Best Solar Wireless Security Cameras: 10 Best Solar Security Camera Systems

What about getting a wireless solar security camera? That will indeed be an excellent way to secure up the premises of your households, worksites, farms, warehouses, and more. It is simply because you won’t need to have grid connectivity to power it up. Well, we have a list of the best solar wireless security cameras for you.

Of course, as its name clearly says, solar energy runs a solar camera. That said, it comes up with a solar panel integrated or in a separate unit. Added with the Wi-Fi connectivity, it could help you monitor the visuals in real-time. That means you could enhance the security of your far-located surroundings with no much hassle.

All of the best solar wireless security cameras equip built-in batteries to store power for long-hour operation. Anyway, stay tuned to have a look at the best solar powered security cameras on the market below.

A solar wireless security camera works exactly like any regular wireless security camera. That has got the same camera setting and other components, but it draws power from the sunlight. That said, the included PV panels and batteries work together to collect and store energy. And run the cameras run all the time around.

Of course, we have a wide range of the best solar wireless security cameras out there. We would like to list the best of the best to make your selection easy. Thanks to the included Wi-Fi or SIM connectivity, you could track the footage from anywhere and enjoy many other advanced features with the solar cameras.

Best Solar Wireless Security Cameras

Well, solar-powered security cameras come in various models with different features. First of all, you have the products in two main categories; some with the integrated solar panels and some with separate solar panels. A lot of other features make the solar-powered security cameras exciting products.

Below we have a list of the best solar Wi-Fi cameras. Explore them to find the best model to enhance up the surveillance and security of your remote properties, gardens, outhouses, farms, and more. Following the list, we have a guide on how to set up a solar-powered security camera in your space.

1. KKMoon Solar Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

We have KKMoon’s solar outdoor camera as the first entry on our list of best solar wireless security cameras. It has a commonly available design so that you could see it with many other vendors under their branding. Anyway, its cool all-in-one design gives it a sleek and stylish form. You could quickly mount it and start surveilling.

Of course, it is a perfect solar security camera with 1080P FHD recording facility and Starlight night vision. You could install it easily anywhere. Its combination of PV panel and Wi-Fi makes it a worthy piece to ensure security on your premises. Connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi and track all the movements lively.

KKMoon Solar Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

This model highlights a motion detection feature. You could trigger the device to record footage if something moved in front of it. Absolutely, that would help enhance the security of the area where you have placed the camera. By the way, a fully charged KKMoon solar camera could run it for two days.

So, even if there are some cloudy hours a day, you could manage to keep the camera running fine. Meanwhile, to access the camera footage wirelessly, you have got an app for mobile phones and software for computers. These clients let you keenly and lively watch the movements around your home, thanks to the solar camera.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1080P WiFi Solar Security IP Camera.
  • 260-Feet Starlight Night Vision for Better Surveillance.
  • Large Li-ion Battery and Built-in 16G SD Card.
  • Remote Access from App or Software via Wi-Fi.
  • Ideal Wireless Camera for Enhanced Surveillance.

2. Fuvision Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Here is another cool Wi-Fi-enabled solar security camera. The Fuvision solar-powered surveillance camera has got a three-layered high-efficiency 6W adjustable solar panel. See, you could adjust the angles of the panels at both ends to make it collect more solar energy to run the camera for long hours.

Inside, the device packs up a 10400mAh high capacity rechargeable battery. That is indeed powerful enough to run the camera for long hours uninterrupted once fully charged. Specs-wise, this is a 1080p HD camera with a host of advanced features for better surveillance. Check out the button below for its latest price.

Other attractive features of the Fuvision solar security Wi-Fi camera include its weather-resistant design, cloud storage, SD card recording, and more. Besides, it highlights an advanced PIR motion detection sensor, high-quality night vision, and a lot of other interesting features.

Thanks to its solid mounting stand, you could fix it strongly on a wall. You could simply screw the base to the surface by making sure you have the panel clearly exposed to the sun. It also comes up with an app for mobile to let you access the camera visuals remotely from anywhere. The device supports WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n.

Why Should You Buy

  • Wireless 1080P Solar Powered Security Camera
  • High-Capacity 10400mAh Rechargeable Battery.
  • Remote Access Camera Via Mobile Application.
  • Adjustable 6-Watt High-Efficiency Solar Panel.
  • Perfect Wireless Camera for Outdoor Surveillance.

