Here is a massive solar power station. Goal Zero Yeti 3000 lithium. This is the last model of the brand’s lithium-based Yeti series. As you know, the series includes other models like Yeti 400 Lithium, Yeti 1000 Lithium, and Yeti 1400 Lithium. Therefore, you get a 3075Wh colossal solar power station. Certainly, with such a big output, it comes out to be an ideal pick for home or worksite power uses, though it is a portable one. In our Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review, we explore all the features and specs of the huge Yeti machine.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Review

Are you looking to buy a high-powered solar generator? No doubt, Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is apparently the finest choice if you are looking for quality and performance. Coming from Goal Zero, this machine could offer you a host of marvelous features, for sure. Without a solar charger, Yeti 3000 like all its lower models, is just a power station only. You can charge from a wall outlet or a carport and use the storage purpose only.

Meanwhile, Yeti 3000 becomes a massive solar generator with a solar panel. Goal Zero itself offers you a range of solar chargers in its Nomad and Boulder series. The powerful and more reliable Boulder series would be the best way to charge a Yeti 3000 from the sunlight. However, it is certainly slower to charge the device from the sunlight when compared to that of a wall outlet. Well, it would be nice that you could keep a Yeti 3000 with full of power from your wall socket and top it up from the sun in case of an emergency.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Review – All to Know About

Yeti 3000 is certainly a superb solar alternative to a gasoline power generator. Along with a unit of Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase, Yeti 3000 is definitely the most powerful solar power station out there. With a massive 3075Wh of power storage, it could run a range of your appliances and handsets easily. See, it comes with 10 high-powered outputs, which include a pair of 120V sockets.

Fine, the included inverter is a 1500W pure sine wave unit that could surge over 3000 watts. That is, you won’t feel any trouble in running some of your high-power appliances. Another great attraction of the device is the included Wi-Fi connectivity like its younger sibling Yeti 1400. It makes sure that you can sync the power station with your handset via Yeti App. Thus, you can monitor the whole function of Yeti from anywhere anytime.

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Coming to the output ports, it has a number of options other than the AC sockets. See, it notably highlights a USB A, USB C, USB PD, a 5V 6mm port, a 12V carport, and a 12V Power Pole port. That is the way you can rely on the machine to charge and run a variety of your gadgets.

Of course, Yeti 3000 lithium is a bit larger in size. It has got a size of 10.1 x 15.3 x 13.1 in being such a massive power station. It weighs around 70 lbs, meanwhile, the included cart itself has a weight of 8.9 lbs. Though a bit bulkier and larger in size, you can easily carry it along on the cart. That makes it again a surprising offer for the campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to easily power up their off-grid life anywhere.

Compatible Solar Charger

Next, on our Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review, we would like to see the most compatible solar charger for the device. As you see, all the solar panels work with Yeti 3000 as they do with all other variants in the line. But with such a bigger battery inside, you should preferably go for the most powerful one. As put it above, that is Goal Zero’s Boulder 200 Briefcase. Clearly, it is a pair of 100W Boulder panels hinged together to offer double productivity.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 BC

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As you know, Boulder 200 Briefcase is the top-ender of the Boulder series. Made with rigid, aluminum and tempered glass, this offers you better durability and efficiency. The lovely thing about the solar panel is its capability for folding after the use. Well, you can just fold it down like a briefcase and take anywhere hassle-free. At the same, with a big output of 200 watts, you can charge your Yeti 3000 at a faster pace, of course.

Why Should You Buy

On our Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review below, we check out the reasons why you should buy this. There are several reasons why you should go for this massive product instead of its lower-end models or other brands. First off, this huge product is made for the power requirements in a camping tent, trailer, RV, or a worksite, which is far away from the grid connectivity. Let us explore all the things in detail below.

1. Most Powerful Solar Power Station

Absolutely, it is the most powerful solar power station in a full-fledged form factor. We have a few other home-based solar power stations, but they are not featuring a perfect design and finishing like the Goal Zero flagship model. Though there are only a few customers who look for such bigger solar power stations, this is a really an outstanding solution for long period campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Certainly, apart from its leisure purposes, you can also employ a unit of Yeti 3000 in your worksite or other industrial applications.

2. Powering Bigger Appliances

It is the only solar power station you could largely rely on to power up your bigger appliances. All other solar-based power stations could only run big appliances for a short period. Meanwhile, Yeti 3000 could run a range of your machines for a longer time. As per Goal Zero, it could run a mini fridge for around 50 hours, a lap for around 60 recharges, a 32 LCD TV for around 30 hours, and etc. That means Yeti 3000 appears to be a perfect emergency power solution for your apartment or a remote cabin.

3. Advanced Solar Power Station

Coming with Wi-Fi connectivity and a compatible mobile app, it is really an advanced solar power station. You can connect the device with your cell phone via the Yeti app. It opens a horizon of new possibilities for a user. Fine, you can fully control your power station from anywhere. Apart from just reading mere battery status, you can even turn on and off all the output ports and monitor the power in and out from the palm of your hand.

4. Highly Secure Lithium Battery

Inside Yeti 3000, there is a highly-secure and state-of-the-art lithium battery. Goal Zero has used high quality 18650 lithium cells that offer enhanced stability and security. Further, the battery pack comes in a watertight enclosure with perfect sealing. Also, it features an excellent cooling system to manage the temperature inside the power station. Overall, what you get is a highly secure and stable solar power station.

5. Ideal Emergency Power Backup

Needless to say, Yeti 3000 like all its other variants is a wonderful emergency power source. As it could store a big amount of power, you can use it to run almost all your emergency household appliances. That is, in case of an emergency, you and your family could timely contact the rescue team and prepare the basic meals with no worry. With the solar charger, you could top it up from the sun during the day and make your life safe.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

Our Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review also looks into some reasons why it is not a product for some of you. Yes, as said above, it is a bulky and oversized solar power station. So, it is of no use for an individual camper or hiker. You can ideally use it in your RV, camper, trailer, remote cabin, or an apartment. Its moving is not easy though it comes up with a cart. You will have to transport in a vehicle from one spot to the other.

Final Thoughts

That has been our Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review. This huge power station with a nice solar charger is a fabulous way you can make use of solar energy at the best. In an outdoor event, a unit of Yeti 300 would let you have an opportunity to run all your essential gadgets and appliances with no trouble. At the same time, it comes out to be a great emergency power source as well. With a fully-charged Yeti 3000 in your garage, you can face off any emergency with no worry. It would power all your essential devices and secure you from the calamities.

Hope you have enjoyed Goal Zero Yeti 3000 review. Share your thought about the products in the comments.