Portable Solar Generator Reviews: 6 Most-Selling Solar Power Generators for Outdoor and Emergency Power Needs

A portable solar generator is an amazing option to revive your life off-the-grid and in an emergency. The term ‘solar generator’ is factually a misnomer, though different brands use the terminology to sell their solar power stations. In fact, a generator should typically be an invariable energy source for conversion, which the sun is definitely not. Of course, a solar generator runs on solar energy but is only a power station with solar charging capability. We have a list of the portable solar generator reviews below.

Our portable solar generator reviews below cover the product from all the leading brands. Truly, we have only a few brands that sell reliable solar power stations or what we can call solar generators. Goal Zero is a leading player with a range of devices in various power outputs. Of course, we would like to include all the best-selling models making your selection of a portable solar generator a rather simple exercise.

Portable Solar Generator Reviews

Normally, a portable solar generator is a great pick for two off-grid conditions; outdoor life and emergency. In the first case, you will be making an outing into the wild. Well, that can be a camping, outdoor party, fishing or tailgating.

The second case is a situation where a natural calamity hits your locality and ends up in a power blackout. Certainly, solar energy is the most reliable way to put you to stay powered in both the conditions. That is why we have most of the solar generators on the market very handy and lightweight for anywhere use.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Definitely, we start our portable solar generator reviews with a Goal Zero machine. It would make little sense to start a list of the best portable solar generators without a Goal Zero machine. For more than one decade, Goal Zero has been in the spotlight with a series of solar-friendly power stations.

This particular model called Yeti 400 Lithium is the base variant of its latest line-up of Yeti power stations with a lithium battery as its name speaks. And is, of course, one of the most reviewed solar generators for its handy design and power.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Power Station

Yeti 400 Lithium, like other Yeti models, is itself not a solar generator. It is just a portable power station with a solar charging port. You should buy a solar charger with the machine to convert it to a real solar generator. Well, Goal Zero sells different solar panels for the device.

Follow the link above to see multiple kits of Yeti 400 Lihitum with different solar chargers. Specs-wise, Yeti 400 is a 428Wh machine with a 39.6Ah @ 10.8V lithium battery. It can offer a continuous 300 watts of power, which peaks up to 1200 watts surge.

Notable Features

  1. The Most-Reviewed: Coming from Goal Zero, Yeti 400 does superbly well in customer feedback. As an entry-level model in the new lithium series, there is a good appeal from outdoor enthusiasts to this product. That is why Yeti 400 Lithium is an awesome pick for those who consider customer feedback as a vital selling factor.
  2. Highly Portable and Stylish Design: This is certainly a handy device. It comes with a compact, stylish and portable design so it becomes a worthy pick for travelers, campers, tailgaters, and emergency preppers. Weighing just around 16 pounds, you could carry it anywhere with no much hassle at all.

2. Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

It is another popular item on our list of portable solar generator reviews. Again, it is a portable power station with solar charging facility, not a complete solar generator. What you get is a 400Wh power station that equips a 120Ah lithium battery and a 300-watt DC/AC inverter. With multiple ports like DC, AC, and USBs, it lets you charge a range of devices off-the-grid. Of course, you need to buy a solar charger separately to make it to a full solar generator. Use the link below to buy a unit of the device.

                                        Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Power Station

You might wonder to see similarly-designed machines from other brands like PowerOak as well. Perhaps, the companies would have hired the same OEM to build this cool portable power station. Whatever, this design is highly successful and has attracted a lot of outdoor enthusiasts and survival preppers. Yet another highlight is this Suaoki machine is not a hefty one. It weighs just 12.35 pounds and is sized at 9 x 5.5 x 9 in. With a unit of Suaoki’s 100W folding solar panel, this power station is one of our list of portable solar generator reviews.

Notable Features

  1. Very Popular: If you think a popular device has the real virtue, this Suaoki model is for you, indeed. This has been on the market for a while. And it has received good customer reviews on all key retail sites. So you can buy the 400Wh power station with no second thought. Suaoki also sells a 222Wh variant of the device that is also available for sale at the link above.
  2. Durable and Compact: Are you looking for a portable solar generator for outdoor adventures? This machine along with a solar charger can be a perfect pick, then. Made of an aluminum alloy shell, this Suaoki device can guarantee good build quality. It also touts a strong handle to let you carry the device anywhere with no hassle.

3. Renogy Phoenix Portable All-in-one Solar Generator

What about an all-in-one portable solar generator? Renogy’s Phoenix is one of the most lovely all-in-one solar generators you can find on the market today. Though not a powerhouse, it has everything required for a solar generator in a single case. In that sense, it is, of course, a full solar generator. You get this machine with a pair of 10W solar panels – total 20W – on the inner lids of its briefcase-like case. Inside it touts quality components including a 16Ah Li-ion battery and a 150W inverter to offer you reliable off-grid-power anywhere.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Phoenix Portable All-in-one Solar Generator

However, Phoenix is not a beast in power. That is why you can’t run big appliances on it. It is ideal for charging your smaller gadgets like phone, tablet, GPS, and etc. By the way, you could run regular household appliances like a coffee maker, heater, and flashlight. Whatever the most lovely thing about the device is its compact and foldable design. That lets you carry the solar generator anywhere with no hassle at all. Use the link above to order a unit of the Renogy portable solar generator.

