Goal Zero is a big player in off-grid solar power market. Well, it sells a huge variety of products. This portable solar flashlight form Goal Zero is a typical example. Featuring both a built-in solar panel and hand crank, it is a flashlight and USB charger at the same time. Yes, you can light up your camping site and recharge your phone.

Portable Solar Flashlight

The Goal Zero portable solar flashlight is, in fact, an exclusive camping gear. It is made of solid and rugged materials. And its design is so handy and lightweight that you can carry it anywhere you go. What’s more, you have it with an integrated red emergency light too to ensure safety if you fall into any emergency in the wild.

Like all Goal Zero products, you can recharge it from multiple sources; solar, hand crank and wall. By the way, it becomes green device only when you use solar or crank. In case you are in a hurry, you can however juice it up from wall or car with a USB cable. Keep with us to know more about the Goal Zero portable solar flashlight.

Portable Solar Flashlight: Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

The Goal Zero portable solar flashlight is, in fact, a multiple lighting solution. Well, you can use it as a flashlight, spotlight, floodlight and red emergency light. Its flashlight offers 250 lumens, floodlight gives 70 lumens and spot light delivers 190 lumens. And, as you know, it can grab power from three options; solar, crank and USB. Yes, you have the solar (0.8W mono-crystalline ) and hand crank built-in to it.

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Onboard battery is an advanced lithium 4400mAh unit. And apart from a flashlight, it also acts like a phone charger thanks to its 5V output USB port. That means, along with this portable solar flashlight, you don’t need to carry an extra power bank. By the way, if you go solar, it takes around 7 hours to fully charge the battery. And if you go cranking it needs one minute of activity for 2 minutes lighting.

Design wise, Torch 250 is, of course, a wonder like all other Goal Zero products. It comes in the typical green and black tones. And its size is certainly handy with the dimensions of 10 x 3.5 x 1.75 in and it weighs at just 14.4 oz, making it ideal for outdoor and emergency uses. Of course, it is built well. It has solid surface that is also rubbery. Yet, it doesn’t look much rugged, but as a camping device, it is perfect enough, though.

What Makes it Special

All-In-One Off-Grid Emergency Flashlight – Solar, Crank and USB

No doubt, as an emergency or camping solution, the Goal Zero portable solar flashlight gets an edge with its integration of multiple powering options. We have variety of off-grid portable flashlights on market, but most of them have one option to charge. Here you can use either solar or crank to get off-grid power. And in case you don’t have time or opportunity to collect green energy, you can charge it from wall or car.

Handy, Stylish Design – Highly Portable for Camping and Hiking

Coming from Goal Zero, the portable solar flashlight is naturally stylish and handy. It is well engineered and meant for outdoor and emergency use. With its lightweight body and cool design, you can carry it anywhere with not much burden to your backpack. Thus, it comes out to be a much recommended camping and hiking off-grid lighting and power solution.

A Goal Zero Product – Known for Top Quality Off-Grid Products

Finally, you have it from Goal Zero, an American brand known for high quality off-grid solar power solutions. No doubt, all its portable power gadgets are famous for keeping good standards, and so you can certainly enjoy some difference with this Torch 250. However, as compared to its competitors, Goal Zero products are a bit pricier, but certainly you will feel them different from the crowd for the extra amount you spend.

What you May not Like

Its integrated solar module is meagerly powerful. With just 0.8 watts, it is not much good to fully charge its big internal battery under one day’s sun. Goal Zero, however, suggests you to attach a standalone solar panel like its Nomad 7 for faster charging.

What Customers Think

Customer feedback to the Goal Zero portable solar flashlight is certainly awesome. Like all Goal Zero products, this one has also championed in stealing customer satisfaction at large. As of now, it has rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from around 150 customers. Most customers are quite happy with the design, brightness and charging options of the Torch 250 flashlight.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Goal Zero Torch 250 flashlight is a bit pricier, but is a well-built camping gear with awesome capabilities. In fact, it is a multi-purpose gadget with variety of features that are much needed for camper and hiker. Above all, its handy and portable design rather makes it a product that any camper will love to own it.

One of notable downsizes of the portable solar flashlight, however, is it is not much rugged. This fallback is actually a thing of concern for a camper. Moreover, it would be rather better if it were waterproof, because getting into the wild campers would be going through very tough situations.