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Renogy Black Friday 2020: Big Discounts on its 100W Solar Panel, 50A MPPT Charge Controller, and 100Ah Li-Ion Battery

Renogy has come up with an attractive Black Friday 2020 flash sale for DIY off-grid power enthusiasts. The brand has announced a sizeable discount for a combination of its products for an off-grid power system. Fine, you get a solar panel, charge controller, and battery in the special Renogy Black Friday 2020 deal.

If you are looking to build an off-grid solar power system, this Renogy offer will indeed be quite exciting. The offer covers its popular 100-watt solar panel, 100Ah lithium-iron battery, and 50A MPPT controller. Of course, they are all up for sale at discounted prices individually.

Below, let us check out each item in the Renogy offer.

Renogy 100W Mono Solar Panel @ $99.99 + $50 Off*

It is a super compact 100W solar panel from Renogy. Unlike the standard 100W panels, it is certainly a bit shorter and smaller. But you get the same output from the solar panel and so it comes out to be a nice pick for your off-grid power systems in an RV, camper, trailer, or household.

It is up for sale with a notable discount of $25 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can go with a unit of it at a price a new price of $99.99 individually. You can surely buy multiple units of the panel if you are looking to set up a bigger power system with it. *If you spend $500 or more on it, you get an additional $50 discount, as well. 

Use the code FS20 for the additional discounts.


Renogy 50A MPPT Controller @ $259.99 + $50 Off*

Got your solar panel? Here is Renogy’s deal for you to buy a 50A powerful MPPT charge controller. It is a brilliant product of its kind, which you can buy at a discounted price of $259.99 after a $50 cut on an individual unit.

If you go for two units or get your solar panel along with it to reach a total spend of $500, you get an additional $50 cut, as well. Meanwhile, a total spend of $1000 at Renogy gives you a discount of $100, further. 

Use the code FS20 for the additional discounts.


Renogy 100Ah Lithium Battery @ $769.99 + $100 Off*

Next, you have the brand’s 100Ah lithium battery. It is another important addition to your off-grid power system. As a high-performing lithium battery, it can certainly be a worthy investment for you. It is also available at a discounted price individually. The discount is $130, but *if you go ahead to spend $1000 or more at Renogy, you get an additional cut of $100 again. 

Use the code FS20 for the additional discounts.


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