An off-grid generator power system is any device or set-up that offers you backup power off-the-grid. We have a variety of off-grid power solutions on the market. Absolutely, the solar-based solutions are the most reliable for both camping and emergency situations. Well, we have a list of three coolest off-grid power generators for a comparison here. As solar-powered systems, they certainly turn out to be great solutions for all your off-grid power needs. Stay with us after the image break to have a look at our comparison of the systems.

Off-grid Generator Power System Faceoff

You get an off-grid generator power system in different forms. This can be a solar generator, a solar charger, a solar kit, or a simple solar power bank. Here we would like to compare three popular items in the segment. We have Suaoki’s 400Wh portable power station with a solar charging facility. Likewise, we have a top-seller of the type, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. It is also a solar-based power station. Meanwhile, the final pick is Renogy’s all-in-one solar generator, Phoenix. It blends a solar charger and backup in a single foldable case.

Off-grid Generator Power System – Face-off

What is the best off-grid generator power system? There are indeed many things to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on an off-grid power solution. Before anything else, it should be powerful enough to run your essential off-grid electronics. Next, it should be lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere you go with no much hassle. That is why we would like to thoroughly analyze the top-sellers in the segment below. That will naturally let you find the best off-grid generator power system for your next adventure.

Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

This is a very common design that many other brands sell in the USA. You might come across the same power station from other brands like PowerOak, AcoPower, and Renogy. It seems that all these brands have hired the same Asian OEM to build this cool off-grid solar power pack. Of course, it is a very popular model for both its specs and design. This handy and powerful solar power station works quite well for all your needs during off-grid life. Have a look at the product below before we discuss more details after the break.

Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

It is a power station with a 444Wh 120Ah lithium battery. That delivers a versatile output of 300W continuously and 600W surge. With a pair of 110V AC sockets, you can use the machine to run your small appliances easily. Plus, the Suaoki device sports a pair of DC outlets, four USB ports, a cigarette lighter socket, and a jump starter port. Overall, you could run a wide range of your essential gadgets and appliances with the power station.

Unique Selling Points

Being an off-grid power solution, Suaoki has developed it durable and stronger. As you see in the photo, it has got a durable aluminum alloy shell with the good quality plastic cases in the bottom and top. Indeed, you have the ports, outlets, display, handle, and switches integrated to the sturdy plastic part of the case. By the way, it touts an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to safeguard from overcharging, temperature, and etc.

Why should we have the Suaoki in our search for the best off-grid generator power system? Of course, it is the most popular model on the market currently. Compared to all its replicas, customers have largely chosen the Suaoki variant. Anyway, its small, handy and lightweight design makes it a worthy product out there. Clearly, it weighs just 12.35 pounds and has a size of 9 x 5.5 x 9 inches.

Compatible Solar Charger

What is the best solar charger for this Suaoki off-grid generator power system? Certainly, you can use any solar charger, but the thing you should take into account is its size and portability. Well, as you might have to carry it along with the device, make sure you get a folding and lightweight model. The customers of the device usually buy two Suaoki options; a 60W 9-layered folding solar charger or a Suaoki 100W foldable charger. Though both look good picks for the power bank, the second one obviously charges it faster under a bright sun.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator All-in-one Solar Kit

Its name itself says why you should buy Renogy Phoenix. It is an incredibly lightweight all-in-one portable solar generator kit. That is, you get both the solar panel and storage facility in one suitcase-style case. However, the sad thing is it is not a highly powerful solution. Renogy Phoenix is just a 150W device with an integrated solar panel of 20 watts overall. But you can add extra solar panel up to 120 watts to increase the charging speeds.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

Though it has integrated solar cells, you could recharge it from other sources like a carport and a wall socket. Inside you have it with a 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery that offers you the capability for the limitless power. As said above, it delivers a maximum continuous output of 150 watts at a frequency of 60 Hz. The device makes use of MPPT charging technology for a safe flow of solar energy to the battery.

