Solar patio umbrellas are cool ways to light up your romantic outdoor parties from sun energy. And give you shade from sunshine during daytime. Well, solar lighted patio umbrellas come with solar-powered LEDs on their ribs giving you enough light in the night. Solar panel on top of the umbrella gathers the required juice.

Solar Lighted Patio Umbrellas

We have a wide range of solar patio umbrellas. A solar patio umbrella is a normal umbrella, but it has a small solar panel, a storage unit and a number of LEDs on its ribs. Some models also tout USB charger. Interestingly, key thing is you don’t need grid power connectivity to light your romantic night moments in the garden.

All solar lighted patio umbrellas in our list come with crank and tilt technology to let you quickly spread and close it. Still, the main attraction with the models is indeed the included LEDs and solar. If you are looking to buy a cool solar patio umbrella it is the right place to have a look at. Stay tuned with us after the break.

Solar Lighted Patio Umbrellas: 10 Solar Patio Umbrellas

It is a time people largely go for solar and other alternative power solutions. Certainly, on market we have a lot of unique products that let us harness solar energy for different applications. Of course, solar-powered patio umbrella is a typical example. Anyway, we have compiled this listicle after a detailed research. Indeed, you can find your favorite product from the below top ten solar lighted patio umbrellas.

1. COBANA Deluxe Tilting Solar Patio Table Umbrella

It is a cool solar patio umbrella that can spread in 9ft diameter. That is, it can easily accommodate 3 to 6 chairs and a table. Coming to LEDs, it has four LEDs on each rib. And you have eight steel ribs, thus featuring total 32 LEDs to emit bright light. Moreover, as you can guess, it sports a small solar panel on top, which can charge its included storage unit in as many as 5 hours. Once fully charged, it can light up the LEDs for around 5 hours.

Cobana solar umbrella touts high quality 250g/sqm polyester fabric cover. It is made of breathable fabric that can block harmful ultraviolet rays from sun. Also, it helps safeguard the umbrella from mildew and water. Overall, you can use the Cobana solar umbrella for a long time in your garden, but it is not recommended for bad weather conditions. Further, it features tilt and crank operation for convenient opening and closing.

2. Sunnydaze Solar Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

The 2nd pick in our list of solar patio umbrellas is from SunnyDaze, a key player in home and garden products. It is a 9ft diameter umbrella with good light and quality build. It can cover a table and 4 to 6 chairs. Certainly, it features hand crank and push-button tilt to let you conveniently handle the umbrella. Plus, it is made of high quality durable polyester fabric and the pole is built with durable, black powder coated aluminum.

Coming to LEDs, it has three LEDs on each rib with a total of 8 ribs overall. A fully charged umbrella can light up the LEDs for around 10 hours. In total, the LEDs offer 12000mcd brightness and emit a temperature of around 6000K. And it comes in four color tones to let you find the most fitting one for your garden ambience.

3. Sundale Outdoor Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

Here is another interesting pick in our list of solar lighted patio umbrellas. This 9ft diameter patio umbrella also features push-button tilt as well as crank liver for easier handling. It has a durable pole and high quality, fade-resistant dyed polyester roof to give you cool shade. Further, it has 8 ribs with each sporting 4 LEDs to give you fine light in the night. By the way, it is available in four appealing colors.

4. Trademark Innovations Deluxe Solar Umbrella

This Trademark Innovations solar patio umbrella is an 8ft diameter model. It looks a rather basic variant with three LEDs on each rib. You have 8 steel ribs in total and thus you have 24 LEDs overall. On top of its polyester roof situates a small square solar panel that will charge the internal storage during day. A fully charged unit can glow the lights for as many as 10 hours. This model also features crank liver and push-button tilt to let you manage it very easily. Moreover, you get it in a variety of colors to match with your garden design.

5. Sundale Outdoor Rectangular Solar Patio Umbrella

It is a different model in our list of solar lighted patio umbrellas today. Well, different from the above variants, this Sundale solar umbrella enjoys a rectangular shape. It is indeed a perfect pick for garden, beach, pool, and yard with its stylish design and nice lighting. Yes, it sports four LEDs on four ribs and three LEDs on the other two ribs. Moreover, it touts crank liver and push-button tilt like all  above models. It is made of dyed polyester and it comes in a wide range of color tones.

6. UBOYS Living LED Lighted Umbrella Outdoor

It is another wonderful solar LED patio umbrella for you to spend time socializing with friends. UBOYS Living’s umbrella features crank system and tilt facility to let you manage it easily. It spreads in a 9ft diameter, thus conveniently covering a table and 4 to 5 chairs. Moreover, it has 8 steel ribs with each carrying three LEDs. Pole diameter is 1.5″ and you have the pole made of powder coated aluminum for durability and added support.

7. Sunnydaze Solar Patio Umbrella Multi-Color

This looks a rather attractive solar patio umbrella with its multi-color stripe design. It has a 9ft diameter so that it can easily shade a table and 4 to 6 chairs. The umbrella is built with 100% polyester fabric and you have 8 steel ribs with each carrying 3 LEDs for brighter light. Like all the above models, it features a small solar panel on top. A fully charged storage unit can light the LEDs for around 10 hours. Thanks to the included crank liver and push-button tilt, it works quite nice while opening and closing.

8. Caymus LED Light Solar Patio Outdoor Umbrella

This Caymus solar patio umbrella is a larger 10ft diameter model. That is, it offers ample space to put a big square table and 4 to 6 chairs in your patio. The fabric used for the unit is 180g polyester cover and it further touts water-proof, fade-resistance and UV blocking capabilities. Like most of the above models, it also comes with 8 steel ribs with each sporting 3 LEDs. Thanks to tilt push-button and crank technology, you can easily handle the umbrella in your backyard.

9. Sunnydaze Steel 10ft Offset Solar Patio Umbrella

As you can see, it is yet another unique item in our list of solar lighted patio umbrellas. Well, it has a different pole setting. While keeping almost the same features of the above models, its pole doesn’t come in the middle. That said, the SunnyDaze 10ft solar patio umbrella is quite nice for hanging over garden dining tablets, pool benches and hammocks, giving you ample space under it.

When it comes to lighting, it sports 8 steel ribs with each featuring 3 LEDs. Overall, the LEDs offer 1200mcd illumination at a temperature of around 3000K. A small solar panel sits on top of the roof. By the way, it is made of 100% durable polyester fabric and the pole is of powder-coated aluminum. However, you need to separately buy a strong base to set up the umbrella in your garden.

10. Yescom Outdoor Patio Solar Umbrella

Here comes the final pick in our list of solar lighted patio umbrellas. It is a 9ft umbrella with good LED lighting. Well, it is again an 8-rib build with each touting four super bright LEDs. It is made of high quality 180g/sqm polyester and a durable pole. Easier tilt functio, hand-crank lift and air vent are other cool options. You can conveniently open and close, turn the canopy to sideward very easily with the advanced features.