power stations, it is an important factor to have a look at. As you see, all the machines in the heavy-duty category are expandable in one way or the other.

Since both the EcoFlow and Bluetti devices are yet to be rolled out of their production houses, it is tough to analyze their expandability features. Anyway, let us see what the brands have talked about the expandability features of their prestigious heavy-duty power stations.

As you know, EcoFlow Delta Pro features Smart Extra batteries for expansion. In fact, the brand has not yet revealed what type of cells it will pack in Delta Pro and supplementary batteries.

Anyway, you can chain together the extra batteries to the base model for adding up to the total capacity. By pairing two batteries, you can take its capacity to a huge 10.8kWh, while there is the option to take it up to a colossal 25kWh with more batteries.

It is when Bluetti has another set-up. The brand has realized a Split Phase Box for this purpose. It is a pretty cool option to double the capacity and AC output of both its heavy power stations.

Thus, by connecting two EP500 or Pro units in tandem to the accessory box, you can double the power. The box also features a facility to help you select 220/240V outputs to support a variety of your appliances.

Winner: EcoFlow Delta Pro

Delta Pro looks to have seamless scalability, thanks to its extra batteries. Meanwhile, Bluetti is likely to have a limited scope for expansion, and for that itself, you need to buy multiple units.

Bluetti EP500 with Solar Panels

Charging Options

Next, let us check out various charging options of the EcoFlow Vs Bluetti big power stations.

For solar charging, Bluetti EP500 features a maximum voltage input of 1200 watts, while its pro variant has dual 1200-watt inlets for a total of 2400 watts. With the right inflow of solar power, these devices can be charged in below five and three hours respectively.

The brand itself an exclusive 200W folding solar charger for the power stations. You can indeed pair multiple units of the charger to achieve the required output for each.

Likewise, EP500 has a 600W AC charging adapter inside, while its sibling has a two-time more 1800W AC adapter. Both integrate the adapters inside, and so you need not carry bulky power bricks. Besides solar and AC, you can charge them from DC sources like the carport, and more.

Well, EcoFlow’s heavy power station is going to be a game-changer in the charging domain.

As per the brand, it will feature a huge solar input of up to 4200 watts. Added with the brand’s much-frenzied X-Stream solar charging technology, it will come out to be the ‘world’s fastest solar chargeable power station’, says EcoFlow.

In addition, it comes with another revolutionary charging facility. That is you can charge it from a nearby EV charging station in a few minutes.

Thanks to its 3000W X-Stream technology, the power station will take only a few minutes for a full charge from one of the 35,000 EV charging stations across the country.

Winner: EcoFlow Delta Pro

Delta Pro has a clear edge over Bluetti EP500 with a fast solar charging input and a facility for quick charging from EV charging stations. That will certainly be a great advantage for RVers. 

EcoFlow Detlta Pro with Solar Charging

Charging Outlets

Bluetti EP500 highlights a total of 15 charging sockets, including four 120V AC outlets.

The other options include a 12V carport, two 12/10A DC ports, one 30A/12V RV outlet, one 100W USB-C Power Delivery port, four USB-A sockets (two Quick Charge 36W and two 3A ports), and a pair of 15W wireless chargers.

Bluetti EP500 Pro is having two 100W USB-C ports.

By the way, EcoFlow has not revealed any details on the charging options of its upcoming power station. But what we can see from the shared photos of the product is that it sports four 20A max AC outlets and a handful of USB and DC outlets.

The other options include a 30A RV plug, dual USB-C 100 PD ports, and two USB fast-charge and USB-A outlets each. We will update the accurate details when the brand avails them.

Winner: Nill

EcoFlow has not revealed what charging outlets Delta Pro will be carrying.

Considering the available information, the Bluetti power station seems to have a slight edge as it features four AC sockets, an RV socket, and a lot of other options.

Bluetti EP500 with Split Phase Accessory Box

Size and Design

Though massive devices, both EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti EP500 are portable solutions. They carry solid all-terrain wheels and telescopic handles for the users to conveniently handle them.

As they are meant for a variety of off-grid applications, portability is indeed an essential factor.

We have no much information about the weight, size, and other related details of the EcoFlow product. But it keeps the same design as its original Delta power station.

With the heavy battery pack inside, it might surely weigh over 100 lbs.

When it comes to Bluetti EP500, both the variants have the same dimensions of 22.8 x 11.8 x 29.9 inches. And EP500 has a weight of 167 lbs, while its elder sibling weighs 182 lbs.

Winner: Nill

Weight and size details of EcoFlow Delta Pro are not available. 

EcoFlow Delta Pro with Wheels and Carrying Handle

Price and Availability

Bluetti was selling its EP500 with a starting price of $2799 on Kickstarter.

The brand could sell all of the 300 units of the limited EP500s in a few days of the crowdfunding campaign. EP500 Pro and various kits come at different prices with super early bird offers.

Bluetti plans to start shipping it to the backers by August 2021. We are not sure when it will hit the public market after.

Regarding EcoFlow Delta Pro, the brand has not yet had a clue on its price tag. Maybe, it will be starting at close to or over 4K with its big battery capacity, power inverter, other features.

EcoFlow is to launch the product in July 2021 on Indiegogo. It is already visible in the Upcoming Projects section of the platform. We will update its price and other details once it goes online.

Winner: Nill

Price details of EcoFlow Delta Pro are not available. But it may certainly have a price over Bluetti’s as the brand is known for higher prices.  

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on EcoFlow Vs Bluetti.

We have covered the two heavy upcoming products from the brands in detail and compared all the vital aspects. The portable solar power market is indeed lucky to have massive products from these brands, which are known for a number of high-quality products for a while.

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