Solar is generally the finest off-grid power solution for a home. But with a roof-mounted solar power system, you can’t survive an emergency situation well. Possibly, a hurricane or thunderstorm may not only cut off your grid supply but also destroy your home solar power system. Here we have a number of portable solar-based alternative power solutions that would let you survive the bad times. In this article, we would like to check the 10 incredible solar power backup systems for homes. That will make your life rather safer, for sure.

Solar Power Backup Systems for Homes

Obviously, all popular off-grid power solutions on the market are solar systems. Some hand-crank systems are also there, but they don’t look much practical. Anyway, here we would like to explore 10 top-seller options you can try out. Naturally, the systems on our list come from different segments. Maybe, you will only need a small solar charger to ensure off-grid solar power for an emergency to juice your essential communication gadgets. Or you may need a full-fledged solar generator to run bigger appliances.

10 Best Solar Power Backup Systems for Homes

Apparently, we have come across several off-grid power solutions on this blog before. On contrary, in this list, we would like to compile a list of off-grid solar power systems from different segments. They may range from a small folding solar charger to a high-end solar generator. Indeed, we believe that all the households need an emergency off-grid solar power solution, which makes you prepared for a survival situation.

By the way, if you have got an off-grid power system in your home, you must ensure its backup is full always. So you will be able to face an emergency or survival situation with no worry. And later manage the things by topping up your backup from the sun if needed. Thus, you can make sure you get an unlimited flow of power to stay alive until the situation improves or the rescuers find you. Anyway, it is the time for you to have a look at our list of the outstanding solar power backup systems for homes below. Stay tuned.

1. Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max Solar Generator

It is an ideal solar generator that you can largely rely on for off-grid power in case of an emergency. The most lovely thing about this product, as you see, is its portability. Though a powerful 2000Wh powerhouse, you can easily move it from one place to the other, thanks to its clamshell design. Apart from the high-end Forty2 Max variant, it comes in a 500Wh Forty2 Pro and 1000Wh Forty Pro+ variants. We have more details below. Before that, use the link below the image to buy a unit of the Peppermint solar generator.

Check Price and Buy @ Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max Solar Generator

As you see in the pic, it is a highly portable all-in-one solar generator. You don’t need to do any set-up to start using this machine. Just open it up and place in the sunlight. The included 180W solar panels charge the built-in battery so you get emergency power backup for future use. By the way, thanks to its increased output, you can use it to run larger appliances like TVs, fridges, computers, power tools, and medical equipment easily.

Above all, this Peppermint generator is also nice for RV and trailer use. You can carry it in your vehicle hassle-free and store in a small room after the use. Make sure you place it somewhere there is good sunlight before making into the adventures in the wild. At your return, you get plenty of solar energy. Yes, that will make you spend the nighttime with good lighting and power to charge your devices. That is the way it becomes one of the best solar power backup systems for homes out there.


  • An all-in-one ultra-portable and handy solar generator.
  • Decently powerful to charge bigger appliances in an emergency.
  • Highly portable for use in RVs, trailers, and campers. 
  • Multiple variants available – Two more low-end models on the market. 
  • The only powerful all-in-one solar generator on the market. 

2. Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Power Generator

Do you have a limited budget that prevents you from buying the above model? Then, this Renogy model is for you. It is a budget all-in-one solar generator and is a basically powerful model only. Clearly, this is a 150W solar generator, which you can simply carry anywhere. This model also highlights its clamshell design as the most exciting thing. But the built-in 20W solar cells are less powerful to charge its backup in a few hours. However, Renogy has left an option to add extra solar panels up to 120W to increase solar charging speeds.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator

Inside the machine lodges a 16Ah Li-ion NMC battery. In fact, that could store enough power to charge up your basic gadgets like phone, tablet, camera, and lightings. Fine, if you are looking for a small solar backup system for your emergency power needs, Renogy Phoenix looks to be a cool pick. It weighs just around 12.8lbs and has a size of 13.8 x 16.1 x 3.9 inches. So it comes out to be very handy for everybody.

