Solar is the most reliable alternative energy source off-the-grid. It is not always good to rely only on grid power or gas generator when you are on the go. They are both depleting sources of energy. If you live in a place with enough sunlight, solar battery chargers are awesome ways you could charge batteries in boats, RVs, caravans, and homes. Amazingly, that ensures unlimited energy at free of cost and with no harm to the nature. Stay with us after image break to have a look at the best solar battery chargers.

Solar Battery Chargers

Best Solar Battery Chargers

A solar battery charger is not any complex setting. It is all about a solar panel with charge controller and other basic accessories like cables, screws, and mounting brackets.

In other words, a portable solar panel with all required accessories for charging a 12V battery is simply a solar battery charger. It charges your boat and caravan batteries under sun. Thus, you get access to an unlimited source of power anywhere you go. So, you can have more fun in your camping trips and outdoor events.

In our list of solar battery chargers, we have a variety of items. Some models are ready-to-use units that work just out of the box. You just need to mount them over your RVs, boats, cabins, or anywhere there you have a 12V battery to charge from sun.

However, some items in our list include the required solar panel units only. Of course, they are portable and friendly for mounting over boats, RVs, or caravans.

But you must buy charge controller and other essential accessories separately along with.

Only then, they become full solar battery chargers. Don’t worry, we try to include our expert’s suggestions of the best accessories you could buy with those panels. Have a look at the best solar battery chargers below.

1. AcoPower 35W Solar Kit with Charge Controller

Are you new to portable solar power? If yes, this 35W single sheet solar panel from AcoPower is a fine pick. It is a unit of poly-crystalline that works quite nice in boats, RVs, trailers, and sheds. For an affordable price, you get this brilliant battery charger. Sure, it makes you enjoy noiseless and grid-independent power anywhere.

You get the AcoPower solar panel with a 10A solar charge controller. Having a USB port on the controller, it is fine for charging your phone and other USB devices also. Along with that, it charges any connected 12V battery so you could back up some power for later use. Hope you love this product for your off-grid needs.

Check Price and Buy @ AcoPower 35W Solar Panel Kit

AcoPower also sells two other power variants of the solar kit; 10W and 25W. All the models come with charge controllers in the bundle. Meanwhile, a 10W solar-panel-only-pack is also available on the above link. Check out the link, see the price and order a unit of AcoPower solar battery charger if you like it.

2. HQST 100W Solar Panel with 20A Charge Controller

It is another one of the most popular solar battery chargers out there. You get a 100W poly-crystalline solar suitcase. As you see in the image, the item has two foldable panels and required aluminium stands for easy positioning. So when not in use, you can fold it down, store and carry anywhere hassle-free.

What’s more, the solar kit comes with an integrated charge controller that supports both 12V and 24V batteries. Well, the included charge controller is HQST’s 20A PWM unit. It also mounts an LCD display letting you have a look at the voltage data.

Check Price and Buy @ HQST 100W Solar Kit with Charge Controller

Further, the solar kit offers a 10-feet wiring to connect the controller with battery. Simply, the HQST solar panel kit works with your boat and RV batteries. By the way, some notable things you will love with this solar kit are increased amperage flow, protective bag, stronger and sturdy kickstand, and reinforced solar panel corners. Use the above link to buy a unit of the solar panel kit.

3. Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel Charger

What about a flexible solar battery charger? This Suaoki 100W unit is an awesome solution. It charges both 12V and 18V systems, but it doesn’t come with a solar charge controller. Meanwhile, the solar panel features high efficient SunPower solar cells that ensure 23% to 25% efficiency. 

We recommend you to buy a unit of Mohoo 20A solar regulator with the Suaoki. It sports USB port so you could also charge your handhelds apart from 12V batteries. The best part with the Suaoki solar panel is, of course, its flexible profile. It flexes up to 30 degrees so it is easy to place it over curved RV roofs or boat decks.

Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Charger

It is very easy to handle this type of flexible solar panel. Sure, you get it very thin and lightweight. Coming to this Suaoki unit, it weighs just 4.85 lbs and is as thin as 0.1 in. Well, that makes it an outstanding pick for all types of portable uses. You can just fix the panel anywhere making use of its four metal reinforced mounting holes at every corner. And keep charging your devices and battery back-ups quite easily.

