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Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase: Goal Zero Boulder 100 Vs Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Chargers

We have many companies that offer quality briefcase-style portable solar panels. If you are looking at buying one, the Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase series is indeed a good option. Well, Boulder is actually a series of highly reliable and efficient portable solar panels that appear in two Briefcase and as many single-piece panels.

As you see, Boulder solar panels are conventional glass-and-metal units. However, made of highly efficient mono solar cells, they guarantee you a higher conversion rate and efficiency. By the way, for the folding solar chargers, Goal Zero has another series under the branding, Nomad.

When it comes to solar briefcases, all leading brands in the industry like Renogy, AcoPower, Jackery, and Suaoki have their own models. But Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers are certainly unique with their premium design, highly reliable performance, and award-winning customer service, above all.

Compared to their competitors, Boulder Briefcases highlight many impressive features. They, in accordance with, are a bit pricier, though. Anyway, we would like to explore both the variants of the Boulder Briefcase below. Also, you can see how they differ from their single-piece regular Boulder solar panel variants.

Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase Solar Chargers

As you know, Boulder is Goal Zero’s award-winning line-up of metal-and-glass solar chargers that are exclusively made for its Yeti power stations. Goal Zero added the briefcase-style variants to the series back in 2017 with its upgraded Yeti lithium power stations.

Currently, we have two briefcase solar chargers in the Boulder line-up; Boulder 100 Briefcase and Boulder 200 Briefcase. In addition, it has two single-piece panels; Boulder 50 and Boulder 100. Evidently, the earlier foldable briefcase versions are ideal for portability and they can deliver 100W and 200W respectively.

Though made for Goal Zero Yetis, you can also use Boulder for other power stations and off-grid power systems, as well. Anyway, here is our take on Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers and a simple comparison of the units. Also, we would like to have a sneak peek at the brand’s top-seller Nomad folding solar chargers.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase

We would like to start with the brand’s entry-level 100-watt briefcase solar panel. It is a foldable two-layered solar panel made of highly efficient mono solar cells. You have it equipped with all typical features of a solar suitcase, including kickstands, a carrying handle, strengthened corners, and more.

In other words, Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase is actually a pair of the brand’s Boulder 50 solar panels hinged together. Thus, it comes out to be rather small and compact for easy transportation and handling. Check out the link below to order a unit of the Goal Zero Boulder 100 BC from Amazon.com.

The Boulder is built with strong, anodized aluminum, and tempered glass. These materials indeed help make it a durable piece of suitcase solar panel that you can use in ideal outdoor conditions. You can fix it right anywhere quickly and enjoy access to unlimited solar power by connecting it to power stations or off-grid power systems.

This model actually falls in a common category. That is, every solar brand, including Renogy, Suaoki, AcoPower,  Eco-Worthy have their own alternatives for this model. Most of the brands offer the 100W solar suitcases in their bundles of solar generator kits or any other off-grid power systems.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase

When it comes to Boulder 200 Briefcase, it is simply the larger variant of the above one. With an output of 200W, it is also the biggest solar panel from Goal Zero. As you see, it is made of a pair of Boulder 100 single-piece solar panels chained together with the required hinges, a strong frame, and corner safety measures.

Well, the included latches and carrying handle make it a durable and strong solar panel. You can place it easily on its kickstands and connect it to your power station for faster charging. Thanks to high output, it is recommended for larger power stations, typically starting from Yeti 1000X. Check out the link below to order a unit of it.

Like its younger sibling, Boulder 200 BC also features the materials like rigid, durable, and anodized aluminum as well as tempered glass. The corners are well-protected with strong caps and kickstands also feature high-quality metal frames. The panel is, thus, perfect for camping, emergency, and other off-grid applications.

If you want more solar output, you can use multiple pieces of the Boulder solar panel. The main advantage of the foldable solar panel is absolutely its ultra-portable design. As you can fold it down to a suitcase-like profile after use, you can simply carry the 200W high-capacity solar panel right anywhere.

Boulder 100 Briefcase Vs Boulder 200 Briefcase

There are not many differences between these two foldable solar chargers. Except for their total capacities, they are both the same products with top-notch mono solar cells and a higher solar conversation rate.

The first one is a 100W solar charger, while the second one is a 200W one. Both are good choices for your power stations and power systems, but the larger one can obviously produce more solar output.

Anyway, as stated above, the most lovely thing about both the Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers is their impressive foldable profile. Coming in the form of a suitcase, you can quickly fold them down to easy-to-move suitcases and carry them on their strong handles.

