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Solar Bluetooth Speakers: 10 Best Solar-Based Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoor Life

Solar Bluetooth speakers help audiophiles enjoy their favorite music right anywhere on a camping or a hiking trip. A solar-powered speaker is an incredible option for you to enjoy your favorite music outdoors in its fine and clear way. That would help incite your mood during an outdoor getaway or a camping trip.

Of course, we have unlimited solar power in the wild to recharge a device that runs on solar power. It is all about finding a perfect solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. Below we have look at some incredible solar-based Bluetooth speakers for you to have a glimpse at and find one at an affordable price.

A solar speaker is a simple device that mainly sports a speaker, battery, and a solar panel. You need to place it under the sun to recharge its built-in battery. Some models also highlight the options for traditional charging like a wall socket, carport, or USB charging besides solar.

Anyway, connected to your handset or music player via Bluetooth, it plays your favorite music right anywhere. Most of the time, solar Bluetooth speakers are rugged, solid, durable, and waterproof to let adventurous users carry them along and use them anywhere easily. We have the best solar Bluetooth speakers below.

Best Solar Bluetooth Speakers

Our team of researchers has done a detailed study of the market to prepare this list of the best Bluetooth solar speakers. As said above, as an outdoor-friendly device, the base quality of a solar Bluetooth speaker is indeed a durable and rugged profile. Also, it should be very portable and handy for use outdoors.

Plus, it should have a good battery and solar cell as well. It should be so handy and lightweight that you can hang it to your backpack or bike easily. Of course, a powerful solar Bluetooth speaker can offer more clarity and bass to your favorite music out in the wild. Stay with us for our list of the best Bluetooth solar speakers.

1. Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Goal Zero, an award-winning player in the portable solar market, sells a variety of solar-based speakers. Rock Out 2 is indeed one of the best solar speakers on the market, thanks to its quality build and voice clarity. As seen in the image above, you have it built with a 0.7W monocrystalline solar cell. Rather amazingly, Goal Zero has left an option to plug in an additional solar panel like its Nomad 7 for the extra collection of solar energy.

Inside the speaker, it sports an 800mAh Li-ion battery to store power. Apart from solar, you can also charge it via USB at a rather faster pace, of course. Furthermore, it features a weatherproof outer shell to let it endure rough outdoor conditions. Coming to music clarity, Rock Out 2 solar speaker boasts Dark Bass chamber that ensures massive airflow for a better experience.

Going solar, it would take around eight hours to charge the speaker under a bright sun. But a fully charged battery can provide you endless music for around 10 hours. You can plug it to a laptop via USB port to charge it faster. Moreover, for creating an enhanced musical experience outdoors, you can chain it together with other Goal Zero speakers. In the end, Rock Out 2 has a size of 7 x 3.75 x 2.5 in and it weighs 450 gm.

Notable Features

  • Weatherproof and Durable for Outdoor Applications.
  • Spacious Fabric-Lined Pocket Included.
  • Powerful 800mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Available in Multiple Shades to Match Your Interests.

2. Alpine Solar Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

Here comes the second pick on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers. As you see, this is unique with its design. The rock-style solar speaker (available in brown and grey) blends superbly well with your landscape. It has got a small solar panel on the top and a cool replaceable battery inside.

However, you can recharge it via USB port also if you don’t want to go solar. This integrates four full range of high-intensity speakers. And its included Bluetooth 4.0 provides it a fifty-foot range for connectivity. Finally, the speaker measures 1 x 9 x 13 inches and weighs 7.21 lbs. Use the link below to check out its price.

The Alpine solar speaker is obviously built for outdoor applications. Apart from being an amazingly lightweight and portable device, this is also weather-resistant so you can ideally use it in rough climatic conditions.

Just connect your handset or other music sources to the Alpine Bluetooth speaker to boost up your experience in enjoying your favorite songs outdoors. It is indeed one of the best-sellers of the kind with a lot of takers on the market. Most of its takers have certainly shared positives reviews on it.

Notable Speakers

  • Unique Rock-Style Bluetooth Speaker.
  • High-Fidelity Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker.
  • Weather-resistant and Perfect for Outdoor Uses.
  • Available in Grey and Brown Shades.

