Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping: EcoFlow River Power Station Vs Suaoki G500 Portable Power Station

A portable solar power system is indeed a simple way to charge your life outdoors. The modern campers and hikers certainly look for ultra-portable solar-ready systems to produce power. Well, we have two wonderful portable solar power systems for camping here for a check.

They are EcoFlow River mobile power station and Suaoki G500 power station. Of course, both the models, when connected with the solar chargers, can offer you an unlimited amount of energy. Let us explore the key features of both the machines in our comparison below.

Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping

There is actually no shortage of portable solar power systems for camping on the market. It is not also a very difficult job to find a cool model, because we have leading players like Goal Zero and Renogy out there. Yet, we have picked a pair of relatively new products for our article today.

So you can identify all features of the newer models. And make sure you pick your favorite portable solar system from a good collection of portable power systems. Hope you enjoy learning more about EcoFlow River and Suaoki G500 power stations.

There are a lot of similarities between the two portable solar power systems for camping, First, they are just portable power stations with solar charging options. That is, they are not basically solar generators like Renogy Phoenix. You should buy EcoFlow and Suaoki along with compatible solar chargers to employ them as perfect solar generators.

Design-wise, they look quite different but are nearly the same in terms of power, capacity, and use. What about having a look at their specs and other details? Stay tuned with us after the break.

EcoFlow River Power Station

It is a 500W small and handy power station. The EcoFlow team has designed it as a cool solution for a variety of outdoor activities. Certainly, it is a very small, lightweight, and handy device, but quite powerful to run a host of your appliances and gadgets at the same time. Whether it is a leisure trip, camping, or emergency medical relief, the EcoFlow power station is an ideal way to ensure the power all the time. Along with a solar charger, this offers you the clean energy to nourish up all your off-grid events and activities. 

Check Price and Buy @ EcoFlow River Power Station

You get the EcoFlow River mobile power station in a bundle above. The kit includes a unit of River, a 50W solar charger, and padded cases for both. Of course, you can buy the River power station alone for a low price. But if you buy it in the bundle, you get a complete kit to make your outing more convenient and awesome. By the way, the power station case is highly durable and waterproof. So you can use it in the wild for a long time.

Impressive Specs

The River becomes one of the best portable solar power systems for camping because of its attractive specs as well. It could deliver a continuous output of 300 watts and that would go up to 500 watts at the surge. In total, the stylish and handy power station becomes a perfect solution to charge a handful of your basic appliances and gadgets. What’s more, its rich number of output ports makes it a more competitive product out there.

Exceptionally, the River mobile power station features 11 outlets. Certainly, not many solar power banks could defy the EcoFlow River in this regard. Well, it features a pair of AC, as many 12DC sockets, four USB ports, two USB Type-C, and one 12V carport. Altogether, you can connect a wide range of devices to the power station at the same time. You can use any solar charger with it. However, EcoFlow has a 50W model in the bundle.

Finally, let us see how lightweight and handy the River is. Yes, as said above many times, it is a very small and compact device. It weighs just 11 pounds and it has a size of 6.3 x 8.3 x 6.3 in. No doubt, these dimensions are quite stunning for such a powerful portable solar power station. Absolutely, those attractions happen to be the reason for the device to seriously challenge many top-selling solar power stations out there.

Suaoki G500 Portable Power Station

Here comes Suaoki’s G500, another new portable power station on the market. This machine is notable at a glance for its resemblance with Goal Zero’s Yeti series in design. There is no chance for that to be coincidental. It looks that Suaoki has designed it deliberately to posit as it a serious threat to the award-winning Yeti series. Whatever, when we pit the Suaoki G500 against the EcoFolow River power station, there are many attractive things. Let us explore those things and features of the Suaoki machine after the break.                                        Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki G500 Portable Power Station

From the link above, you get only a unit of G500 power station. You must buy a separate solar panel to make it a complete solar generator. Of course, Suaoki offers a 100-watt folding solar charger for this device. But if you already have one from another maker, you could surely use it with. By the way, the Suaoki power station is not as handy and lightweight as the River mobile power station. Anyway, let us see the exact specs of the G500 below.

Impressive Specs

It is a 500Wh high-capacity power station with a 45.9Ah @ 11.1V and 137.7Ah @ 3.7V lithium battery. It offers a regular output of 300W and a surge power of 600 watts. Hence, you can run a large number of appliances and gadgets on the power station. Whether it is a laptop, mini-fridge, oven, CPAP machine, tablet, phone, or light, the power station is capable of running quite comfortably. So it becomes one of the best portable solar power systems for camping as well as emergency conditions.

Coming to the ports, the machine certainly challenges the River mobile station. It comes with a pair of 110AC sockets, three units of QuickCharge 3.0 USBs, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, two DC ports, and one carport. You can charge it via a car charger or wall socket, other than the solar option. If you buy it with a solar charger, you are lucky enough to use it anywhere under the sun. In around eight hours, a 100W solar charger can fill it.

Compared to the EcoFlow River mobile station, Suaoki G500 is a bit heavier and larger in size. See, it weighs 22.1 pounds, which is two times heavier than the River. It is also a bit bigger with the dimensions of 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 in. Added to them are the size and weight of the solar charger that you have. But the machine is strongly-built and you can carry it anywhere easily by hanging it on the built-in handle.

Price and Availablity

You have both the portable solar power systems for camping on Amazon and other retail sites. When it comes to the price they fall in the same league, evidently. You can check the exact price and availability of the devices on the links above. By the way, the EcoFlow team packs a 50W solar charger with River power station. Meanwhile, Suaoki has its popular 100W folding solar panel. Naturally, that will result in some price variation.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our take on the two cool portable solar power systems for camping. Basically, these machines are the ideal solutions for camping, hiking, and other outdoor parties. However, you can also use them perfectly for charging and running your devices and appliances in an emergency situation. If the grid power fails you will be lucky to have either an EcoFlow River or Suaoki G500 with compatible solar chargers. That will help you stay connected to the world even if it takes a bit longer for the power to come back.

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