Meanwhile, when in use, you can place the panels upright on their built-in kickstands. You need to just pull up the kickstands and position the panels anywhere where, you think, you will get good exposure to the sun. That is the way you can utilize the solar panels to power up your backup systems in a few hours.

Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers

Why Should You Buy

High-Powered Portable Solar Chargers

Of course, not many brands offer high-powered solar chargers with this much portability and compactness. So both the Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers are perfect solutions for your off-grid living or emergency situation. Once folded down, these two are compact and easy-to-carry suitcase solar chargers. Therefore, you can easily power up your large power backups from the sunlight in a few hours.

Highly Durable and Waterproof Solar Chargers

Obviously, solar chargers for off-grid and emergency uses must be highly durable and waterproof. In this regard, both the Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers are ideal choices for a user. Built with lightweight aluminum and durable tempered glass, you get pretty much outdoor-friendly solar chargers. Further, you get strong latches and a handle for easy carrying. The included reinforced corner brackets also add to the durability.

Detachable Kickstands and Carrying Cases

The Goal Zero briefcase solar chargers come up with easily adjustable kickstands that are detachable. So it is a breeze to move and store them after use. By the way, by further adding to their portability, Goal Zero offers handy carrying cases for the chargers. Thus, you can safely and securely keep them on your explorations into the wild.

Perfect for Bigger Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations

Absolutely, these Boulder solar chargers are the best choices for your Goal Zero Yeti power stations. Whether it is the new lithium or old lead-acid Yeti power station, you can use any of the Boulder Briefcase to recharge it quite faster and efficiently, thanks to the high conversion mono solar cells they are made of.

If you want more solar output for faster charging, you can chain together multiple units. So, it is nice to get these ultra-portable solar chargers with your portable power stations for anywhere use. They are lightweight, compact, and durable to make them ideal for increased portable applications.

Chainable and Available in Multiple Options

Yes, these are other great things with the Boulder series. As you get them in two variants – 100W and 200W, you are lucky enough to set up a larger solar array by chaining them together. Also, as they are available in two power options, you can choose the right one as per your budget and needs.

Goal Zero Boulder Regular Solar Panels

Besides the above Boulder briefcase solar chargers, the Boulder series is available in two mountable panels, as well. As stated above, they are 50W and 100W regular single-piece solar panels with the same mono solar cells, higher conversion efficiency, and durable build.

But as you see, they are rather meant for mountable use than portable and mobile use. Well, though designed for stationary and mountable use, these models also feature integrated kickstands so you can quickly position them right anywhere. Check out the link for buying both the 50W and 100W models.

Yes, compared to Boulder briefcases, these models are not quite portable, indeed. It is simply because they are not foldable like suitcases, but they are still good options for charging Yeti power stations. So, if you are looking at buying mountable panels for your cabin, RV, camper, or home, they will be the right picks.

When it comes to the Boulder briefcase chargers, you can handily take them anywhere on the go. Even when you are out in the wild in your RV, you can carry it to a distance and place it somewhere you get better sunlight.

Goal Zero Nomad Solar Chargers

Apart from the two line-ups of glass-and-metal Boulder solar chargers, Goal Zero features a collection of Nomad folding solar chargers. Available in a variety of power options, the Nomad solar chargers will smoothly fit in your backpacks or panniers to guarantee you unlimited off-grid power anywhere in the wild.

These are actually the very common semi-flexible solar chargers. They have folding designs so that you can fold their solar arrays down after use and they will take up small rooms only for storage. Fine, in whatever power options they are available, they are known for their increased portability and lightweight profiles.

As said above, Goal Zero Nomad is available in many variants, ranging from a 5W basic one to a 200W large one. In between, you get very popular 20W, 50W, and 100W variants with attractive portability features, for sure. Check out the link below to check out the 100W variant.

Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Charger

The small Nomad chargers are meant for charging the brand’s small power stations like Sherpa and Venture. At the same time, they are also ideal for charging your phones and gadgets directly under the sun, thanks to their built-in USB ports. Of course, most Nomad solar chargers have at least one USB port integrated.

By the way, the larger Nomad solar chargers are ultra-portable solutions for recharging your powerful Yeti power stations, too. As you see, made of polymer and other flexible materials, they are quite brilliant choices for regular travelers and movers.

Thanks to their availability in different power options, you will surely be lucky enough to get a perfect model that suits your power stations and devices.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Goal Zero Boulder Briefcase solar chargers. Well, if you are looking at buying a high-powered foldable solar charger for your Yeti or other power stations, the Boulder series is the right option.

Along with enhanced output, the Boulder series offers you great portability and durability. Made of premium materials, you are really lucky to get the best of the best in the market of suitcase solar chargers.

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