3. Lemon California Roll Speaker

California Roll is another outstanding solar Bluetooth speaker. As per its maker Lemon, this is the world’s first 24/7 solar-powered wireless speaker. Once fully charged under the sun in seven hours, it can run around 15 hours. So you get a chance to listen to your favorite music round the clock with no break.

By the way, integrating a USB power bank, you can use it to recharge your smartphone or other USB devices in an emergency. Lemon realized this cool product in support of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Use the link below to check out its recent price and buy a unit on Amazon.

It is actually a smart Bluetooth speaker with a host of amazing features. The company has used nine solar cells that feature the same high-grade technology used by NASA. The solar panel just wraps around one side of the cylindrical speaker. On the other side comes its best-performing speaker that offers an immersive sound of 90 dB. That gives you a chance to enjoy amazing music in precise clarity and with no distortion.

Another great thing is that you can pair two units of California Roll speakers together to amply the sound. That is what makes it a brilliant choice for party mode playback.

Also, you can connect up to three phones to the Bluetooth speaker at a time. Furthermore, its echo-canceling and noiseless speakerphone help you attend calls and activate voice assistant apps of your phones easily. Above all, you get it in multiple colors.

Notable Features

  • Smart and Unique Bluetooth Solar Speaker.
  • 24/7 Solar-Powered Wireless Speaker.
  • Lightweight, Waterproof and Shockproof Design.
  • Built-In USB Power Bank to Charge Your USB Devices. 
  • Available in Multiple Color Options.

4. ION Solar Stone Speaker

ION Audio Solar Stone wireless speaker is another cool pick on our list of the solar Bluetooth speakers. Similar to the Alpine solar speaker above, it highlights a rock-like form factor. That is how it would perfectly blend into the garden or any other outdoor spaces. Yes, you may hardly notice this rock Bluetooth speaker out there.

Coming to the specs, it touts a 6.5-inch full-range speaker and an integrated amplifier to pump up the volume from your handset or any other source. Follow the link below to check out its price and buy a unit. 

Moreover, ION Solar Stone is ideal for outdoor use thanks to its rugged and waterproof profile. When it comes to power, it sports a 48-hour rechargeable 2000mAh battery that you can also charge from an AC outlet other than the integrated solar panel on the top.

Further, you can wirelessly connect a unit of the ION speaker with another one in a range of 30 inches. Thus, you can ensure amplified sound in your garden or an outdoor event. The Solar Stone speaker has a size 10.75 x 9 x 9 inches and it weighs just 9.2 lbs, by the way.

Notable Features 

  • 6.5-in Full-Range Speaker with Powerful Onboard Amplifier
  • Chainable with Other Units of the Device for Amplified Sound.
  • Realistic Rock Design to Blend Perfectly with Nature.
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery Inside for Longer Play Time.

5. Eecoxgear Sol Jam Solar Speaker

Next, on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers is Eecoxgear Sol Jam. This is a very smart solar Bluetooth speaker with an IPX7 waterproof profile and sturdy design. The stereo speaker is also capable to produce good quality music for you. The device sports a 1.5W HD solar cell and LED meter to optimize the angle of the sun perfectly.

The panel can charge its battery fully in 3 hours. That is at a rate of 325mAh per hour, which is quite enough to run the included speaker for a long time. Use the link after the image to buy a unit of the device.

This is indeed an awesome portable speaker solution. Thanks to its small and handy size, you can just clip it to your bike, backpack, or camping tent and listen to your favorite music all the time around. More amazingly, its maker also avails a 1/4″ camera-style mount (not included in the package) for the speaker.

Hence, you can fix it on many more locations with no much effort. Coming to the customer reviews, this is certainly one of the best solar Bluetooth speakers with a lot of positive reviews out there.

Notable Features

  • Highly Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker.
  • IPX7-Certified Waterproof Solar Speaker.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Your Bike or Backpack.
  • Available in Black and Orange Shades.

6. Renogy E.Tunes Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Last but not least, we have Renogy’s famous E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker. Well, this is a highly powerful 5000mAh solar speaker that also acts as a USB phone charger and flashlight to become one of the best picks of its kind for the campers, and hikers. You can easily carry this highly compact and lightweight device in your backpack and take along on your trips. Follow the link below to buy a unit of Renogy E.Tunes solar speaker.

