With the release of Yeti 3000, Goal Zero has all its new lithium Yeti series on the table. Well, the series superbly replaces the old lead-acid Yeti portable power stations. What you get in addition from the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium line will certainly excite you if you are an outdoor enthusiast. Of course, you get long battery life; more charging cycles; more lightweight, and stylish power stations. Stay tuned with us to know more of the series.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Power Stations

In fact, the early series of Yeti has only three models; Yeti 150, Yeti 400, and Yeti 1250. Goal Zero has replaced this line with four more powerful machines while cutting the low-end one. Yes, the new Yeti lithium line starts with Yeti 400 Lithium. Then, you have two powerful Yeti 1000 and Yeti 1400 models. These models along with the still-on-market Yeti 1250 are part of the large solar generator segment. Here comes the massive Yeti 3000 opening up a new power level for the Yeti series. Also, it has explored a high-capacity solar generator market.

Entry-Level: Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium

It is the entry-level model to the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium series. Though it replaces the medium variant of former Yeti series, it is the low-end model in the new line. But the great thing is the new Yeti 400 weighs just half of its predecessor. That might be a big advantage for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Along with a decently powerful solar charger, it could meet all your portable power needs. Sure, you could run a variety of gadgets and appliances like laptops, tablets, phone, lights, and essential medical and emergency devices. Excited to know what the new Yeti 400 has under the hoods? Here it comes. You have the machine with a total output of 428 watt-hours, which is slightly higher than its former variant.

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But what is outstanding with the new model is indeed its rather powerful 39.6Ah lithium battery at 10.8V. What’s more, you could replace its battery making it another notable advantage that campers would fall in love with. And needless to mention, Yeti 400 Lithium is very lightweight and handy for portable use anywhere.

Mid-Variant: Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium

Simply, it is the new mid variant of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium series. It was not actually part of the line for public market initially. Goal Zero designed this machine exclusively for Costco. But it is now available on different retail sites like Amazon. Goal Zero looks to have ended its exclusivity, giving outdoor enthusiasts a chance to buy the machine from various sites. We have more details of the powerful power station below.  

Whatever, it is a beast in terms of power and handy in terms of portability. With an output of 1045 watt-hours and 96.8Ah battery at 10.8V, it comes out be a big competitor to many models in the segment. Once you use it with proper solar charger, it could surely do magic during your outdoor life. As you see, there is nothing special with Yeti 1000 when it comes to design and other basic things. Like all Goal Zero Yeti models, it packs all what you essentially need for outdoor uses.

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You could charge a variety of gadgets and appliances thanks to its multiple ports like USBs, a pair of 12V ports, and as many as AC sockets. Indeed, you would love to see what it weighs. Yes, the big solar generator just weighs 40 lbs, which is way lighter than the former flagship model, Yeti 1250.

Flagship Variant: Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium

It is Goal Zero’s representative in the growing heavy-duty solar generator market. As you see, it is a massive machine with a capacity of 1425Wh and 132Ah battery at 10.8V. Obviously, with its power, it could come to be a good partner for all your off-grid and emergency needs. Also, you could use the giant machine in industrial applications also.

With no worry, you could run bigger appliances like power tools, fridges, ovens, lights, etc. Would you want to own this huge portable solar generator?  Then, is it is the best time get this massive solar-based power station. Use the link below to order a unit of the device from Amazon (affiliate link).

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So far it is now one of the best-selling machines in Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar generator series. If you have it with a decently powerful solar charger like Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase you could easily manage to get maximum power from sunlight. Thus, you could go green to run a wide range of your appliances in the wild or during an emergency. What’s more, you could also use this machine as a power back-up in your home so that if the power blacks out unexpectedly, you could stay connected and powered.

Massive Variant: Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium

Here comes the colossus of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium line. Amazingly, this heavy-duty 3075Wh Yeti 3000 Lithium could do a wonderful job as an off-grid solar power solution. With a pair of Boulder 100 Briefcases or a unit of Boulder 200 Briefcase, Yeti 3000 would come out to be a great option for you to rely on alternative energy.
Of course, you could live on portable energy for several days with the high-capacity machine that, as noted above, has really explored a new level of power. Again, Goal Zero has followed its typical color and design pattern for this gigantic version of Yeti. Use the link below to buy a unit of the Yeti 3000.

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Naturally, it packs up a massive 280.8Ah lithium battery at 10.95V. And you have USB ports, 12V cart ports, and AC sockets to connect a variety of your gadgets and appliances to the power source. More amazingly, it still doesn’t weigh as much as Goal Zero’s earlier flagship, Yeti 1250. That is, the new Yeti 3000 Lithium with 31 kg is very much friendly for portable and emergency use even if it is capable to offer high power.

Final Thoughts

Surely, an outdoor enthusiast will go excited to have a look at Goal Zero Yeti Lithium series. Yes, it is time you could try a Goal Zero Yeti now. It has integrated all advanced technologies into its new series of Yeti. First, it includes the lithium-supported lightweight designs. The second most important thing with the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium line is its handy and portable designs. Also, it keeps stylish looks so that you could take them anywhere with pride. You get enough power in the wild with these stylish solar generators.