Unique Selling Points

First, the Phoenix is known for its portable and suitcase-style design. You could carry it like a case anywhere you go. And spread out the panels to charge its battery from the sunlight. Though a small power station, it has got all essential charging ports. See, it features an AC outlet, a pair of DC sockets, and four USB ports. So you can use it to power up a variety of your gadgets and appliances. Coming to the size and dimensions, it weighs 12.8 pounds. And its size goes 13.8 x 16.1 x 3.9 inches.

Compatible Solar Charger

Renogy Phoenix is a perfect off-grid generator power system for outdoor life. With its portable design, you can easily take it anywhere. For essential charging needs, you have it with the integrated solar cells – 10W units on each side of the inner lids. But you can add extra panels to gain its charging speeds. The mostly-bought solar panel with the Phoneix is Renogy’s own 100W mono solar panel, which is not a foldable one. So you better find any other solar charger that is foldable if you want more comfort and easiness in transportation.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

We’ve Goal Zero’s top-seller Yeti 400 Lithium as the final pick in our comparison today. It is yet another most reliable off-grid generator power system with solar charging facility. Like the Suaoki power station, you should buy a separate solar charger to use it under the sunlight. However, the Goal Zero product, thanks to its brand name, is one of the most exciting products in the segment. We have more details of Yeti 400 after the image break below. By the way, buy a unit of the device from the link below.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Power Station

Specs and design wise, Yeti 400 is indeed a brilliant power station. It is a 428Wh lithium power station that can charge up to seven devices at the same time. Well, it integrates a 39.6Ah at 10.8V/119Ah 3.6V battery capacity. The output of the machine goes at 300 watts continuously and 1200W at the peak. Being a product from Goal Zero, the most-trusted brand in the segment, it outdoes the competition with a good performance.

Unique Selling Points

You have several things attractive with the Goal Zero’s off-grid generator power system. As said above, it is a USA product. So you can enjoy better engineering and customer service from the maker. By the way, coming to the power, it is capable to charge a variety of your devices off-the-grid. With good output, it charges your laptops, CPAPs, camera, mini fridges, tablets, phones, and several other small devices.

Yeti 400 has got a large LCD display that shows real-time data with more details. The advanced lithium battery inside is user-replaceable. Above all, you get it with a longer shelf-life. You can store the charged device for 12 months and use it whenever you need it. That is why it looks a perfect solution for an emergency situation as well as camping needs. Best of all, it has a good weight and power ratio as it weighs 16 pounds and has a size of 7 x 7 x 11 inches. Want to know what is the best solar charger for Yeti 400? Stay with us after the break.

Compatible Solar Charger

Goal Zero is a brand that sells exclusive solar chargers for its off-grid generator power system. Though you can use other solar chargers, Goal Zero’s product line keeps an awesome quality in all aspects. So the best choice for this unit of Yeti is Goal Zero’s brand new 100W Boulder 100 Briefcase. As its name says, the solar charger – two hinged units of 50-watt Boulder panels – is foldable like a suitcase. And, of course, you can carry it on a handle and place it on the built-in kickstand for a better exposure to the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Hope it is now up to you to pick the best off-grid generator power system. We have covered three different products that you can yourself find the best from easily. Of course, all the products in our comparison clearly represent three categories. The Suaoki is a low-price medium-powered machine with good customer reviews. Meanwhile, as you see, the Renogy is an all-in-one low-power off-grid power solution. In the end, we have a premium medium-sized Yeti 400. Hope you make your comments below about your selection. SwanOff-Grid Power SystemsSolar Power StationsSolar Power SystemsAn off-grid generator power system is any device or set-up that offers you backup power off-the-grid. We have a variety of off-grid power solutions on the market. Absolutely, the solar-based solutions are the most reliable for both camping and emergency situations. Well, we have a list of three coolest...| Off-Grid Power Solutions | Portable Solar Wind Power |