Coming to specs, E.Tunes is an outdoor speaker with good audio quality. It features a pair of 5W speakers to offer ≥85DB. Fine, it can produce a lossless sound with a low-frequency tracking and it further shows off an anti-breaking amplifier. The dynamic frequency of the speaker is ranging from 80HZ – 18kHZ.2. Outside you have a unit of the 2.5W solar cell and inside a 5000mAh lithium battery to store the power.

By the way, the built-in LED light features an SOS mode so it would come to be a big help for you out in the wilderness. Further, you have it with a USB charger to juice up your phone or any other USB device in an emergency. Well, when it comes to the size, this is a very handy and compact and the included plastic strap contributes much more to its portability.

Notable Features

  • Very Handy, Compact, and Lightweight Solar Speaker.
  • Dual 5W Speakers for High-Quality Audio.
  • 5000mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight and USB Charger.

7. Eton Rukus Xtreme Solar Powered Speaker

Next, on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers, we have a brilliant product from Eton. Called Rukus Xtreme, it is a dual sub-woofer wireless speaker that is powered by a built-in solar panel. You can enjoy your favorite music with crystal clear sound from this device, which is ideally rugged, drop-proof, and water-resistant, for sure.

Specs-wise, Rukus Xtreme highlights a pair of full-range speakers and passive radiators for bass extension. Meanwhile, it packs up a powerful rechargeable battery of 5200mAh to store the power harvested by the built-in 2.6W solar cell on the top. Overall, it turns out to be a cool way to listen to your favorite music in the wild.

By the way, coming from Eton, a company that is committed to helping people be prepared for an outing or an emergency, the solar speaker highlights some go-to source features. Even when keeping you entertained, this would give you access to the latest news and other information.

Further, as said above, this is a rugged and IPX-4 splash-proof device with Bluetooth 4.0. Also, it sports a 5volt-2.4A USB outlet to let you charge your USB-enabled devices in an emergency. Apart from the solar option, you can also charge it via the included AC adapter. That would also be a quick way to charge the device.

Notable Features

  • Dual Sub-Woofer Wireless Speaker.
  • 5300mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  • High-Efficiency 2.6-Watt Solar Panel.
  • Dual Full-Range Speakers With Passive Radiators.
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Emergency Applications.

8. Elzle Solar Bluetooth Speaker

It is another outstanding solar Bluetooth speaker out there. It comes with a 5000mAh battery and an advanced solar panel. You can use it in any outdoor conditions, thanks to its rugged and highly durable build. It can offer you a long battery life giving you a chance to listen to your favorite music for over 50 hours.

At the same time, like all similar solar Bluetooth speakers, this also doubles as a portable solar charger. With a 2.1A USB outlet, you can plug in your phone or other USB devices to it for emergency charging. That is, along with listening to your favorite music, you can keep your handsets and gizmos charged out in the wild.

Well, the Elzle solar speaker features Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to link your phone and other devices to it. For the non-Bluetooth devices, you can use a 3.5mm aux audio cable. Meanwhile, the integrated microphone would let you pick up the calls hands-free. Check out the link above to see its latest price and buy a unit.

Coming to the speaker specs, it is again a wonderful product. Its speaker can produce an amazingly original sound. It also features an advanced APT-X chip for an enhanced audio experience. The device in the meantime is perfect for outdoor use, thanks to its waterproof and drop-proof design and a handy profile.

Notable Features

  • Handy and Rugged Solar Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Rich Bass Stereo Sound for Perfect Outdoor Experience. 
  • Highly-Efficient Solar Panel Integrated. 
  • 5000mAh Battery for Portable Emergency Power.
  • Waterproof, Drop-Proof, and Handy Design.

9. Eton Soulra XL Solar Powered Sound System

Here is a unique product from Eton on our list of solar Bluetooth speakers. Well, it is a special portable dock music station for your iPhones and iPods. This integrates a 72 square inch advanced mono solar panel and a powerful rechargeable battery, which can power up the speaker and recharge the docked iPhone and iPod through its built-in 30-pin dock connector.

Specs-wise, this is a hi-tech portable speaker with as many as eight drivers. They include two tweeters as many woofers and four passive radiators. It can produce 22-watt output with the bass boost to make your outdoor life more exciting with your favorite music. Follow the link below to check out its recent price and buy a unit.