4. Mighty Max Battery 100W Off-grid Solar Charger

It is a single sheet 100W poly-crystaline solar panel with no charge controller. It highlights high efficiency solar cells that make use of innovative photo-voltaic technology. You can use it to charge both 12V and 18V systems with increased efficiency. To make it a full solar battery charger, you can buy a unit of charge controller with it.

Y&H’s 30A charge controller will indeed be a nice pick to go with this solar charger. It features USB port and LCD display so that it becomes a nice solution for all your off-grid power needs. It is easy to mount this solar panel over your RV, boat, or other vehicles and make use of solar power to charge your batteries or power banks.

Check Price and Buy @ Mighty Max Battery 100W Solar Charger

Made for outdoor use, its maker has designed it strong and durable, of course. See, it touts sturdy aluminum frames that can survive huge snow load and high wind pressure. Coming to set-up, you can use the pre-drilled holes of the panel to mount it anywhere. Buy a unit of the Might Max solar charger from the link above.

5. Renogy 200W Solar Panel Kit with Wanderer

Here comes one of the top-seller solar battery chargers. This is Renogy’s 200W solar panel kit with its 30-watt PWM charge controller, called Renogy Wanderer. If you are a kind of buyer that seriously check out customer reviews and feedback this is the best solar battery charger for your boats, RVs, and etc.

As you see, Renogy sells this solar kit in various power options, starting from 100W. This 200-watt variant is powerful enough to juice up a half-charged 50Ah battery to full in just 1.5 hours under a bright sunlight. So it becomes one of the best solar battery chargers out there. Buy a unit of the kit using the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy 200W Solar Panel Kit

Renogy Wanderer, needless to say, is an awesome charge controller. It is a negative grounded regulator so it is an ideal pick for RVs, caravans, and trailers. More amazingly, with 30A capacity, you can later expand the solar panel system up to a maximum of 400 watts.  That is why I suggest this solar panel kit for serious RVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, because you can expand it later if you want more power.

6. AllPowers 100W Bendable Solar Panel

It is 100W semi-flexible solar panel. Certainly, its flexibility makes you mount it easily over uneven surfaces like boat deck and RV roof. Thanks to its high efficiency SunPower solar cells, it can offer 23.5% higher conversion rate. Plus, it stands out with its highly durable build so it is perfect for all types of outdoor applications.

Absolutely, flexible solar cells are more durable and stronger than their traditional glass or aluminum alternatives. It has got its junction boxes sealed on the backside of the panel and they are waterproof too. The AllPowers solar panel weighs just 4.7 lbs and it is ultra-thin as well. So its transportation and handling are quite easier.

Check Price and Buy @ AllPowers 100W Bendable Solar Panel

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come up with a solar charge controller. You need to buy it separately. We recommend AllPowers’ own 20A 4-stage PWM charge controller that supports both 12V and 24V systems. Plus, you have it with USB port and LCD display. Hence, it becomes more cool to handle the solar charging system in your trips and outdoor events with more efficiency.

7. Dokio 160W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Here goes the last pick in our list of best solar battery chargers. This 160-watt model is a uniquely folding solar charger. We don’t have many such powerful solar panels with folding design. It is quite lightweight and thin respectively at 0.23 inches and  7.7 lbs. The solar panel is sewn into a thick fabric material so after you fold it down it becomes like a carry bag.

Though a 12V battery charger basically, it integrates a unique inverter solar charge controller on its backside. That means, you can use the folding solar panel to charge your devices without a battery. Forget the 12V battery and charge your devices directly under sun. Buy a unit of the solar charger from the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Dokio 160W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

By the way, it works quite nice with 12V batteries. Thanks to its folding design, you can hang it anywhere on your RV, car, boat, or trailer and charge back-up batteries from sun. Just out of the box, it starts to generate solar energy. Well, with high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, it ensures faster charging of your devices.

Final Thoughts

There is a massive variety of solar battery chargers on market today. We have tried our best to bring to you the best-selling seven items. So this list is never complete. We are sure it is not easy for you to the find the best solar charger. Well, everything about buying a solar battery charger depends on the amount of power you need outdoors. Find something that matches well with your requirements in terms of solar capacity and make sure your devices and appliances get enough power off-the-the grid.