Would you love a washing machine that needs no grid power? Wow! Here is a foot powered washing machine to make your off-the-grid washing amazingly easy. Branded as Yirego Drumi, it is a tiny, compact, and portable washing machine that is very easy to use and carry. Well, it consumes less water and works on the power from your foot. Drumi washing machine, thanks to its pint-sized design, is ideal for small places and moving.

Of course, weighing at 9 kg, it fits perfectly in small apartments, camping tents, off-grid cabins etc. Moreover, powered by a foot pedal, it goes easy on environment too. Well, Drumi team has been working on this since 2013. After successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Canada-based company is about to launch it widely. By the way, it amassed up a huge amount of $271,481 early 2016, which was over 200% of its goal.

Foot Powered Washing Machine

Yirego Drumi Foot Powered Washing Machine

Coming to specs, Drumi is a perfect portable washing machine for small loads. It can handle laundry of 5 lbs, i.e. 2.26 kg, which is certainly not a big volume. That said, in one load, you can only wash a pair of jeans or as many as 8 boxers. But it takes only 5 minutes to wash a load. Plus, Drumi consumes less water. Compared to traditional washers, this foot powered washing machine needs only a fraction of water.

What Makes it Special

Yirego Drumi

New Way of Doing Laundry

No doubt, it is a new way of doing laundry. With a small amount of water and no electricity, you can wash your clothes, though less in volume. Fine, it is a 100% sustainable solution that defies modern day washing machine concept. In short, Drumi is an ideal companion for all those who live off-grid. Just take a few minutes to clean your clothes with no expense at all.

Highly Portable Off-Grid Washing Machine

Its makers have designed the foot powered washing machine compact and short. That is why it goes smooth for use in small rooms, apartments, and outdoor applications. You can carry the washing machine anywhere and do your laundry whenever required. Yes, go anywhere with no worry about doing your laundry now.

Drumi Alternative Washing Machine

Fully-Equipped Small Washing Machine

Drumi is an outcome of long-year research. Its maker Yo Jiang, who was living in downtown Canada, identified scope for such a machine nearly five years back. Since then, he has been working with multiple prototypes to bring it into reality. Thus, it has turned out as a well-equipped portable washing machine with good features to clean your essential robes.

Highly Successful Crowdfunding

Above all, the Drumi project grabbed awesome response in its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. As noted above, Yirego put it on the crowdfund site in Jan. 2016. As a testimony to the popularity of its concept, many people backed the project to reach an amount of $271,481, which was exactly 209% of the goal. Hopefully, this crazy response could benefit the project much in its future sales.

Alternative Washing Machine

What you May not Like

It is too early to talk about the downsizes of the foot powered washing machine, because it is not yet on public sale. However, it is a very small washing machine that only supports clothes weighing 5 lbs. So it is not ideal for washing big volume of clothes. But its makers would rather like to market it is as a portable washing machine so that it could be a great pick for off-grid applications.

Where to Buy From

Well, Drumi is available for pre-order on its Indiegogo campaign page. You can buy an early model for $299. By the way, he company has entered into the mass production of the foot powered washing machine. Still it could ship the late orders by mid 2017 only. And public market launch may take more time.

Yirego Drumi Alternative Washing Machine

Final Words

Overall, Drumi foot powered washing machine is an amazing concept. We have come across a lot of machines that make use of alternative source of energy. It is for the first time a washing machine could hit headlines for working on green power. By the way, more than the thing of green energy, Drumi is a perfect off-grid product. Getting into a remote location for a stay, you would be worrying about washing clothes. Now you have a cool solution with this product, which could give you clean clothes in a few minutes.