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Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems: 7 Highly-Recommended Large Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for Homes and Cabins

We have come across several lists of off-grid solar power systems for RVs, campers, and other outdoor needs. What about some large-scale residential off-grid solar power systems? Of course, you would be familiar with several firms that set up complete solar power systems in your home. But here we would like to have a look at some ready-to-mount residential solar power systems for home, cabins, outhouses, and apartments.

Of course, with residential off-grid solar power systems, we refer to the complete solar power kits. They may or may not have all the components, however. If they don’t, you could buy additional components separately and set up a brilliant solar power solution in your home, worksites, or cabin. Yes, you won’t require the help of a technician to set up these cool residential solar power solutions.

Large Residential Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

For residential purposes, we have two types of solar power systems; grid-tied and off-grid. Grid-tied power systems are common types of solar solutions that people largely use today. Here you could use utility grid as a backup when there is no sun and deliver solar power to the grid and earn credits. Meanwhile, residential off-grid solar power systems are meant for rural or remote areas, where you have no access to the grid power.

Truly, several brands sell such easy-to-install residential off-grid solar power systems out there. Here, our team of researchers has brought to you a great list of such solar power solutions. Typically, they include solar charge controllers, inverters, and additional accessories like cables, wires, and the mounting hardware other than the required solar panels. Let us explore a list of the best residential solar power systems below.

1. Eco-Worthy 1300W Off Grid Monocrystalline Solar Kit

We are excited to start the list with an Eco-Worthy product. Eco-Worthy is a key vendor of these types of large residential off-grid solar power systems. The brand sells several off-grid power systems under 1000W capacity. This one is the top-end model of such a line-up and it notably features 1300W solar panels with eight pieces of 160W mono panels. The kit also packs some other essentials. Check out the link below to see its price.

Well, the Eco-Worthy bundle further features a unit of a 45A solar charge controller, a solar combiner box, MC4 cables and adapters, and the basic mounting brackets. Once mounted, the system could deliver you an ideal daily output of 6KWh as per the intensity of the sunlight in your place. The included solar panels are made of high-efficiency silicon solar cells to offer high performance and produce the maximum output.

You need to buy both a power inverter and a battery pack to set up a solar power solution with the kit. This Eco-Worthy kit is certainly one of the best of its kind with a lot of takers. You just need to put together the items in your home, worksite, or apartment and connect to an existing battery pack or a new one. That is enough. You get access to the unlimited solar energy from the otherwise-wasted sunlight.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1300-Watt Large Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Eight Pieces of 160-Watt Mono Solar Panels.
  • 45Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Solar Combiners Box to Join Together the Panels.
  • Wires and Cables and Mounting Hardware.

2. Eco-Worthy 1000W Solar Panel Off-Grid Power Kit

Here is one more Eco-Worthy solar panel kit on our list. As you see in the photo, it comes up with six pieces of 160-watt mono solar panels. Along with the other accessories, the kit is absolutely a nice pick for your home, cabins, and outhouses. The high-efficiency silicon solar panels are capable of producing the maximum power output to recharge your 24V battery systems. Follow the button below to check out its price.

This Eco-Worthy off-grid solar kit includes a unit of 60A charge controller that is indeed a decently powerful one for a large off-grid power system. Further, the bundle features a solar combiner box to join together the included panels, 16ft MC4 solar cable, and the required mounting hardware.

By the way, the included solar panels feature better durability so that they could withstand strong winds and heavy snowfalls. You could place them over the roof of your living space with no worry, at all. The built-in IP-65-rated junction boxes carry by-pass diodes to stay safe and longer.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1000-Watt Large Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • Six Pieces of 160W High-Efficiency Mono Solar Panels.
  • 60Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Strong and Durable Solar Panels.
  • Solar Combiner Box and Other Accessories.

3. WindyNation Complete 400-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Though not a big off-grid power kit like the above ones, it is a complete one. It has got everything that a typical off-grid solar power system should have. Clearly, the WindyNation 400W solar kit packs up a 1500W VertaMax power inverter and four units of 100Ah batteries apart from the solar panels. The included solar panels are four units of 100W polycrystalline units. Follow the button below to check its price and other details.

The other components in the WindyNation off-grid solar bundle are a 30Amp solar charge controller with LCD screen, 40ft of UL listed 12 AWG solar cable, MC4 connectors, and the necessarily required mounting brackets. The power inverter included is a decently powerful one with an output of 3000 watts at the peak. So, you could use the off-grid kit to set up a really awesome solar power solution in your home or cabins.

Thus, this WindyNation off-grid solar kit is a brilliant choice for anybody who looks for some residential off-grid solar power systems. The downside is that it has got only 400W solar panels, but you could certainly upgrade it with extra panels. The great thing, however, is that you don’t need to buy the inverter and batteries to set up a moderately good off-grid power system in your living space.