3. Freecam Solar Wireless Security Camera

The third pick on our list of best solar wireless security cameras is a unique model. Different from the above items, it is equipped with a built-in solar cell. Of course, that makes it a genuinely standalone solar camera. So it is quite easy to fix and manage. We have more details about the all-in-one solar wireless security camera below.

When it comes to specs, Freecam camera is surely a perfect security camera with increased night vision. And it also features a waterproof build. As said above, you can easily fix it anywhere and record footage in 720P HD. And its battery, once fully charged, can run it for five days. For a full charge, it needs the sunlight of a single day.

Well, the battery inside is a powerful 6400mAh unit. That offers you longer standby, i.e., 30 to 60 days without the sun. By the way, this camera works only with 2.4GH routers, not with the new-gen 5GHz routers. You can monitor the footage on your phone, tablet, or computer-like all similar solar cameras.

Also, it can send a photograph to your mobile or computer instantly after it detects a movement in the area you have fixed the camera. That said, with access to sufficient sunlight and a reliable network, you could ensure high security for your home or work premises, gardens, outhouses, or distant properties.

Why Should You Buy

  • 720P HD Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera.
  • Standalone Solar Camera with Built-In Solar Cell. 
  • Built-In 6400mAh Rechargeable Battery Inside.
  • Perfect Choice for Gardens, Outhouses, and Remote Properties.

4. ReoLink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera

It is an outstanding solar camera from ReoLink, a global leader in smart home security and camera solutions. What you get is a state-of-the-art easy-to-install solar powered security camera. You could quickly mount the 1080p HD stunning Night Vision camera by simply screwing along with the included solar panel.

This device could offer you a 130° wide field of vision to get clear videos and in-depth pics. By the way, thanks to the starlight CMOS sensor and infrared LEDs, it could provide you very clear night vision and colorful pics. Check out the button below for its latest price and buying a unit.   

Coming from ReoLink, the solar camera highlights Google Assistant support and other smart features. Well, it could store video to cloud apart from the included SD card, which accepts cards up to 64GB. For cloud storage, you could use Reolink Cloud, which avoids any risk of footage loss and privacy leak.

Overall, it is a nice security camera that you could totally control wirelessly to watch your pets, kids, home, and properties from anywhere. Meanwhile, like all similar products, the Reolink camera comes with suitable apps and software for remote access as well as live watching.

Yes, you have the apps for both Android and iOS platforms. And you could also track the footage via Windows or Mac computers. Fine, with these cool features, the device is actually one of the best solar wireless security cameras out there. Yes, you really get a high-quality solar wireless camera with it.

Why Should You Buy

  • Advanced 1080p HD Solar Wireless Camera.
  • Stunning Night Vision and Clear Night Images.
  • Google Assistant Support and Reolink Cloud.
  • Remote Access via Free Reolink Software and Apps.
  • One of the Best-Seller Reolink Solar Cameras.

5. Reolink Argus PT Solar Security Camera

Here is another bundle of a solar security camera from Reolink. The same adjustable solar panel comes with another popular Reolink camera, called Argus PT. As you know, the Argus PT is a cutting-edge outdoor tilt security camera with 1080p Full HD quality and a Starlight Night Vision sensor.

Carrying a 6500mAh battery, it could store enough power to run it for long hours. So, with the solar panel, you could set it up anywhere outdoors for the security of your properties. Well, the camera runs on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to let you access the footage from a remote location. Use the button below to check out its latest price.

Thanks to the included tilt & pan and night vision sensor, Argus PT could record video 140° vertically and 355° horizontally in 1080p quality. Also, with the CMOS sensor, it could provide you a clear night vision up to 33-feet even under weak lighting. That is what makes it one of the best solar wireless security cameras out there.

Moreover, like all Reolink security cameras, it could record the video to a microSD card as well as the Reolink cloud. It also supports Google Assistant and other advanced features. Mounting the solar panel and camera is also a breeze as they have got solid mounting brackets and screw holes.

Why Should You Buy

  • Cutting-Edge 1080p Full HD Argus PT Wi-Fi Camera.
  • High-Efficiency Adjustable Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-in Tilt & Pan and Night Vision Sensor.
  • High-Quality 6500mAh Rechargeable Battery.
  • Quick and Easy Setup Solar Security Camera.

6. Maxsa Solar Security Camera with Floodlight

Maxsa’s solar security camera is unique with an included floodlight. Yes, as you see in the photo, apart from the camera and solar panel, it integrates an LED light so it could help protect your home and premises more perfectly. You could surveil the surroundings even directly with the light.