You can just carry it by holding the durable handle and store it in a very small room after the use. That is why it is a favorite pick for the campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Well, the compact and lightweight device is perfect for all your individual trips. It can charge up a variety of your on-the-go applications. For that, it has got one AC socket, four USB ports, two DC ports, and one CiG port. Use the link above to buy a unit of the machine.


  • Compact, handy and lightweight all-in-one solar generator. 
  • Ultra-portable for outdoor and camping power needs.
  • Expandable with additional solar panels. 
  • The cheapest all-in-one solar generator out there.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

It is a solar-based power station. That makes it quite different from the above two systems. You need to buy extra solar panels to make it a complete solar generator. Goal Zero is a leading an innovator of this kind of portable solar power stations. Fine, the American company sells a range of lead-acid and lithium-based Yeti power stations with different outputs. Anyway, Yeti 1400 Lithium is indeed one of the best solar power backup systems for homes you could try out in an emergency. Use the link below to buy a unit of the machine.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

This is, in fact, a 1425Wh portable power station that you can use to charge around 10 devices simultaneously. Its patented pure sine wave AC inverter is capable to offer you a continuous power of 1500W and the surge of 3000W. Moreover, it highlights Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you access the complete data about the machine via the Yeti App on your phone. By the way, the powerful power station can run a range of your larger appliances quite smoothly. That is why it comes to be a perfect emergency solar power station even for a big family.

As said above, you need to buy the solar panels, in addition, to make it a real solar generator. Or you could use it as just a power station that you could charge from either your wall or carport. Anyway, Goal Zero itself offers a number of solar chargers for its Yeti series. The most suitable one for Yeti 1400 Lithium is Goal Zero’s much-touted 200W folding solar charger called Boulder 200 Briefcase. Well, this is known for its increased portability, thanks to its suitcase design. Or you can try out a more affordable Boulder 100 Briefcase.


  • A highly powerful lithium solar power station.
  • Built-in cart and durable handle for easier moving.
  • Supports 10 devices at the same time for off-grid charging.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to check real-time performance data.
  • One of the high-end models of Goal Zero’s famous Yeti Lithium series.

4. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

The next on our list of the solar power backup systems for homes also come from Goal Zero. The Yeti 400 Lithium, as you know, is the entry-level model of Goal Zero’s new lithium line-up. This is actually an upgrade to Goal Zero’s former Yeti 400 lead-acid device. What makes it different from Yeti 1400 is, of course, its more lightweight and portable design. Being a smaller machine, you can easily handle it during an emergency or camping trip. But, as you see, this is not powerful enough to run many larger devices at the same time.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Specs-wise, Yeti 400 Lithium is a 428Wh lithium portable power station. It packs up a pure sine wave inverter that can offer you a continuous output of 300 watts and surge power of 1200 watts. You have to a number of output ports like USBs, 120W 12V DC sockets to support a variety of your gadgets and appliances. This is ideal for running many of your regular small appliances like CPAPs, lights, tablets, cameras, and etc. Use the link above to order a unit of the Yeti 400 Lithium portable power station.

Again, you need to buy a solar charger separately to make the Yeti 400 also a full solar generator. However, it doesn’t require a large solar charger. So a Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase will do that job very neatly. Being a foldable solar panel, it works quite nicely in your outings or an emergency. It takes no much room for storage. And for better results, you can position it on its built-in kickstands so the sunlight hits the solar panels well.


  • Lightweight and handy portable solar power station.
  • Powerful enough to run essential emergency devices and appliances 
  • An ideal pick for camping, outings, and other outdoor activities. 
  • A rich number of output ports to support various devices. 

5. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Jackery’s Explorer 20 is indeed one of the popular solar power backup systems for homes out there. Though Jackery has made it as an exclusive outdoor off-grid power solution, it will work amazingly as an emergency power system as well. The most exciting thing about the power station is its ultra-portable and handy design. As you see in the photo, it comes with a strong and durable handle, which lets you take it anywhere with no hassle. You can use it to charge a variety of your devices thanks to the built-in AC, carport, and USB sockets.                                 Check Price and Buy @ Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

It is actually a 240Wh portable solar power station from Jackery. The company also sells a 160Wh and 440Wh variants of the same machine. Anyway, this is notable for its highly lightweight design. Weighing at just around 7 lbs, you can easily take it anywhere. Meanwhile, it can power many of your essential gadgets and appliances in use of solar energy. Certainly, you can rely on this device much if you get stranded in a natural calamity for the solar power to stay alive. Use the link above to buy a unit of the Jackery solar power station.