Why Should You Buy

  • 400W Complete Off-Grid Solar Power Kit.
  • Four Pieces of 100-Watt Poly Solar Panels.
  • Four Units of 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries.
  • 1500W VertaMax Power Inverter.
  • 30A P30L Solar Charge Controller with Display.

4. Renogy 800-Watt 12V Solar Premium Kit

Here is one of Renogy’s large off-grid solar panel kits. Though exclusively designed for the RVs and caravans, it looks a nice pick for homes and cabins as well. This is, in fact, an 800W off-grid solar kit with a powerful 60Amp MPPT solar charge controller and other basic accessories. Fine, you could use it to set up an ideal off-grid solar power station and mount it over the roof of your home. Check out its price by following the link below.

Coming to specs, the Renogy kit features eight units of its much-touted 100W mono solar panels that offer a decent conversion efficiency of 18.35%. The panels feature sleek designs and highly durable frames making them perfect for various off-grid applications. The kit further features Z-brackets, adapter kits, and tray cable.

This is actually the top-end model of a series of Renogy off-grid solar panel kits for RVs, trailers, and campers. Ranging from 100W to 800W, you get the kits with different specs and features. Of course, you need to buy a power inverter and battery packs separately to use this solar kit in your home or other living spaces.

Why Should You Buy

  • 800W Off-Grid Solar Premium Kit.
  • Sleek and Durable Solar Panels.
  • 60A MPPT Commander Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Small Homes and Cabins.

5. Eco-Worthy Wind/Solar Combo Off-Grid Power System

What about a wind solar combo off-grid power solution? Eco-Worthy is a leading player in the market of cool wind solar off-grid power solutions. This is one of the top-seller models of the brand. With a total output of 1400 watts, it would certainly let you set up a highly reliable off-grid power solution in your home. Coming to specs, the Eco-Worthy wind solar kit features 10 pieces of 100-watt solar panels and one 400W wind turbine generator. Check out its price on the link below.

Though this kit is available in different power options, we have chosen the most powerful one for this list since you would be looking for a residential wind solar solution. By the way, apart from the solar panels and turbine, another important part of this type of off-grid system is a solar wind hybrid charge controller.  Certainly, this kit has got a powerful hybrid charge controller along with a 1500W 24V-110V power inverter. Well, you could simply set up all the components to realize an awesome off-grid power solution in your home.

The included turbine features high-performance nylon fiber blades, making it durable for use in both land and marine applications. Meanwhile, the included solar panels tout corrosion-resist

ant aluminum frames. So, they are also very durable for rough outdoors. They could get by heavy winds of 2400Pa and snowfall of 5400Pa.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1400W Wind Solar Off-Grid Power System.
  • 10 Units of 100W Mono Solar Panels.
  • 400W Highly Durable Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • 1500W 24V-110V Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • Powerful Solar Wind Hybrid Charge Controller.

6. Eco LLC 1300W 24V Off-Grid Solar Power System Kit

We have yet another brilliant model from a brand called Eco LLC on our list of residential off-grid solar power systems. It is a 1300W solar power system with an ideal output of around 4kWh a day in ideal light conditions. This is a complete off-grid solar system that features four 100Ah batteries, inverter, and charge controller. The solar panels included are eight pieces of 160W units. Check out the price and other details on the link below.

This off-grid solar bundle features a piece of the 60A charge controller and a 3000W 24V power inverter with better surge capacity. Other accessories include solar cables and adapters. You could simply set up the off-grid solar kit over your home or cabin roof and use to power up the entire living space. You won’t need to buy a battery or anything else separately to set up this off-grid solar solution.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1300-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit.
  • 3000W 24V Power Inverter.
  • 60Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Homes, Cabins.

7. Eco-Worthy 800-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Finally, we have Eco-Worthy’s 800-watt solar panel kit. This is a complete solar kit with two 100Ah batteries. So, it certainly becomes one of the best residential off-grid solar power systems out there. You could set it up in your home, cabin, or remote home to make use of the sunlight to power up your life. The bundle has got eight units of 100W solar panels and a host of other essential accessories. Check out its price on the link below.

Further, the Eco-Worthy kit features a unit of 3000W off-grid pure sine wave inverter, a 60Amp solar charge controller, and other accessories like cables, mounting brackets, solar combiners box, and adapters. In total, what you get is a decently large off-grid solar kit for your home and cabins. You could quickly set it up over your home or cabin to stay connected to the world powered by solar energy.

Why Should You Buy

  • 800W Complete Off-Grid Solar System.
  • 3000W Off-Grid Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • 60Amp Solar Charge Controller. 
  • Ideally Powerful Off-Grid Kit for Small Homes. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best residential off-grid solar power systems. They are all easy-to-mount power systems that you could buy at reasonable prices. You could yourself put together and set up these kits if you have little idea about solar technology. Not all the kits include all the required components. Some kits only feature the basic items. In that case, you would have to buy the rest from other vendors. However, if you are looking to design an off-grid power system from scratch, it would always be nice to buy a complete kit.

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