What about a portable solar generator for your off-grid power needs? With a suitable solar charger, a portable power generator is indeed a cool solution for alternative energy. Here we would like to introduce you to Goal Zero Yeti lithium 1000 with Boulder 100 Briefcase solar charger. For an affordable price, you get a brilliant off-grid solar kit. That would come a great help for you during an emergency or an off-grid situation.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000

Yeti 1000 is part of the new series of Yeti lithium. However, it was not on sale on Amazon or other retail sites as Goal Zero made it exclusively for Costco. But as of writing this, Goal Zero has put it on sale on Amazon also. Being an Amazon affiliate, we would like to recommend this product for you here. Make sure you buy Yeti 1000 with a compatible solar charger. What we recommend here is Goal Zero’s own Boulder 100 Briefcase, which, as it name suggests, is a briefcase-style folding solar panel with 100W capacity.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000 with Boulder 100 Briefcase

As of now, we don’t have a kit of Yeti lithium 1000 and Boulder 100 Briefcase on Amazon. You should buy the items separately respectively for $1300 and $239. Hopefully, Goal Zero will soon be availing a kit of the items with a discount in total amount. Goal Zero has recently listed a variety of its different products on Amazon. If you would like to buy a lead acid-based Yeti 1250 you could already find a kit with Boulder 100 out there.

Whatever it is, to make your own DIY off-grid solar power station, these two items (Yeti 1000 and Boulder 100) are a perfect combination. It is simply because what you get are largely portable units. Well, Yeti lithium 100 is more lightweight and portable-friendly than its top-end model Yeti 1400. What’s more, coming to Boulder 100, you could fold it down to a small unit and keep in the included carrying case for easy moving.

What Makes it Worth Buying

Lithium Battery, Lightweight, Affordable

You might be thinking of buying a lithium variant of Yeti for two reasons mainly; light design and longer life. Of course, though a bit late Goal Zero has done a good job by launching a line of lithium machines. Certainly, Goal Zero Yeti lithium 1000 is well-placed between the lower-end Yeti 400 Lithium and flagship Yeti 1400.

What you get is a 1045Wh power station that could offer continuous 1500W and 3000W at peak. Overall, 7.5-lbs machine is very lightweight and ideally capable to meet all your off-grid power needs. Finally, it comes for an affordable price, making it a perfect pick for strict-budget customers as well.

Powerful, Perfect for Camping, Emergency

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000 is indeed a powerful machine. It luckily falls in a segment where you don’t have many alternatives. That is why you could see it as a perfect partner for both camping and emergency. Likewise, you could keep it in your remote cabin or work site to ensure enough power for running power tools, laptops, ovens, or CPAPs, or other gadgets.

Amazingly, it could run as many as seven devices at a time, thanks to a range of output ports. Excited to know about its battery capacity? Well, it could store 96.8Ah power to charge 10.8V devices and 290.4Ah power to run small 3.6V gizmos. That said, you could perfectly run all your camping gadgets and other essential appliances.

Briefcase-Style Solar Charger

Above all, you might love Boulder 100 Briefcase solar charger. It is one of the recently launched, renovated Boulder solar panels. Do you know that Boulder 100 Briefcase is actually a combination of a pair of Boulder 50 panels? Interestingly, Goal Zero has put it together with a set of hinges, a latch, and a handle so that you could easily fold it down and convert to a cool portable power unit.

You could take it in a carrying case wherever you go and quickly place it on its built-in kickstands for temporary mounting. Have a look at the above pic to see both briefcase and kickstand-mounted use of the solar panel. Don’t worry you could also mount it permanently on your roof or RV. Well, with an output of 100W, it certainly happens to be a nice piece of solar charger for Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000.

What you May not Like

First, it doesn’t come in a kit. You should buy Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000 and Boulder 100 separately. Also, as an off-grid power solution, it is not a highly powerful one to fully run your home. It is more nice as a camping or emergency power solution, where you could get the power to survive on. Under a bright sun, Yeti 1000 could harvest sufficient energy to live up your essential camping and emergency electronics.

Final Thoughts

Are you in search for a camping-friendly off-grid solar solution? Don’t spend more time by searching for it. You might go happy with Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000, which would work quite awesome with Boulder 100. Sure, you could buy any other solar panel or use an existing panel. But Boulder 100 Briefcase makes your outdoor life more exciting as you could carry it with less hassle. Hope you have enjoyed my writing on the new Yeti 1000 and share your thoughts about the product in the comments section below.