Like the Goal Zero Yeti devices, it is also a portable solar power station only. You need to buy a solar charger in extra if you want to use it as a solar generator. Otherwise, you can charge it from either your carport or wall socket only. Well, Jackery itself offers an outstanding 100W foldable solar charger for the machine. It is a four-fold ultra-portable solar charger that you can use even in rough outdoor situations.


  • Ultra-lightweight and portable solar power station.
  • Stylish and outdoor friendly power station.
  • Multiple variants are available based on the output.
  • Highly affordable.

6. Suaoki 100W Solar Panel

Here we have a ready-to-use solar panel on our list of solar power backup systems for homes. Unlike the above solar power stations, this one features only a solar charger with USB and DC output ports. Hence, you can directly charge your essential gadgets in an emergency under the sunlight. If you need to store the power for later use, you must own a power bank or any other backup solutions. But the amazing thing is that you can ensure solar energy with no much worry if you have this solar charger. It is very lightweight and ultra-portable.

Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 100W Solar Panel

Specs-wise, the Suaoki solar charger features a 100-watt high-efficiency Sunpower mono solar panel. And to charge your devices, you have got it with dual output ports, as said above. They are a 5V/2A USB port and an 18V/5A DC port. Well, they make you charge your USB-enabled devices like phones and cameras and the DC devices like laptops and batteries respectively. Of course, you can use both the ports, at the same time.

Are you concerned about the safety of your devices when you charge them directly from the sun? No worries. Suaoki has included a unique TIR-C technology, which is a built-in IC for each port, to ensure the connected devices get the right amount of power at the right speeds. By the way, Suaoki recommends this solar charger for its much-touted portable solar power station, the Suaoki G500. Hence, it might be awesome if you buy the Suaoki power station along with the charger, anyways.


  • Ready-to-use 100-watt solar charger for an emergency.
  • Ultra-lightweight and folding solar charger for camping and hiking.
  • Dual output ports – USB and 18V DC – to support a variety of your devices.

7. AcoPower 120W Portable Solar Panel

Next, we have another wonderful folding solar charger. This is a 12V 120W charger with three-fold solar arrays. Different from the above Suaoki model, it comes with a removable alligator clip cable. That means you can use it to charge any 12V battery just under the sun. By the way, you can remove the battery cable and the included charge controller to connect the MC4 plugs directly to a power station. Of course, AcoPower recommends this for its popular 400Wh solar power station. Use the link below to buy a unit of the solar charger.                                      Check Price and Buy @ AcoPower 120W Portable Solar Charger

Amazingly, it is one of the most portable solar power backup systems for homes on the market. Weighing at just 9 lbs and with a size of 22 x 17.5 x 1.2 inches, it is very handy and pocket-friendly. After the use, you can fold it down to a very small unit. And you could set it up in a matter of time. Coming to the specs, it has got highly efficient Sunpower solar panels. Further, it packs up a 10A LCD charge controller with dual USB ports.

The AcoPower solar charger also features the built-in kickstands. That would make you position it correctly in a way it grabs as much as sunlight to offer you the best results. Meanwhile, AcoPower also sells an 80W variant of the same solar charger, which is a two-folded unit. Well, if you are worried about your budget, it gives you a chance to choose a less powerful model, of course.


  • 120-watt folding solar charger with MC4 connectors. 
  • 10Amp LCD solar charge controller.
  • Battery cable with alligator clips.
  • Highly portable charger with built-in kickstands for better placement.
  • A low-price variant is available.

8. PowerFilm 120-watt Foldable Solar Panel

A solar charger for survival preparedness must be extremely rugged, handy and lightweight. In that sense, this PowerFilm 120W folding solar charger is one of the best solar power backup systems for homes. Mainly, it has a compact and durable design. The Chinese flexible solar panels are mostly fragile and heavy and so don’t fit for the rough outdoor conditions. Buy a unit of the PowerFilm charger from the link below.

