Energy is everywhere. What we all need is to invent cool gadgets to utilize it in a better way. This PowerPot V thermoelectric generator from Power Practical is indeed an awesome product. As you can see, it works on thermoelectric tech. Thus, you get off-grid power from the otherwise wasted heat from your camp stove.

PowerPot V Thermoelectric Generator Kit

What here we introduce you to is a kit of PowerPot V thermoelectric generator. It packs a host of accessories required to make your next outing a new experience. Apart from a PowerPot V unit, it has an 1800mAh lithium polymer battery, a USB LED bar and 3 feet heavy-duty flame-resistant cable to connect power bank to the pot.

Lovely thing with the PowerPot V thermoelectric generator is it is a great camping tool. Getting into the wild, you can take it to cook some essential dishes and charge your phone at the same time. Power Practical has designed it in a nice way that you won’t feel much burden with it. Stay with us to know more about the pot.

PowerPot V Thermoelectric Generator Kit

Coming to specs, we need to discuss each component of the PowerPot V thermoelectric generator bundle in detail. First of all, we have a 1.4L hard anodized aluminum pot. It doubles as a thermoelectric generator and converts heat to power. Inside it touts a solid-state voltage controller to deliver up to 5 watts of energy.

Amazingly, PowerPot V starts to produce energy in just 10 seconds after you set fire. And in one minute of cooking, it will reach to the maximum of power output. By the way, to collect the generated energy, you have the pot equipped with a 5V USB port that can charge any device right away.

However, with the kit you get an 1800mAh lithium polymer batter pack. That means you can put the power pack in charging all the time you prepare your dishes. And after, you can use the power bank to charge any gadget. The included power pack sports 1 amp mini USB input port and a pair of USB output ports.

Another key item included in the PowerPot V thermoelectric generator bundle is a USB 5 LED light bar. Giving an amazing 25 lumens brightness, it is ideal for lighting up your campsite. Coming to its size, PowerPot V touts 4.5 x 7 inches and it weighs at just 12.1 oz. The kit also includes a mesh bag to carry it comfortably.

What Makes it Special

Ready-to-Use Off-Grid Thermoelectric Generator Bundle

It is a ready-to-use survival kit with a cooking pot, phone charger and LED light. You have no complex things to do to set up the thermoelectric generator. Just set fire under the pot or use a camp stove to cook your dishes. You get off-grid energy as a by-product and thanks to the included power bank you can store some power for later use. When night comes in, you have the LED light bar to light up your camp site and your ways ahead.

Innovative Way of Generating Off-Grid Power Anywhere

We are not new to thermoelectric energy. But the way Power Practical has realized this cool product makes it a worthy product to have a look at. PowerPot V thermoelectric generator is popular in off-grid power market as a cool alternative to its solar and crank rivals. The simple reason is better and guaranteed output you get from the innovative idea of charging. And in addition, you get a fire-resistant cable and power bank to store a bit of energy for your further explorations into the wild.

Superb Camping and Survival Tool – Pot + Phone Charger

PowerPot V thermoelectric generator is a great camping tool. With one product, you get two things; a cooking pot and phone charger. Yes, you don’t need to carry an extra off-grid phone charger or power bank when you make into the wild. PowerPot V lets you cook what you want and makes use of the otherwise wasted heat to charge your phone. Added with LED light, camping in nighttime goes hassle-free.

What you May not Like

As an off-grid power unit from heat, you primarily have safety issue. As you see, it all works with fire. Hence, similar to all such thermoelectric chargers, this one also makes you vulnerable to fire. Another thing is all the components outside the pot including the cable are just fire-resistant, not fire-proof. And so the company itself warns you not to let fire engulf the pot exterior. Indeed, it is a big draw that makes you engaged with the PowerPot V thermoelectric generator as you cook and charge your phone.

What Customers Think

It is actually tough to take an audit of customer feedback of PowerPot V thermoelectric generator. As a fire-based off-grid phone charger, naturally there will not many customers for it. However, as of writing this, shows up only four reviews of which one customer has critically reviewed it as largely unfit for camping. The issues mentioned by the customer include fire vulnerability of its exterior components as we noted above and incapability of the pot to cook something without enough water.

Final Thoughts

In summary, let us say PowerPot V thermoelectric generator is a wonderful idea. You make use of the wasted heat from your camp stove. As you cook, it produces energy to charge your gadgets. There is no doubt fire-based phone charger is more reliable than a solar or wind turbine unit. But coming to its practical use, it may not be that easy since you play with fire. Like a solar charger, it doesn’t work quite safely.

But diversity in off-grid power solutions is always an awesome thing. As you go out on a camping, any option to get portable energy is welcome. Solar and hand crank are cool ideas, but they are limited to time and hard work, at least. You can’t go solar during night time and as far as hand crank you need to crank it hours for a full phone charge. Here it works quite nicely as you cook your dishes.