Off-grid life doesn’t go nice without a good alternative power source. Most likely, we all rely on solar solutions to face an off-grid life situation. In this list of off-grid solar power systems, we certainly cover ten cool solar-based power kits. Well, nearly all items in the list are ideal for home or RV. That said, they are not suitable for portable use, but in case of emergency, you can, however, move them anywhere for alternative power.

Off-grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar power solutions come in different power options. Fine, all you can do is to find a model that best works for your needs. If you have a small home or RV and want to power lights only, a small unit is enough. But if you own a large home and want to boost several electrical appliances, better go for a big one. Likewise, you also get different solar systems with other aspects like design, usability, and storage capacity.

Off-grid Solar Power Systems – 10 Top Selling Solar Solutions

Usually, a solar kit includes soar panel, charge controller, inverter, and battery. That doesn’t mean all the off-grid solar power systems below have all the usual components. We have included a variety of items with some having battery and some having just solar panel and charge controller. Of course, all the items are cool DIY solar solutions that you need to make some set-up to bring into a functioning off-grid power solution.

1. WindyNation 200 Watt Solar Panel Kit

This WindyNation solar kit is perfect for your home and RV. It is a pack of essential components for building a superb off-grid solar system. Clearly, you get a pair of 100W polycrystalline solar panels along with a 1500-watt VertaMax inverter. That is, it can provide ample AC power to run many of your household and other devices. On an average, it can produce 800Whr of energy under one day’s bright sun.

The solar kit further includes a 30A solar charge controller that sports an LCD display to show you charging status. Plus, it bundles a bunch of other accessories like 40 feet of UL listed 12AWG solar cables, required MC4 connectors and mounting brackets. By the way, WindyNation also sells the same solar kit with a pair of 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle 12 Volt BattaMax batteries for a price around $1000.

2. Eco-Worthy Wind Turbine Solar Power Kit

The second pick in our list of off-grid solar power systems is a solar and wind turbine generator. You can run both solar and wind turbine at the same time to charge your 24V batteries or power banks. The pack includes a unit of 400W wind turbine and six pieces of 160W monocrystalline solar panels to produce a huge output of 1300 watts. Well, it also packs a 24V-110V 1500W power inverter to distribute power to your appliances.

Interesting thing is Eco-Worthy sells different variants of the same product. First, you get the same kit with six pieces of polycrystalline solar panels. Moreover, you get different output variants of the monocrystalline set, ranging from 560 watts to 1000 watts. All variants keep same wind turbine, but solar panel is cut in each kit so that you can buy a good option for the best price. Find all variants of the Eco-Worthy off-grid power kit here.

3. Grape Solar 400W Off-grid Solar Kit

It is a regular solar kit with a 2000-watt pure sine Xantrex inverter. It includes four units of 100W polycrystalline solar panels and a 35A Xantrex charge controller. The power inverter touts a pair of AC outlets and a USB port to plug in your devices. The kit doesn’t include a battery, but you can connect it to a 12V battery in your home or RV. The solar kit is, of course, one of the top selling units on  market with good customer rating.

4. Eco-Worthy 2000W Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

It is a huge 2000W off-grid solar panel kit. The pack bundles 24 pieces of 90W monocrystalline solar panels and a 60A LCD solar charge controller. That means, you can use it to power up your home or RV battery system. Or you need to buy a 24V battery or power bank to store energy from the unit. To run your AC appliances with it, you should attach a 24V/110V inverter to the off-grid solar kit, by the way.

Set-up of the Eco-Worthy heavy-duty solar panel kit is simple, of course. First, mount the panels on your home or RV rooftop. Then, connect battery to the included charge controller. Connect the load to the controller if you have any. Finally connect charge controller to the panels. It’s done. You start to get solar power from it. Well, the kit also packs 5 pairs of MC4 connectors and a 50 feet solar extension cable required for the set-up.

5. HKYH 30W Solar Home DC System Kit with Lighting

It is a different product from all other picks in our list of off-grid solar power systems. It is, in fact, a complete solar DC system with a 30W foldable polycrystalline solar panel. As you see in the pic, it packs a range of LED bulbs and phone chargers to let you do all basic power needs in your home, apartment, RV, or cabin by solar. Thus, the HKYH product is a brilliant piece of solar solution for all your off-grid power needs.

Coming to specs, other than solar panel and DC system, the HKYH kit packs a pair of 2W LED bulbs, a pair of 3W LED bulbs and some phone adapters and cords. Thanks to multiple ports on DC system, you can power up multiple devices at the same time. Absolutely, the integrated 5V 2A outlet is a universal one so that you can charge all USB-based gadgets from the system.

6. Ensupra 1000 Watt Solar Backup Power Generator

It is a cool off-grid solar panel kit with battery. The Ensupra solar back-up generator is a 1000W machine with a 100W solar panel and a 100Ah battery. Interesting thing is the included inverter features a built-in solar charge controller. And the included battery is a 12V AGM unit. Though not an advanced solar kit, it is enough to power up your appliances and gadgets from sun during off-grid situations.

7. Forty2Max Solar Alternative Renewable Energy System

Well, it is the only standalone machine in our list of off-grid solar power systems. Yes, as you see, it has solar panel and other components including battery in a single case. In other language, it is a complete portable solar generator, but with heavy output so that we have picked it for this list of solar systems for home and RV. Coming to specs, it is a 2000Whr solar power system with a 180W foldable solar panels.

Great thing with Forty2Max solar generator is that it packs everything in a portable suitcase-style case. See, as put it above, you have battery, charge controller and PV panels integrated to it. Likewise, you also have output ports and other controlling units built into the case. Therefore, it is easy to handle solar system on the move. Weighing at just 88 pounds, it is indeed friendly for moving.

8. Eco-Worthy 600 Watts Off-grid Solar Panel Kit

Here is another Eco-Worthy off-grid solar panel kit. It is a normal kit with a solar output of 600 watts. Well, the kit includes six units of 100W polycrystalline solar panels, a 40A solar charge controller and accessories. You can use it only to charge 24V batteries. By the way, Eco-Worthy also sells 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W and 800W variants of the solar kit. That said, as per your budget and requirements, you can pick the best kit to put together a wonderful off-grid solar solution to charge your home and RV batteries.

9. Humless Portable Solar Generator

This Humless product is a 1300Whr off-grid solar kit. With the included pair of 130W monocrystalline foldable solar panels, it can power up nearly all your household appliances. Inside the generator have an advanced lithium ion battery and other essential components. All you need to is to spread out the PV panels under sun. It will start collecting and storing solar energy. Well, you can connect a variety of appliances and gadgets to the system so it becomes one of cool off-grid solar power systems for home, RV and other off-grid uses.

10. WinyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit

The final item in our list of off-grid solar power systems comes from WindyNation. It is a small 100W solar kit with battery. Clearly, you get a unit of 100W mon solar panel, a 20A LCD PWM solar charge controller, a 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery and accessories. It is, in fact, not a good choice for big homes, bit it works quite nice in a cabin, RV and other small places. WindyNation also sells this kit without battery for a discount around $300.