Setting up an electrical light in a garden, park or street would be so costly. What would be the best solution, then? Of course, solar is the perfect answer. Well, you can set up a solar light anywhere you get good sunlight. Below we have a list of five cool solar powered street lights that could light up your garden, park, pathways, streets, and courtyard at less cost. You could significantly save on your power bill and go eco-friendly.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar Powered Street Lights: 5 Solar Street Lights

Have you ever tried any solar products for lighting? In any case, I’m sure these solar street lights should be the best purchase decisions for you this year. Wouldn’t you love to have a bright LED solar lamp at the entrance of your residence? That works all the night. And thanks to built-in motion sensor, that gets brighter as someone walks by. What’s more, some models even turn off if nobody is there in the area. Well, you have a wide range of solar powered street lights with different capacities and features in the listicle below.

1. Outad 8-watt LED Solar Street Light

Do you think a cool all-in-one solar light works the best for you? This ICOCO solar light does the job perfectly, then. Just unbox and mount it on a pole in your garden, park, or courtyard to get bright light even if it’s a wide area. It could emit good light at 5W to 100W consumption. 

Interestingly, the light goes dimmer if the place is vacant and gets brighter when somebody walks by. It increases battery life. Weighing at just below 5 pounds, you have solar, battery and LEDs in a single unit, and so installation is hassle-free.

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You could easily attach the light to a pole or wall with brackets and screws to ensure better lighting in the locality. The 8W solar panel comes with a warranty of 25 years. That said, it would mostly be working on your light pole for around 8 years without flaws. The LED lights run for 50000 hours, by the way.

2. GBGS 6.5-watt Solar Street Light

What about a solar street light that you could manage with a remote? You could stay back at home and adjust brightness, turn off and on your garden or pathway light. It should be an awesome treat for you, shouldn’t it? This GBGS solar LED light is such a brilliant item in our list of solar powered street lights today.

For an affordable price, what you get is a light with 1000-lumen brightness and 12000mAh battery. When a motion is detected, its integrated PIR motion sensor brightens it up to full capacity from the layover of 500-lumen in seconds. You could quickly mount it on a pole or wall. It fits well on a pole with diameter of 1.8 to 2.3 in.

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Amazingly, you could angle the light at 0/15/30 degrees to ensure better light in the area. At the same time, decent angling also lets the light grab good sunlight. Simply get this solar street light to ensure bright lighting and enhance security of your premises. It could be working nice in locations like street, garden, pathway, park, and courtyard. Use the link above to buy a unit of the solar street light.

3. RuggedGrade 24W LED Solar Street Light

Different from above models, it is a two-piece solar light. That is, it comes in two parts, a solar panel and light that integrates the battery. However, you don’t need to hire an electrician to fit this RuggedGrade solar light. You could quickly install it on a 3-inch diameter pole. And, simply light up your driveway, street, park, garden, or courtyard with solar energy. 

Unlike the above models, it misses out motion sensor, but it turns on at dusk and moves to charging mode in the daytime. Are you looking to turn your garden or pathway daylike at night? Get a unit of this 24-watt LED lamp that could emit 2400 lumens of natural white light. Use the link below to buy a unit of the light.

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It ensures clear lighting in your area and its industrial strength build guarantees long life. Enjoy unlimited outdoor lighting from solar power by saving a significant amount on your power bill. Really, you could trust on its built-in LiFePO4 9600mAh battery for bright lighting for years.

4. Solar Light Mart Solar Omega Street Light

It is the most advanced item in our list of solar powered street lights today. You could be much happy with this model if you are looking for a full-blown, ready-to-use solar light. Well, it is an all-in-one piece, but more stylish, large, and powerful.

Out of all the items in our list, it stands out with a full brightness of 3000 lumens and 1500 battery life cycles. Don’t worry this street light also features motion sensing technology. That would wake the light up from 500-lumen layover to full brightness in seconds after it detects a movement.

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Inside you have a powerful lithium battery. In the dim mode, it could offer light around 25 hours, while in the full color, it could last around 5 hours. That said, if you get the battery charged full, it would work nicely for at least two days. You get good security feeling in your home premises with good lighting. Indeed, it is ideal for park, street, and pathways, where it could be difficult and expensive to build electrical light poles.

5. TSSS Waterproof Solar Street Light

Still confused in finding a perfect solar street light? This final one in our list of solar powered street lights could be another good choice for you. It is a bit cheaper than the last two models, but has a light with 24 LEDs that could emit 500 lumens. This is about the light of a 15W fluorescent lamp.

You have all important features with this elegant, all-in-one solar light, however. It has a 7W solar panel on the top, and it features PIR motion sensor, night sensor and options for angling at 120 degrees.

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This model has got a good battery inside. It offers over three nights of lighting time. If you want to buy this unit, check out the link above. By the way, stay tuned. We will update this list with more awesome solar powered street lights sooner.