Here is a new face of alternative energy. Different from solar, wind or thermopower, it works simply on your calorie. Well, a pedal power generator works on human-powered energy technology. Yes, you burn calorie by pedaling to generate emergency off-grid energy. Of course, that makes this off-grid power solution reliable for all the time – irrespective of climate and circumstances.

Pedal Power Generator

Pedal Power Generator: K-Tor Power Box

This K-Tor pedal power generator, Power Box is a 20-watt unit. K-Tor is a maker of innovative human energy based off-grid power generators. Power Box 20 comes with a universal power socket. You can plug in your gadget to it with a wall charger and start pedaling it. Amazingly, charging takes places at the same rate of wall outlet charging. Also, you can connect it to an external battery to store energy for future use.

The most interesting thing with K-Tor pedal power generator is that it doubles as a fitness cycle also. As you pedal it, mechanical effort turns to energy. That means it gives some exercise for your legs. By the way, with its small size, you can store this compact, portable pedal power generator virtually anywhere in your trips. And pedal it as you move on or even under your office desk.

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Coming to specs, K-Tor pedal power generator doesn’t have any complex settings inside. It is a simple pedal generator with 120V 20 watt output. Well, it sports a pair of standard bike pedals that are friendly for long periods of pedaling. You have a universal AC port to collect the produced energy from the gadget.

When it comes to size, the pedal power generator is of the size of a shoe box. And it folds to a rather small size making it ideal for portable use. It is quite easy to set up and you can screw it down to ensure stable operation. Overall, Power Box measures at 12 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches and it weighs just 4 pounds 11 ounces.

What Makes it Special

Emergency Power Anywhere Irrespective of Climate

A pedal power generator is indeed different from other modes of alternative energy. For solar and wind, there should be corresponding climates. Well, without enough sunlight and wind, you can’t make energy from solar and wind turbine chargers respectively. Here a pedal power generator like K-Tor Power Box stands really unique. Whenever you need power, it all goes about pedaling the levers to generate unlimited energy. Hence, it becomes a rather cool option for camping and emergency power.

Highly Efficient Design, Small, Lightweight, and Portable

Made for camping and emergency use, pedal power generator from K-Tor is certainly highly portable and lightweight. It weighs just around 5 pounds and its size is also so small. And moreover, you can fold it to a tiny unit after use, thus its carrying becomes a cool experience. Beyond all, what you get is a highly efficient off-grid power charger that works with all switching chargers, ensuring no shortage of energy anywhere.

Giving Workout for your Legs Along with Off-Grid Power

Wow! Along with producing off-grid power, K-Tor pedal power generator doubles as a fitness machine as well. It gives cool workout moments for your legs as you pedal its levers to produce energy to boost your gadgets. Interestingly, K-Tor team has tested Power Box with a healthy male aged at 59 to find its workout benefits. The data show that a man had 100 BPM as he pedaled to produce full energy of 20 watts.

What you May not Like

Well, you should work hard to produce energy here. Unlike solar or wind turbine, you need to burn calories to produce energy with the Power Box pedal power generator. Out in the wild for camping, you may not be in a mood to spend hours on pedaling. So is the case in an emergency situation. Pedaling always wants you to sit up somewhere and so a pedal power generator makes little sense in such situations.

What Customers Think

Customer feedback to the K-Tor Power Box pedal power generator is awesome. As of writing this, around 30 people have put their comments on the product on Most of the reviewers have suggested it as a good alternative option for off-grid energy. And it has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Final Thoughts

K-Tor pedal power generator is a real companion for anybody who lives off the grid. In the time of winter, solar panels don’t do their job well. Also, it is the time you gain a little weight. Well, Power Box pedal generator here lets you produce energy to boost your gadget and keep you maintain weight by burning a few calories. Yet, for hikers and campers, the pedal generator doesn’t look a good choice as pedaling is not an easy thing for them to do.