Ready for emergency? Hopefully, you have included a weather alert radio in your survival kit. If not, go for this cool FRX3 Eton emergency radio, an American Red Cross NOAA AM/FM weather alert radio. Amazingly, it is up with a hand crank and solar cell to charge it at any situation. And moreover you have the Eton radio with built-in USB phone charger as well as LED flashlight.

FRX3 Eton Emergency Radio

American Red Cross encourages everybody to be ready for emergencies. Usually, people collect only off-grid chargers and generators for emergency preparedness kit. A NOAA weather alert radio is certainly unavoidable. Of course, this Eton radio gives you more confidence as it touts all what you want out in the wild.

FRX3 Eton emergency radio is, in fact, a multi-function survival tool. Primarily, it is a weather radio. At the same time, you have it with USB charger and LED flashlight. What’s more, it features multiple charging options too. Yes, other than the off-grid options like solar and hand crank, it works on AC power and AAA batteries.

FRX3 Eton Emergency Radio – Hand-Crank and Solar

Specs wise, we need to mainly check radio features of FRX3 Eton emergency radio. As you see, it is a NOAA AM/FM digital radio that can receive all seven NOAA Canada weather bands, apart from AM and FM channels. As you turn on its “Alert” function, it automatically broadcasts all weather updates and alerts for your location.

Secondly, FRX3 Eton emergency radio sports built-in USB phone charger, LED flashlight and a red emergency beacon. Needless to say, these are very essential features any camper or hiker would require out in the wild. Usually, campers keep separate USB phone chargers and off-grid LED flashlights. But if you have this Eton emergency radio, you can charge your phone and light up your ways without carrying extra devices.

Most importantly, the Eton emergency radio has two off-grid charging options. Well, you have it integrated with hand turbine and small solar cell apart from AC power and AAA batteries. Design wise, it has a very handy design and its size is so small at 6.9 x 5.8 x 2.6 inches. Surprisingly, it weighs just 1.3 pounds making it really an ideal pick to add in your emergency preparedness kit or carry as a camping companion.

What Makes it Special

Perfect Emergency Weather Radio with AM and FM

FRX3 Eton emergency radio is perfect as a weather radio. Along with all seven NOAA bands, it brings you all local AM and FM stations. Most customers have testified its reception as excellent. Moreover, its sound quality is also fine. You can clearly listen to the voice even in noisy conditions. Above all, it comes with AUX-input, letting you play external MP3 player to enjoy your personal music.

Emergency USB Phone Charger + LED Flashlight + Beacon

For a camper, it would be a great extra feature of FRX3 Eton emergency radio. Along with being an emergency radio, it integrates a host of features that make you more equipped and prepared for emergency outdoors. Well, it comes up with an emergency USB phone charger, an LED flashlight and a red emergency beacon light. Overall, getting this Eton radio in your survival kit, you are free to make outings with no worry.

Multiple Off-Grid Charging Options – Hand Crank + Solar

Well, as you know, you have got two off-grid charging options for the Eton emergency radio. First of all, it has a built-in hand crank that the company claims as requiring 90 seconds of cranking to produce enough power to run the radio for 5 to 7 minutes. Coming to solar, you need 10-hour exposure to sunshine to charge its NiMH battery fully. Plus, you can charge the radio via USB cable from computer or you can use AAA batteries in it.

What you May not Like

FRX3 Eton emergency radio is actually a basic gadget when it comes to its hand crank and solar charging options. You can’t expect magic with its off-grid charging facilities. For solar, it takes several hours to fully charge the battery and for hand crank, it is not much practical to crank it all the time around to produce little bit of energy. Many customers have raised concerns over its slow charging off-grid powering options.

What Customers Think

Regarding customer feedback, FRX3 Eton emergency radio is doing well. It has got around 1000 comments on Amazon as of writing this, thanks to massive popularity of the model among its rivals. Well, out of the reviews, only around 100 talk about its shortfalls. Most of them are complaints about its slow charging speed via off-grid ways. That is, in fact, natural as it has only minimal facilities to charge via solar and hand crank.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, FRX3 Eton emergency radio is one of the best selling models of its kind. As you know, it is a cool multi-function, multi-chargeable emergency radio with all what you want out in the wild. Perhaps, its solar and hand crank functions can’t make a lot of energy in a faster pace, but concept behind this Eton radio is surely awesome. You get a reliable option outdoors to stay safe and keep your gadgets charged all the time around.