Could you imagine of a hydroelectric power plant that goes in your pocket? Yes, you have read it right. Estream power generator from Enamod, a South Korean start-up, is a brilliant portable hydroelectric phone charger. Simply, it is a water turbine that rotates with the flow of water in a stream or any water channel and produces green energy. That way you get another outstanding solution for unlimited off-grid power.

Estream Power Generator

Running water is arguably the most reliable natural power source. As compared to solar or wind, water flow is there almost anytime. It charges the onboard battery of Estream power generator even during weak currents. Or drag it behind a canoe or kayak. Fine, it takes around 4.5 hours to fully charge the built-in 6.4Ah battery.

Well, after it gets fully charged, you can remove the unit that has its battery. And keep it with you to juice up your gadget. As you can see, its battery is capable to power a smartphone around three times and it goes well with Go Pros and tablets too. Stay tuned with us to know more about the Estream hydropower plant.

Estream Power Generator – Hydroelectric Phone Charger

Regarding specs, the Estream power generator is actually built with three key components; water turbine, power generator, and battery. As Estream floats in flowing water, its turbine rotates and, in the process, its built-in generator produces 2.5W – 5W of power. Its modular design is a wonder, moreover. You can turn it to a lantern and largely customize it to use for various applications, thanks to its patented modular design.

Estream Power Generator Featuers

Interestingly, you can detach the part that sports its 6,400mAh battery. Hence you can easily take it with you to charge your gadgets anywhere, anytime. It has got a USB port to connect your device to. Moreover, the cover over the turbine, which you can fold up after use, acts as a lantern. Thus, after charging the gadget from water, you can place the cover and light up the lantern that also works underwater.

Coming to its build, it is made of high-quality ABS + polycarbonate to ensure durability in tough outdoor conditions. By the way, designed for portable use, it weighs just 800 grams. And its handy build adds much more to its compatibility for camping and other emergency uses. It comes in nomad blue and grey.

Estream Power Generator Review

What Makes it Special

Innovative Unlimited Off-Grid Power Generator

Needless to say, the idea behind Estream power generator is certainly innovative. To produce energy from water hasn’t been a smart and new thing. We are all familiar with large hydro-electric projects, but such a small hydropower plant is a brilliant concept. Going off-grid, it thus becomes a cool way to ensure power anytime.

Estream Power Generator Carrying Bag

Widely Available, Efficient Power Resource in the Wild

Water is the most efficient resource for power in the wild. Availability of the other two recommended options – solar and wind – depends on climate largely. Water is there in the wild anytime and its flow continues every moment. All you need to put an Estream power generator to a flowing stream and collect the energy required to boost your phone.

Highly Portable, Handy and Friendly Design for Campers

As noted above, Estream keeps an awesome design that makes it much friendly for outdoor use. You can easily carry it in your backpack or even pocket. And thanks to its modular design, you can customize and utilize maximum out of it. Even its turbine is foldable to the main unit, making it rather small for easy moving. And getting into an outing, you can move freely and enjoy unlimited green energy as you put it in water.

Estream Power Generator Flashlight

Price and Availability

The Estream power generator is actually available only for pre-order right now. As we know, its production is in the final stage after it was successfully funded on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo a while ago. Still, it is available for pre-order on these platforms. You can go here to get it for a price starting at $280. The Estream team looks to start shipping the final product sometime early next year.

Estream Power Generator in Stream

Final Thoughts

Of course, outstanding creativity enriches off-grid power market. This device is absolutely a typical example. In fact, we were actually familiar with only solar, wind and hand crank power chargers when it comes to off-grid power. Estream power generator is a brilliant concept. It gives you a more efficient off-grid charging solution anywhere. As compared to other sources, flowing water is certainly a great choice to make portable power.