Coming to the camera, this is actually a 640P video surveillance camera with the capacity to record footage up to four hours at a time. Meanwhile, the built-in LED light offers you a brightness of 878 lumens. That is quite enough to light up a significant portion of your home and property premises during the night.

Maxsa Solar Security Camera with Floodlight

Well, being another important security feature, it touts the capability to capture movements within 110-degree range during the day and around 15 feet at night. You could store the video in its 16GB microSD card to have a look at the video when needed. The included memory can store footage for up to 4 hours.

Inside the camera has a 4.4Ah Li-Ion battery that you could charge from sunlight during the day. As you see, it is up with a small solar panel and a 15ft cable. So it does a good job of harvesting solar energy and powering up the device for long days. The Maxsa solar camera is actually doing quite well on the market, and so it looks one of the best solar wireless security cameras.

Why Should You Buy

  • 640P Solar Wireless Camera with an LED Floodlight. 
  • Decently Powerful 4.4Ah Li-Ion Battery Inside.
  • LED Lighting with 878-Lumen Brightness.
  • Stylish Design and Good for All Outdoor Applications.

7. Lynx Solar Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

The next on our list is an advanced solar camera from Lynx. Apart from standard features like solar power, Wi-Fi, and better night vision, this model highlights a unique face recognition feature. That is, the camera could identify the person in front of it. And leave a check-in notification with familiar faces and an alert notification with unfamiliar faces. Of course, that makes it a really awesome security camera.

It is indeed a perfect outdoor camera for security purposes. It offers crystal clear HD video. Well, using the Tend secure mobile app, you can access the footage from anywhere in the world. With access to free cloud storage, you could check out the footage of the last week. Use the link to buy a unit of the camera.

As you see in the photo, the camera and solar panels are two different parts. You can fix the camera anywhere and connect it to the solar panel, which is capable of collecting enough energy on a single day to run the camera for a week. That would certainly make the overall system a perfect security surveillance camera.

Why Should You Buy

  • Full 1080P HD Video Wireless Surveillance Camera.
  • Face Recognition Feature Integrated.
  • Night Vision Camera with Clear Visuals.
  • Free 7-Day Video Cloud Storage.
  • Perfect Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Camera.

8. Reolink Argus Eco Wireless WiFi Camera

Reolink Argus Eco is another popular outdoor camera from the brand. Are you looking to buy an extremely weatherproof and durable outdoor camera? Then, put an end for your search with Argus Eco. Along with solar charging support, you could enjoy a 1080p Full HD view of your surroundings. Even during the night, it could provide you amazing clarity as it supports 33ft Night Vision.

You could run the camera incessantly by recharging it either via its 5V 2A phone adapter (not included) or the included Reolink solar panel. And enjoy a clear view of your pets, babies, and properties from anywhere in the world, thanks to the stunning clear vision HD camera. Whether it is day or night, you could keep watching your properties at an amazing clarity and precision. Use the link to buy a unit of it.

Reolink Argus Eco Wireless WiFi Camera

Further, you could set up the advanced motion sensitivity features with it. So, nothing like a flying twig or some flies would invoke false alarms. The Smart PIR Motion Detect would alert you with perfect motion videos, voice alarms, email alerts, and push notifications whenever some serious movement takes place. As usual, you get a great remote access app for your phones and software for your computers.

Why Should You Buy

  • Advanced Full 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera.
  • Powerful Battery to Keep Charge for Multiple Days.
  • Reolink Solar Charger Included. 
  • Smart PIR Motion Detect and Perfect Alerting System.
  • One of the Very Popular Reolink Solar Cameras.

9. Soliom S60 Solar Powered Security Camera

When it comes to the solar-powered security cameras, this Soliom product is indeed an essential item. More interestingly, it is the most stylish solar camera on our list. Well, using the 1080P HD camera, you could record visuals around your home or office with crystal clarity and perfection. Surely, this is a superb way you could go completely wireless in ensuring the security of your valuables around your living spaces.

What powers up the Soliom camera is a highly reliable built-in 4000mAh battery. The integrated solar panels recharge the battery for a complete supply of natural energy. Are you planning to fix the camera somewhere there it rains always? No worries. The Soliom is a fully waterproof device with an IP66 certification.

