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Maxoak Halloween Giveaway 2020: Best Time to Win a Maxoak Bluetti Power Station

Are you looking at getting a portable solar power station during this Halloween shopping frenzy? Here is a golden chance for you. Maxoak, the famous maker of the Bluetti solar power stations, has come up with a very attractive Halloween Giveaway 2020. Of course, it is the best time to win a free Maxoak Bluetti now.

The Maxoak Halloween Giveaway is a superb way for you to win one of its popular power stations. The giveaway starts on Oct. 15 and ends on Nov. 3, 2020. It is available for entrants from the US, Canada, and the EU only.

The brand plans to give away some of its top products to as many as eighteen participants, in total. The winners will get a mix of its popular solar power stations and worthy discount vouchers for buying its products. The total value of the Maxoak Halloween giveaway goes at $25,000.

Maxoak Halloween Giveaway – Prizes

The first prize winner is to get a unit of its high-capacity Bluetti 2400Wh EB240 solar generator worth $1900. The second prize goes to two persons, who will win its 1000Wh Bluetti AC100 power station each. Meanwhile, five participants will get the third prize, which is a unit of its 500Wh Bluetti AC50S each.

10 participants will get the fourth prize, a discount voucher worth $409 for an EB240 power station. Follow the link below to take part in the giveaway right now. Anybody from the above regions can participate in it.

Go for Maxoak Bluetti Halloween Giveaway 2020

Fine, the power stations included in the Halloween Giveaway are its top-seller EB240, AC100, and AC50S.

It is very easy to enter the Giveaway program. You just need to fill in an online form by inputting your email ID and following the Gleam steps. If you make more entries you have more chances to win.

The winners will be announced on No. 6, 2020 through the company’s social media profiles.

Maxoak Bluetti Solar Power Stations

Maxoak is indeed a main player in the portable solar power market. Its series of solar-chargeable Bluetti power stations is very famous and is available in different power options, starting from a basic 200Wh/120W unit. The top-end model of its series is a recently launched AC200, a 1700Wh, 2000W huge power station.

In between, the brand offers multiple models like EB240, EB150, AC100, AC50, AC50S, and EB40. They all have different storage capacity and inverters to meet a variety of your requirements off-the-the grid. Check out the link here to have a look at all the variants of the Maxoak Bluetti series on Amazon. (paid link)

Coupled with a reliable solar panel, these power stations are perfect solar generators. You can take them into the wild for outings and tailgating parties to meet your power needs. Also, they are perfect solutions for emergency and back-up power in case of any untoward event or unexpected power failures.

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