GoSun Flow Water Purifier: Solar-Based Water Purifier, Portable Hand Washer, and Shower

Advanced technologies of the day certainly make it easy to blend multiple functions to a single gadget. Meet the GoSun Flow water purifier. It is basically a solar water purifier, but it stunningly incorporates a range of additional functions. They notably include a handwash station, an outdoor shower, and an emergency power bank.

GoSun Flow is a small and handy device. It will perfectly fit into your backpack. Instead of the hand-pump water filters, it purifies water by power, provided by the included solar panel. Well, GoSun Flow is capable of purifying 99.99% of pathogens from the water in a matter of time with no effort, at all.

Along with being a source for clean drinking water, it can also function as a hand sanitation station, hot shower, and a battery power bank. Obviously, to turn it into a handwashing station and shower, you need to equip it with extra accessories from GoSun. Overall, you get a single device to meet several essential needs in the wild.

GoSun Flow Ready to Use Water Filter

GoSun Flow Water Purifier

Basically, GoSun Flow is a USB-powered water purifier. It comes up with a USB pump that pushes water into the included water filter. Fine, to run the pump, you have it with an 18.5Wh power bank, which gets charged by the solar panel. On the go, you can even use your phone to run the pump, thanks to a USB OTG adapter.

The filter is a unique three-stage model that can eradicate 99.99% of pathogens, including viruses. It works on a powerful electropositive charge produced by the nano alumina fibers. The filter doesn’t even require a backwash. However, it can clean one liter of water in a minute, and the filter will last until cleaning up to 1000 liters.

GoSun Flow Water Filter

The great thing with the GoSun Flow water purifier is its adaptability. As a whole, it can meet your drinking water needs. In the meantime, you can use the filter alone to purify water right from the source and drink like a straw.

At the same time, the pump can do multiple tasks for you along with the additional accessories – a portable sink and a shower. They enable you to use the pump to bring water to the sink for cleaning hands and set up a shower right anywhere in the wild for a shower.

Added with the company’s famous solar oven, you can even set up an ideal kitchen and shower room off-the-grid. The brand certainly offers all these products in bundles and separately for the users to choose from.

Key Features

  • Ultra-Portable USB-Based Water Purifier.
  • Multi-Functional Outdoor Survival Gadget.
  • Perfect Outdoor Purifier with Great Adaptability.
  • Built-in Solar Panel to Power the Filter.
  • 3-Stage Filter Capable of Filtering 99.99% Pathogens.
  • USB Water Pump to Push Water to the Filter.
  • 18.5Wh Power Bank to Store Solar Power.
  • Accessories like Portable Sink and Shower.
  • Water Pump Suitable for the Sink and Shower.

GoSun Flow Water Purifier and Hand Wash Basin

The Project and Availablity

As you see, the water purifier is from GoSun, a major player in the fuel-free frontier. GoSun launched this project on Indiegogo for crowdfunding as its seventh campaign. Of course, the project has so far made a huge success with around 1200 backers and a collection of nearly 4 million USD.

The brand would like to start shipping the product to the supporters by August 2020. Sooner, it will be available for regular customers. We will be updating its buying links below once available. When it comes to the price, an early bird price of the GoSun Flow water purifier bundle is $149.

The basic bundle only includes the items for water purification; filter, USB pump, power bank, hose, and a carrying case with the built-in solar panel. By the way, you get the handy GoSun water purifier in a variety of bundles with different accessories, such as portable sink, shower, solar oven, and more.

GoSun Flow Water Purifier and Handwash Station

Final Thoughts

As an off-grid solution, the GoSun Flow water purifier is certainly an incredible product. Apart from being a mere water filter, it opens up an immense possibility in front of a camper and an outdoor enthusiast. You can make it into the wild to meet several essential needs; purified water, a portable sink, shower, and portable power.

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