Check Price and Buy @ PowerFilm 120-watt Foldable Solar Panel

Though a bit costly, what you get is a nice outdoor-friendly solar charger. You can use it to directly charge your electronics via the included 12V female car charger adapter or any other available accessories. In addition, you can buy a 12V USB adapter or a battery cable with alligator clips to charge your USB devices and 12V batteries respectively. PowerFilm also avails a host of other accessories for the solar charger.

The interesting thing with the PowerFilm charger, however, is its foldable design. You get the charger with 24 solar arrays on an extremely durable fabric material. Hence, after the use, you can fold it down to a very small and tiny unit, which fits well in your backpack. Of course, the solar cells are of high quality and so you can use them anywhere outdoors with no worry.


  • Extremely durable and compact folding solar charger.
  • Lightweight, handy, and rugged for outdoor use.
  • 12V female car charger adapter included.
  • Ideal for survival preparedness kits.

9. Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

Here is another Goal Zero product on our list of the best solar power backup systems for homes. As you see, this is a folding solar charger with a set of rechargeable batteries. Though a camper-friendly product basically, this will help you much in an emergency. You can recharge your phone or other communication gadgets with solar power in a largely cheaper way. This product is priced very low compared to all the emergency solar power systems above. Use the link below the image to order a unit of the Goal Zero recharging kit.                                        Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit

As you see, this Goal Zero kit has two parts. One is a unit of Goal Zero’s famous Nomad 7 solar charger. It is a two-fold 7-watt solar charger that features a junction box with an LED solar indicator. Further, it packs Guide 10 Plus recharger, a set of four Goal Zero AAA batteries that offer a total capacity of 11Wh, 2300mAh (4.8V). That is, a fully charged Guide 10 Plus kit can recharge your phone multiple times.

Well, the Guide 10 Plus recharger features a USB port to charge your gadgets. Meanwhile, apart from the solar panel, you can charge the batteries with a micro USB cable. The device also has a small LED light on the back to help you out in the night. Overall, the Guide 10 Plus solar recharging kit is one of the best solar power backup systems for homes for a budget price. Well, if you are concerned about your budget, get a unit of the kit and make sure you have a small way to charge your essential gadgets in an emergency.


  • Budget emergency solar charger with a battery backup.
  • Highly portable and lightweight solar power solution.
  • Ideal for outdoor power needs – camping and hiking.

10. RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel

We have a simple folding solar charger as the final one on our list of the best solar power backup systems for homes. It is not a high-tech product, but a cheap way to ensure emergency power in your home or workplace. You can just place the three-fold 24W solar charger under the sun and charge your essential gadgets easily for emergency calls or messages. If you don’t afford any of the above emergency solar power systems, it looks to be the finest way to make sure power backup in an emergency. Use the link below to buy a unit.

Check Price and Buy @ RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel

The RAVPower solar charger comes up with three USB ports. That is, you can charge multiple devices from it at the same time. All the USB ports feature an exclusive iSmart technology to ensure the better and safer flow of solar power to the connected devices. As you see, this is basically a hiker or camper-friendly product. But if you have this, it will definitely guarantee you the basic power to stay alive in an emergency.


  • Highly portable and folding solar charger for an emergency. 
  • Camper and hiker-friendly solar charger. 
  • Three USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best solar power backup systems for homes. As put it above, we have tried our best to include the models from various price and capacity segments. Of course, you can find a cool solution to ensure emergency power backup in your home. That is quite necessary because nobody knows when a bad incident happens. Anyway, hope you find a cool model from our list of the solar power backup systems for homes. SwanOff-Grid Power SystemsSolar Power StationsSolar Power SystemsSolar is generally the finest off-grid power solution for a home. But with a roof-mounted solar power system, you can't survive an emergency situation well. Possibly, a hurricane or thunderstorm may not only cut off your grid supply but also destroy your home solar power system. Here we have...| Off-Grid Power Solutions | Portable Solar Wind Power |