Looking for a large off-grid solar system for your remote cabin or home? Renogy, a key maker of portable solar panels, has a series of heavy-duty off-grid power solutions for you. Yes, as you see, this large off-grid solar line from Renogy is for permanent mounting, not for portable use. They come with everything required for an off-grid solar system except the batteries, power inverter and mounting accessories.

As you can read from the title, this line of solar solutions comes in three variants; 1000W, 2000W and 3000W. What they all commonly feature are a number of 250W solar panels, an MPPT charge controller, a combiner box, breakers and MC4 adapter kits. As put it above, what else you need to add to it to set up a full-fledged off-grid solar system are batteries, inverter and other mounting accessories only.

Each large off-grid solar system in the series has different count of solar panels. Well, the included solar panel is basically a 250W unit. Hence, you get four solar panels with the first kit, eight panels with the second kit and 12 panels with the top-end model. Thus each kit reaches to its offered total output. Accordingly, you get the kits with the required number of  adapter kits and breakers. We have more details below. Stay with us.

Renogy Large Off-grid Solar System – 1000W, 2000W and 3000W Solar Kits

Large Off-grid Solar System

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Coming to specs, indeed we need to analyze each component of the large off-grid solar system line. First of all, you get it with Renogy’s highly efficient monocrystalline solar panels that offer around 15.4% per module. Well, the panels are very strong and durable. They can endure high winds and snow loads, respectively 2400Pa and 5400Pa. That means you can simply mount them anywhere with no concern over tough climatic conditions.

Meanwhile, with the Renogy solar kit comes MidNite Solar’s state-of-the-art Classic Charge controller. It is the next gen of MPPT charge controller that touts a pack of advanced features. Well, it offers 150 VDC output and is capable to accommodate high voltage solar panels. What’s more, you can add multiple charge controllers to the system, thus offering you a chance for expansion. (Below have a look at the important parts of the kit).

Large Off-grid Solar System Accessories

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For increased security, Renogy large off-grid solar system variants come with enough number of breakers also. Well, the included breaker is MidNite’s MNEDC Quad box that acts as an inverter and PV disconnect. Each unit of the breaker can lodge four PV panels. Plus, it packs MidNite’s MNPV-6-250 waterproof combiner box to deal high voltage to charge controllers. Above all, each variant has enough number of 40ft MC4 adaptor kits.

What Makes it Special

Ready-to-Use Large Off-grid Solar System

Of course, this Renogy off-grid solar system is a rare highly powerful pick. You don’t have a lot of similar solar-based off-grid power options on market. Amazingly, it has everything required to set up a large off-grid solar system save for battery and inverters. Moreover, it is also ready to use kit of solar solutions. You just need to put together all the components and connect to a battery pack. Have a look at the below diagram.

Large Off-grid Solar System 1000W Diagram

Multiple Variants with Highly Powerful Options

We have come across many 1000W off-grid solar power systems. Even 1000W portable solar generators are there on market. But you have this Renogy large off-grid solar system in two higher options also; 2000W and 3000W. Certainly, the top-tier models are quite enough to power up even a complete home, depending on your rate of consumption, though. Overall, with the solar kit, you have multiple output options to meet the requirements of all types of customers out there.

Perfect for Remote Homes and Outdoor Events

This off-grid solar power kit line is indeed ideal for remote homes and any other locations where you get good sunshine. One thing is it is for permanent fixing, not for portable use. Hence, you can easily use it wherever you can mount the system. Plus, it leaves good options for future expansions. Fine, you can add more solar panels, more breakers and other required components to increase productivity.

Large Off-grid Solar System 1000W and 3000W

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What you May not Like

It looks this large off-grid solar system series is just new on Amazon. It has no customer reviews on the retail website as of writing this. That doesn’t mean you have something to worry about the quality of the product from Renogy. Moreover, the kit doesn’t contain battery, inverter and mounting accessories. You should buy them in addition to set up a complete off-grid solar power system in your home or anywhere else.

Large Off-grid Solar System 2000W Diagram

Final Thoughts

The Renogy large off-grid solar system line-up is meant for large-scale use. Well, it is a time people are largely looking to move to off-grid power options due to the looming shortage of traditional sources of energy. Of course, these types of off-grid solar kits would help you a lot of to find your favorite models. Each variant of the series is powerful enough to charge your batteries steady faster from sunlight. They all tout high quality and advanced components to make your off-grid life enjoyable.