The Eton device integrates an anti-glare tinted chamber for iPhone and iPod. That has the docking connector on a swivel hinge so you can dock any iPhone and iPod with most of the cases. Meanwhile, it has also got a detachable gel-cushioned strap and a carrying handle, making the device perfectly portable for outdoors.

Eton Soulra XL takes five hours for a full charge under optimal lighting conditions. And it can offer as many hours of playback along with powering up the docked iPhone or iPod. Overall, what you get is a great portable solar speaker to amplify the music from your iPhone or iPod.

Notable Features

  • Portable Dock Music Station for iPhone and iPod.
  • Large Solar Panel and Powerful Battery Inside.
  • Eight Speaker Drivers and 22W Output with the Bass Boost.
  • Highly Portable and Perfect for Outdoor Use.

10. Zerolemon Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Here is the final pick on our list of the best solar Bluetooth speakers. This big-size speaker has a large battery. Its maker claims that it is the solar speaker with the longest playtime on the market, thanks to its 10000mAh li-polymer battery. This can possibly offer you a great 72-hour or 1500-song playtime on a single recharge.

Well, the integrated solar panel converts the sunlight into solar power and stores it in the battery. Meanwhile, thanks to its dual USB ports, you can use the speaker to recharge your phones and other USB devices in an emergency. Use the button below to check out its current price and buy a unit on Amazon.

By the way, when it comes to the speaker specs, it is a good way to enjoy your favorite music in 10W stereo sound through its two high-performance drivers. Overall, with the superior bass sound, you can listen to your favorite music in a crystal clear experience outdoors.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Thus, you can connect your phone or other music sources easily and enjoy amplified music wirelessly. The is indeed portable and so you can take it on your trips with no much hassle. The red-and-grey shade also grants it a stylish look and feel.

Notable Features

  • Portable Solar Speaker with the Longest Playtime.
  • 10000mAh Battery to Offer a Long 72-Hour Playtime.
  • Crystal Clear and Superior Bass Sound.
  • Dual High-Performance Drivers for 10W Stereo Output.

What to Consider While Buying a Solar Bluetooth Speaker?

There are a lot of things to consider while buying a solar Bluetooth speaker. Most notably, it is for outdoor use. So, it should basically be a compact and rugged one. Or, you won’t be able to use it confidently in the wild. The other things include audio quality, compatibility with your devices, look and feel, and more.

Below, check out all the main things you should have a look at while buying a solar Bluetooth speaker.

Audio Quality

As a piece of a speaker, it should be able to offer music in high quality. Some brands may compromise on quality to incorporate a seamless design and form factor. So, make sure you should check out all the customer reviews of a model before buying to see if it meets the audio quality standards.

Build Quality

As said above, the next great thing is the built quality. Make sure you get a Bluetooth speaker with a waterproof and rugged profile. Mostly meant for outdoor applications, you may be using it to listen to the music by the side of a water body or in the rain.

Also, you have to carry it along in your backpack or attaching it to your bike. So, only a speaker with a better build quality can withstand the possible rough outdoor applications, for sure.

Additional Features

It will be rather nice to get a Bluetooth solar speaker with some extra features like a USB charging option. As it will be your close companion on your trips and travels, it can help charge your handsets or other USB devices in an emergency.

Another necessary additional feature will be a torchlight. Yes, if you get a solar speaker with a torch or an LED light, you no longer need to carry an extra light to illuminate your camping tent or trail.

Powerful Battery and Charging Options

As a speaker, possibly with additional light or a USB charger, it must evidently carry a powerful battery. Moreover, it should have reliable charging options, as well. For that, the solar panel capacity is a factor. Likewise, make sure it has additional charging options like a USB port or AC outlet.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of solar Bluetooth speakers. We have compiled some of the best models to let you find the best of the crowd. Well, all the solar Bluetooth speakers are ideal for outdoor use. They are all waterproof, rugged, and durable speaker solutions making them perfect for rough outdoor conditions.

Further, they are all lightweight and handy as well. You can easily attach some of the models on your bike or backpack to enjoy the music on the go. Share your thoughts about the solar speakers in the comments.

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