It is like any of the above solar powered security cameras. You have it with all the advanced features when it comes to remote access, motion sensor, cloud storage, and more. The highly sensitive motion sensor could let bring you alerts on all unexpected movements around your surveillance area. Also, do no longer worry about false alerts. It is capable of delivering you the best experience in alerts and notifications.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1080P HD Solar Wireless Surveillance Camera.
  • Highly Reliable Built-In 4000mAh Battery.
  • Stylish Design with a Waterproof Profile.
  • Perfect for Outdoors and Indoors Security Surveillance.
  • Advanced Remote Access and Motion Sensor Features.

10. Enster Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

Are you on a budget and looking to buy a small solar security camera? This Enster all-in-one solar camera is a good pick, then. I would also like to recommend this cool self-sustained light and Wi-Fi camera combo if you want to enjoy the installation in a breeze. It is such an excellent device that integrates the solar cells, Wi-Fi camera, and an outdoor floodlight. Check out its price by following the link and stay for more details after the break.

Like all other leading solar cameras, you get it with a quality 1080P full HD camera. You could easily access the stream remotely via a mobile app. The clear vision of your surroundings during the day and night would make things rather secure and safe for you. Meanwhile, what powers up the security camera and the 15-LED light is the built-in 2500mAh battery. And a few hours of optimal solar light is enough to top it up regularly.

Sitting back anywhere in the world, you could have a clear look at your properties back at home. Any strange movement within 9.8-16.4ft will awake the PIR motion sensor, and the camera will duly notify you with it. At the same time, for your reference, it would record a short clip of it into the memory and the connected cloud.

Further, you could fix the camera anywhere irrespective of climate conditions. It is crafted adequately with the best weatherproof technologies.

Why Should You Buy

  • Affordable 1080P HD Solar Wireless Camera.
  • Integrated LED Lighting for Enhanced Security.
  • PIR Motion Sensor with Live Notifications. 
  • Super Cool and Easy-to-Install Standalone Design.

Why Should You Buy Solar Security Cameras

There are many reasons why you should prefer to solar-powered security cameras. A regular camera works on the power of your grid connectivity. That needs direct cabling, but a solar camera is obviously different. That has got either a built-in or a separate solar panel to recharge its internal battery. Below let us have a look at some notable reasons why you should buy a solar security camera.

1. Easy-to-Install and Move

Of course, a solar camera is very easy to install and use. Since it needs no messy cabling, you could just fix it anywhere. The only thing to ensure is that the solar panel part of the device receives sunlight. You don’t need the help of a technician to set up a solar camera. You could just screw it and control it entirely on your phone.

Usually, on the move, you would have to find a technician to unmount all your regular security cameras and wire them in your new place. With solar cameras, moving is a breeze. You don’t need any hard work when it comes to moving the camera from one place to the other. Everything is superbly simple.

2. 100% Wireless Camera

To fix a regular security camera, you need to cable from the control system to each camera. In the case of a solar camera, you need no cable or wire to set up the things. That is indeed a great advantage. If you live in a place with enough sunlight, solar cameras, therefore, come out to be great options for ensuring security.

3. Eco-Friendly Camera Solutions

Powered by solar panels, these security cameras are perfect eco-friendly solutions. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, it is always nice to go with the best solar wireless security cameras.

How to Set Up Solar Security Cameras

As mentioned, setting up a solar camera is very easy. After unboxing, you could just screw the camera and the solar panel (in case you have both in separate pieces) on a wall or any other surface. And connect the cam with the panel using the included cable. In most of the cases, you will not have to do this as they come connected.

In the case of a standalone solar camera, it is somewhat easier. You just have to fix the device to the surface. That is all. You have done with the set-up.

Next, download the included app or the software on your PC. Most of the solar-powered security cameras offer apps for both Android and iPhone platforms, as well as Mac and Windows systems.

Also, you need a live Wi-Fi network to connect the camera with the phone or computer. Well, pairing the same is possible in a breeze, as you know. You could just connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network and then go with the particular app to control the whole camera from anywhere, anytime.

Final Thoughts

Of course, everyone needs security for their properties, home, garden, and other valuables. It is never a new thing to set up a surveillance camera for that purpose. However, it is a great idea to go for one of the above best solar wireless security cameras for increased security.

If you want to set up a security camera in your garden, warehouse, remote home, or anywhere outside the main building of your home, it is indeed good to get a solar security camera. That ensures live tracking of your premises with no interruptions at all.

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