Do you have a perfect lamp to light up flags in your house or workplace? Certainly, solar is the most reliable option for any outdoor lighting. Well, there are many flagpole solar powered lights with good brightness to light up your flags. It is not a good idea to use a grid power on your flagpole, especially when you have a variety of solar LED flagpole lights, even with automatic turn on/off functions.

Flagpole Solar Powered Lights

Flagpole Solar Powered Lights – 10 Best Flagpole Solar Lights

You have a large number of flagpole solar-powered lights on the market. Of course, it is a big task to find the best one from the crowd. However, different models tout different features, hence you can indeed find a fitting one from our list of the flagpole solar powered lights below. Stay tuned with us.

Typically, a solar-powered flagpole light works like any LED focus lamp. What you have more with it are a built-in solar cell and necessary mounting stuff. Yes, you can quickly mount an LED solar outdoor light on the flagpole with the included hardware. In terms of light, the included focus LED light clearly illuminates your flags.

Coming to specs,  you can simply guess what flagpole solar-powered lights will have. As noted above, first of all, you get it with a focus light with an integrated solar cell. Then, you have it with an LED focus light, internal battery and mounting hardware. Of course, solar panel, battery capacity, and light brightness depend on the product. We have a list of ten best flagpole solar powered lights here for you below.

1. Nature Power Solar Flagpole Light

| Link to Buy: Nature Power Solar Flagpole Light |

Nature Power flagpole solar LED light sports four super bright LEDs. They can run for 10 hours continuously on full recharge. Yes, you can charge its internal battery by daytime and light up your flag all the night. It is made of ABS plastic components and it has aluminum lamp heads to ensure weather resistance. The light provides up to 56 lumens. More amazingly you have it with light sensor for automatic function.

2. Maxsa Focused Solar LED Flag Light

| Link to Buy: Maxsa Focused Solar LED Flag Light |

Maxsa Innovations’ focused solar LED flag light is another cool pick in our list of the flagpole solar powered lights here. It is a 45-lumen LED light that can give your flag the respect it deserves with good lighting. The included battery can power up the light for around 12 hours on full recharge. Certainly, it is well-engineered with highly durable build and sealed lenses, making it fully waterproof and perfect for rough climates.

3. Alpha 180X Solar Flood Light

| Link to Buy: Alpha 180X Solar Flood Light |

It is a cool multi-purpose LED light with a design that enables flexible mounting. It also acts like an outdoor light and garden focus light apart from flagpole light. Well, it comes in two parts – solar and light – with u-brackets for easy mounting. Thanks to u-brackets, you can fix it anywhere regardless of pole size. You can set its brightness in three levels, high, normal and low for 230-60 lumen brightness. The onboard lithium battery, once with full charge, can power up the lighting for 6 to 12 hours, depending on its brightness.

4. PolePalUSA Commercial Solar Flag Light

| Link to Buy: PolePalUSA Commercial Solar Flag Light |

It is the first commercial solar flag light in our list of flagpole solar powered lights. It becomes different from above models with a high power solar cell and a big battery. Well, it sports a 3.7 volt 3600mAh battery and 6 volt 600mAh solar panel. Coming to lighting, it has eight ultra-bright 10mm LEDs that offer 280 LUX of adjustable light. Moreover, you have it built with metal, making it ideal for commercial applications. It fits any pole from 2 into 6 in. And it sits fine on any flat surface for garden or focus lighting.

5. Deneve Flagpole Light

| Link to Buy: Deneve Flagpole Light |

Deneve’s flagpole solar light is one of the best selling items of its kind. As of writing this, over 3000 customers have shared their comments about this on Of course, it indicates the popularity of the model. Fine, it comes with a cutting-edge sensor that perfectly controls its auto lighting. It offers 1300 lumens, which is around 5 times better than most of its rivaling products. And inside the light has a powerful 4500mA battery that can store quite enough energy to run it for around 18 hours.

6. Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light

| Link to Buy: Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light |

It is yet another state-of-the-art flagpole solar LED light to illuminate the American flag. Like the above model, it offers 5 times better illumination than regular lamps. It also sports a powerful 4500mA rechargeable battery for long life. And you have it with cutting-edge built-in sensors to automatically control lighting. In total, it can offer you 18 hours of light if fully charged.

7. OxyLED Flagpole Solar Light

| Link to Buy: Oxy Solar Flagpole Light |

OxyLED solar flagpole light is also a great option you can consider buying to light up your flag. Well, it touts 20 super bright LEDs with overall 1300 lumens. Built-in sensors help detect evening and morning to automatically control lighting. Inside the LED lamp it packs up a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that could offer lighting for around 18 hours if fully charged. Coming to solar, OxyLED device has six 6V solar cells to charge the battery.

8. Amir Solar Spotlight

| Link to Buy: Amir Solar Spotlight |

Of course, it is the cheapest in this list of flagpole solar powered lights. It is a 200-lumen 180° adjustable lamp with enhanced IP65 waterproof build. It is, in fact, a perfect outdoor spotlight that you can mount on ground or wall also with the included screws. Well, it sports an onboard 18650 lithium rechargeable battery (2200mAh) and with full charge it can light up your flag for 8 to 10 hours. It is also available in different colors, by the way.

9. MicroSolar Solar Flagpole Light

| Link to Buy: MicroSolar Solar Flagpole Light |

Flagpole solar LED lamp from MicroSolar comes in two pieces; solar and lamp. The lamp mounts 24 pieces of super-bright LEDs at 15-degree beam angle. It also has built-in sensors for automatic turn on/off. Onboard lithium battery can power it up for a full night. The solar cell is a 2W unit that comes with 16.4-feet cable.

10. Valley Forge Flag Pole Light

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It is the costliest and second commercial flagpole light in our list of the best flagpole solar powered lights. The Valley Forge light also acts like a garden or outdoor focus light when you remove its pole clamping assembly. Overall, it features eight ultra-bright 10mm LEDs that produce powerful 280 lux of adjustable light. Inside the light, it sports an advanced 3.7 volt 3600mah battery. And to juice it up, it has a 6 volt 600mAh solar panel.

Final Thoughts

Well, the U.S Flag Code suggests you put deserving illumination on the American flag at night. It is indeed the best time you should upgrade your flagpole light or buy a new one. We have included all types of flagpole solar lights in our list of the best selling flagpole solar powered lights. Hope it would help you find your favorite model. Let us know your thoughts about the product if you have one in the comments section, by the way.