Notable Features

  1. Briefcase-style Design: First, Renogy Phoenix is known for its foldable briefcase-style design. It comes packed in a case that behaves exactly like a travel case. You have the main components fixed inside, while the inner lids integrate the solar cells. So it is easy for you to unfold the panels and charge the machine anywhere.
  2. Affordable All-in-one Solar Generator: Though not a powerful solar generator, it is the cheapest all-in-one machine of the kind on the market. In fact, we don’t have that many all-in-one portable solar generators on the market. However, Phoenix is the most affordable one you can use for both emergency and camping needs.

4. Kalisaya KP601 Portable Solar Generator

Kalisaya KP601 is the top-end model of a series of award-winning portable solar generators. It is the result of a highly successful crowd-funded project from Kalisaya Power. Indeed, KP601 along with a solar charger is a cool pick for campers and survival kit preppers. You get the 558Wh portable and handy machine with a 40W folding solar charger. So it surely becomes one of the best companions for your outdoor explorations and emergency life. We have more details of the Kalisaya KP601 portable solar generator after the image break.                                                       Check Price and Buy @ Kalisaya KP601 Solar Generator

This becomes special for many reasons, of course. First, it highlights a Bluetooth remote monitoring facility. That is you can stay connected to the device via a mobile app called KaliAPP. This way you can read real-time performance data on your phone or tab. Moreover, Kalisaya shows off its lightweight build. With this high-end variant weighing just around 15 lbs, it is certainly a big advantage that makes it ultra-portable and so camper-friendly. It equips four USB ultra-fast ports and a pair of 12V DC ports, by the way.

Notable Features

  1. Multiple Variants: Apart from KP601, Kalisaya also sells two lower-end variants of the generator; KP201 and KP401. They are respectively 192Wh and 384Wh power stations with solar chargers. So if you are on a budget you can choose from the bottom line. Though all the variants feature the same design, each differs in weight, power, and battery capacity.
  2. Remote Monitoring Facility: Above all, the Kalisaya series is known for a host of unique features. The most lovely thing is the included Bluetooth transmitter. That lets you connect your handset to the machine and see real-time performance data. So, though you take a rest in a camp tent, you get a complete idea of the status of your portable solar generator. Of course, that would help you fill your trips with more fun.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Yet another popular Goal Zero portable power station is Yeti 1400 Lithium. It is actually a heavy-duty machine with a power of 1425Wh. Certainly, that makes it an awesome pick for running your big household appliances like blender, fridge, lights, and TV. Also, you could run power tools, CPAP, and several emergency appliances with solar power. Yes, you should buy a compatible solar charger along with Yeti 1400 to make it a hugely powerful device on our list of the portable solar generator reviews. 

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Portable Power Station

As said above, Yeti 1400 is a heavy-duty machine. It packs a 1500W power inverter that can peak up to 3000W. Inside the machine has a 396Ah @ 3.6V battery to offer 1425 watt-hours. So you can power up to 10 devices at once. By the way, the most recommended solar panel for the generator is a unit of Boulder 100 Briefcase. As you see, it is a folding panel with two units of 50W solar panels. So, it becomes easy for you to fold the panels to a suitcase-like case after use, making it more awesome for portable and emergency uses.

Notable Features

  1. High Power Solar Generator: Of course, there are many high power solar generators on the market, but this one is the most popular one in the category. As said above, you get the generator with a 1500W inverter. So, it is much suitable for charging the whole essential appliances of your household in case of an emergency situation.
  2. Handy and Portable: Though a solar generator beast, it comes up with a highly portable design. So it will be a great companion for all your outdoor power needs and survival situations. What’s more, it has got a stronger handle to help you drag the generator anywhere. Also, if you go for Boulder 100 Briefcase, it is also a foldable solution so you can move it with no much hassle at all.

6. Ascent Solar Generator Y1200

Yet another must-have on this list is Ascent Solar Generator Y1200, formerly EnerPlex Generator Y1200. Though not highly popular, it is a very stylish and powerful model. As you see in the photo, it features a compact and portable design in its cute shades. Notably, you get the 1231 watt-hour power station with strong handles and essential output ports to power up most of your household appliances and camping gear.                                                      Check Price and Buy @ Ascent Solar Generator Y1200

A special thing about the Ascent Solar generator is certainly its lightweight design. Well, its maker claims the machine is over 60% lighter than its near competition. Of course, this claim was true at the time of its release. Then, we had only Yeti 1250 with a weight of over 100 lbs. The new Yeti 1400 just weighs as much as Y1200, though. By the way, Y1200 touts all required output ports including DC, USB, and AC to charge a variety of your appliances and gadgets. You will have to buy a solar charger separately to make it a full solar generator.

Notable Features

Very Stylish and Portable: Ascent Solar generator Y1200 is a very stylish and handy pick on our list of portable solar generator reviews. That is why you could take it anywhere hassle-free. So it becomes one of the best solar generators for outdoor and emergency applications.

Powerful Machine: Though a lightweight machine, it is a powerful one with an output of 1231Whr. That is enough to run many of your essential household appliances and camping gadgets. So connected with a solar charger, you get enough green energy to make your life safe in emergency and outdoor conditions.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best portable solar generator reviews. Hope this helps you find the best machine you can find on the market to make your next outdoor life rather lively. And an emergency situation with no trouble. Along with a suitable solar charger, you are lucky enough to get a reliable solar power station. That would make you completely confident while making into the wild. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited noiseless power anywhere in your home, worksite, remote cabin, and etc…

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