RVers always find it hard to charge their electronics on-the-go. It is not a reliable way to carry power banks or gasoline generators. Both the power sources are likely to run out of juice midway and put you in trouble. The coolest way is, indeed, to have a look at the below solar panels for caravans and motor homes. Certainly, they are perfect solutions to charge your electronics with no limits anywhere there is sun in the sky.

Solar Panels for Caravans and Motor Homes and Trailers

Best Solar Panels for Caravans and Motor Homes

There is a big variety of travel-friendly solar panels and solar kits on market today. Usually, an RVer goes on an outing with fully charged back-up batteries or power banks. What about having an amazing way to top up your backups with solar panels? Nowhere it is allowed to take gas generators to environmentally sensitive areas, where you might be enjoying to make your holiday trips to.

There comes the importance of a solar panel. There is nothing to worry about causing any kind of harm to the nature with a solar unit. A portable solar panel is typically a unit that is portable and handy for transportation. In this list of the best solar panels for caravans and motor homes, we would like to introduce you to seven cool solar power solutions. Absolutely, they would make your next camping and RVing more enjoyable.

1. 100W Photonic Universe Folding Solar Panel Kit

Our list of solar panels for caravans and motor homes starts with a model from Photonic Universe, a leading UK seller of portable solar panels. As its title says, it is a 100W folding solar panel kit with a sealed solar charge controller. The best part with the model is its folding design, which makes you transport it easily anywhere.

It features German-made solar cells so you get higher solar efficiency. As per the maker, it works very well even under low light conditions. As said above, the solar panel suitcase packs a built-in charge controller, which is waterproof. And it can do well in protecting your back-up systems from overcharging.

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Photonic Universe is actually a top brand in portable solar panels in UK. Apart from this 100W model, it sells a variety of models starting from 10 watts. This model is indeed perfect for outdoor users. It comes to you with a sturdy storage case so you can easily carry it anywhere. Follow the link above to buy a unit of the solar panel kit from Amazon.co.uk.

2. Biard 100W Semi-flexible Solar Panel

The next item is one of the top-seller semi-flexible solar panels for caravans and motor homes in UK stores. Biard’s 100W solar panel is, of course, perfect for applications where space is very limited. Thanks to its semi-flexible design, it sits well on curved surfaces like RV top, boat deck, rooftop, and etc.

Biard has used Class A high efficiency SunPower solar cells to make this flexible panel. Hence, it is capable to produce quite enough power to charge your RV, boat, and motor home batteries and power stations. Its maker also sells a series of low-end models of the panel, ranging from 10W to 40 watts.

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Flexible solar panels are actually known for their low weight and ultra-thin profile. This Biard model is not an exception, of course. It weighs just 3.42 kg and its dimensions go at 130.2 x 63.1 x 3.5 cm. More amazingly, it is largely thin at 0.5 m. Along with the panel come a solar extension cable and MC4 connectors, by the way.

3. PK Green 80W Folding Solar Charging Kit

This is a typical folding solar briefcase with built-in charge controller. With an output of 80 watts, it is a great pick to charge your 12V batteries, power stations, and RV, and motor home batteries. Just connect it with your power back-ups and enjoy access to unlimited solar energy.

Unique thing with the PK Green solar panel kit is indeed its briefcase design. So it is very nice for handling and transportation. After use, you can lock the panels with the included clips and store in a very small room. Also, it helps you take the solar charging kit in a carrying case anywhere you go.

Check Price and Buy @ PK Green 80W Folding Solar Charging Kit

This 80-watt folding solar charger works quite nice for RVs, motor homes, camping tents, and trailers. You can quickly mount it anywhere and start charging your power backups from sunlight. Use the link above to buy a unit of the 80W solar panel and try how it works for your off-grid power needs.

4. Eco-worthy 160W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Next we have a top-seller polycrystalline panel in our list of solar panels for caravans and motor homes in UK. This one is a popular model with the capacity to charge 24/48-volt battery systems. Well, you can chain together multiple solar panels to increase productivity of the system.

Eco-Worthy also sells a series of lower-end models of this panel, ranging from 10 watts to 150 watts. So it gives you a chance to find the best perfect solar charging capacity for your off-grid power solutions. Have a look at all variants of the Eco-Worthy solar panels available in UK market by following the below link.

Check Price and Buy @ Eco-worthy 160W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

These panels come with pre-drilled holes so you can mount and secure them faster anywhere. Each panel is equipped with 90cm 12AWG male and female connectors. Further, you have the panels with pre-installed by-pass diodes that come inside waterproof junction boxes. Thanks to their corrosion-resistant metal frames, they are good for any weather conditions, by the way.

5. Renogy 200W Solar Panel Kit

Renogy is indeed the most popular brand in portable solar panel industry. This is a highly powerful 200W solar panel kit with charge controller and basic mounting accessories. Renogy also sells a range of less powerful kits of the solar panels for caravans and motor homes in UK.

As you see in the picture, it is almost a complete off-grid solar panel kit. All you need in extra is a 12V battery system or power bank to convert sunlight to electricity. This kit packs up a pair of 100-watt premium Grade A high efficiency mono solar panels. Further, you have it with a unit of 30Amp PWM charge controller, which gives you a chance to expand the system up to 400 watts.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy 200W Solar Panel Kit

Other items in the Renogy 200W solar kit are the basic mounting accessories and cables and wires. Clearly, you get two sets of Z brackets to mount the solar panels. Also, the kit comes up with all required MC4 branch connectors, and tray cable to establish connection between the battery and charge controller.

6. HQST 100W Solar Panel Kit

Here comes yet another cool solar panel kit for caravans, RVs, trailers, and motor homes. This HQST solar kit is made for starters into portable solar power. Well, you can mount the panel over your vehicle and charge its battery backup from sunlight. We have more details about the solar kit below.

First, the popular solar kit packs a 100W mono solar panel that has pre-drilled holes so you can easily place it anywhere. Next in the bundle is a unit of 30W PWM charge controller, which is capable to support up to 400 watts. Further, you have the kit with a pair of 20-feet 12AWG adapter cables, and all essential mounting hardware.

Check Price and Buy @ HQST 100W Solar Panel Kit

Simply, you can set up the HQST solar kit just out of the box. It charges your 12V battery packs and power banks. So it looks one of the perfect solar panels for caravans and motor homes and you get it in UK for an affordable price. Use the link above to order the solar panel kit from HQST, by the way.

7. Photonic Universe 100W Dual Battery Solar Kit

This is a special off-grid solar panel kit with 100W capacity. The unique thing with the charger is its capability to charge two batteries independently. Amazingly, you can set priority in charging the connected batteries. It is like you can pre-set to juice up a battery with 80% of power and the other with 20% and so on.

Included in the Photonic Universe solar kit are a single unit of 100-watt mono solar panel, which features unique back-contact solar cells. That is, solar cells don’t have any shade from metal contacts on the front and so you get increased solar charging efficiency. Further, the kit packs a unit of 10A dual battery charge controller.

Check Price and Buy @ Photonic Universe 100W Dual Battery Solar Kit

Moreover, the solar panel kit has all essential accessories. They include a pair of 5m 2.5mm extension cables with MC4 connectors, 5m 4.0mm battery cable, and as many as four corner plastic mounting brackets. So it is very easy for you to mount the solar panel right anywhere. Use the link above to buy a unit of the solar kit.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of solar panels for caravans and motor homes in UK market. We have compiled a list of top selling items and so it will come quite easier for you to find the best panel out there. Of course, there are many other options on market you can go for. Whatever, make your own research to get the best solar panel kit to make your next outing an awesome experience. Share your thoughts in comments below.