Looking to buy an ideal off-grid solar power system for your RV, boat or home? The best option you can pick is a large-scale off-grid solar kit, which has everything except a battery bank. Well, this Eco-Worthy solar kit is a 1300W large unit that you can consider buying to juice up 24 volts battery packs. Amazingly, it can charge your power storages at an ideal daily output of 6KWh depending on the intensity of sunshine.

In fact, Eco-Worthy sells a big variety of large-scale off-grid solar kits. Of course, this model is one of the most powerful ones you can see on the market. Basically, you have this kit with eight 160W 18V mono solar panels with MC4 connectors. Plus, it touts a unit of 45A solar charger controller and one piece of 6-strong solar power combiner box. Simply, it means you need to have only a power bank with a battery over 120Ah to store solar energy from this massive solar power kit.

Moreover, the Eco-Worthy large-scale off-grid solar kit has all required accessories. To mount the panels, you have four Z mounting brackets and a pair 16 feet extension solar cable with MC4 connectors. By the way, the Eco-Worthy product is also very easy to set up. You can mount the panels anywhere and connect the system to a power bank to charge it from sun. Stay with us to know more about the off-grid solar kit below.

Large-scale Off-grid Solar Kit 1300 Watts – All to Know About

Large-scale Off-grid Solar Kit

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Coming to specs, the Eco-Worthy solar kit, as noted above, is a 1300W unit. Well, as you can see, eight high-efficiency silicon solar cells of 160W each form this huge solar kit. The included waterproof PV combiner box lets you manage all the solar panels. Plus, the solar charge controller with the kit is a 45 Amp PWM unit that has timer and light sensor so that you get awesome results. By the way, it has three pairs of 2 terminals; PV panels, battery and load. Below we have a guide on how to wire this large-scale off-grid solar kit.

How to Install Eco-Worthy 1300W Power Solar Kit

It is very easy to set up the off-grid solar kit. First of all, you need a power bank. You can use the existing one or buy new. First, mount the solar panels in a location where you get good sunlight. Then, connect the power bank or battery to the Solar ports of the included charge controller. Next plug in your load you might have to its Load ports. Then connect the PV panels to the combiner box. Finally, connect the solar array to the Solar ports of the controller. That is all. Please refer to the main picture to get a clear idea.

Large-scale Off-grid Solar Kit 160W Solar Panel

What Makes it Special

Highly Powerful Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

Yes, it is a highly powerful and reliable solar off-grid kit for your RVs, boats, tents, homes and caravans. If you need constant power from alternative sources, you should find a solution that is quite powerful to charge all your essential appliances and gadgets. This Eco-Worthy large-scale off-grid solar kit is indeed a good pick you can buy to charge a big array of your devices from sunlight.

All-in-One Off-Grid Solar Power Kit

Except battery pack, you have everything in this large solar kit. What all you need to have extra is either a power bank or battery pack with inverter. Powered by 1300 watts of high efficiency solar panels, you get quite a lot of energy to boost your RV, boat, home and caravan emergency batteries. If you have good sunlight this solar kit is, of course, a great way you can go with to sufficiently power up your emergency storage units.

Large-scale Off-grid Solar Kit 160W Solar Panel Diamgram

What You May not Like

It is a large-scale off-grid solar kit and so is not fit for portable use. You need to fix it permanently anywhere to grab sun energy and power your home, RV or boat batteries or power banks. Yes, it doesn’t come with power bank or battery. You should spend extra on storage units or use the existing ones while setting up an off-grid solar power system with this cool Eco-Worthy solar kit.

Eco-Worthy Large Scale Solar Power Kit

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What Customers Think

Interestingly, there is a good customer rating for this Eco-Worthy large-scale off-grid solar kit. As of writing this, all six customers who posted reviews have rated it with full scores. Well, that means you have the solar kit with full 5-star rating and that would indeed be good news for you if you would like to buy it.

Eco-Worthy Large solar Panel Kit

Final Thoughts

Eco-Worthy is a top brand of off-grid power solutions. It sells both small and large scale units of solar and wind power solutions. Hence, this large-scale off-grid solar kit of 1300 watts is highly reliable for all your off-grid power needs. You can stay away from grid power in your home or apartment if you own this massive solar kit. And make your life in boats, RVs and caravans with no shortage of power for all your daily needs.