To set up an electric light in a garden, park, or a street is always costly. You need to put wires and cables in the remote areas of your garden or park. What about going solar in street or garden lights? Solar-powered street lights with built-in batteries are indeed the best choices for your garden, parks, pathways, courtyard, and etc. They collect the solar energy during the day and illuminate the outdoor spaces in the night automatically. Yes, apart from reducing the cost of the initial investment, solar street lights also help save on your power bills.

Solar Powered Street Lights

The idea behind a solar light is interesting. It is commonly an LED light with a built-in solar cell and battery. So during the day, it collects solar energy and lights up the LEDs in the night. Most of the key solar-powered street lights come with the advanced sensors to identify the night or object movements. So the lights turn on and off automatically, thus ensuring a better illumination around your home and garden when it is required.

Solar-Powered Street Lights: 5 Solar Street Lights

Well, there is a wide number of solar-powered street lights on the market. We would like to introduce you to some popular models that are suitable for your gardens, pathways, and courtyards. So it would be easy for you to find the coolest solar outdoor light to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Fine, we have curated the list by doing a detailed research on the web and the leading retailing sites. Stay with us for our list below.

1. Tenkoo Solar-Powered Streetlight

We would like to start with the Tenkoo solar street light. It is, in fact, a big-capacity solar light with enhanced brightness. With a 42000mAh lithium battery inside, the light can offer you illumination for around five nights once fully charged. The light included is a 196-LED 7500-lumen lamp and the solar panel is an 18V 100W high-power unit. That is, the panel could juice up its larger battery in around 6 to 10 hours to offer you unlimited lighting in the night. Use the link below to buy a unit of the powerful Tenkoo solar-powered streetlight.

Check Price and Buy @ Tenkoo Solar-Powered Streetlight

You can mount the Tenkoo solar light on a wall or a pole easily. It is an automatic system that turns on at the dusk and off at the dawn thanks to the included night sensor. You just need to turn on the sliver switch before installing it to get the automatic function running. Moreover, the solar streetlight enjoys all the safety features including an IP6 waterproof design, an aluminum shell to deter the rust, and etc. Indeed, that makes it one of the finest solar-powered street lights for all your outdoor spaces.

Why We Like It

  • A high-capacity solar streetlight with a bigger battery and solar panel.
  • A bright 7500-lumen outdoor light with 192 pieces of LEDs (3030).
  • Faster charging time and longer battery life for unlimited solar lighting. 
  • Easy-to-set-up design – Mountable on both a wall and pole. 
  • IP65 Waterproof design, aluminum shell, and a multi-row cooling hole.

2. GBGS 6.5-watt Solar Street Light

What about a solar street light that you could manage with a remote? You could stay back at home and adjust brightness, turn off and on your garden or pathway light. It should be an awesome treat for you, shouldn’t it? This GBGS solar LED light is such a brilliant item in our list of solar-powered street lights today.

Check Price and Buy @ GBGS 6.5-watt Solar Street Light

At an affordable price, what you get is a solar light with 1000-lumen brightness and 12000mAh battery. When a motion is detected, its integrated PIR motion sensor brightens it up to full capacity from the layover of 500-lumen in seconds. You could quickly mount it on a pole or wall. The pole diameter should be 1.8 to 2.3 inches.

Amazingly, you could angle the light at 0/15/30 degrees to ensure better light in the area. At the same time, decent angling also lets the light grab good sunlight. Simply get this solar street light to ensure bright lighting and enhance the security of your premises. It could be working nice in locations like street, garden, pathway, park, and courtyard. Use the link above to buy a unit of the solar street light.

Why We Like It

  • A super bright solar lighting with a bigger 12000mAh battery.
  • Night sensor + PIR motion sensor to ensure the security of your outdoor spaces.
  • Multiple lighting modes to save energy consumption rate.
  • Remote controller to manage the lighting from a distance.

3. RuggedGrade 24W LED Solar Street Light

Different from the above standalone models, this is a two-piece solar light. That is, you get it in two parts; a solar panel, and light. The light part integrates the battery. However, it is easy to install and you don’t need to hire an electrician to mount the RuggedGrade solar light. You could instantly set it up on a 3-inch diameter pole. And, simply light up your driveways, street, park, garden, or courtyard with the unlimited solar energy.

Check Price and Buy @ RuggedGrade 24W LED Solar Street Light

By the way, like the above models, it features a motion sensor. That can quickly boost up the light from 30% – 50% to the full brightness if there is a movement in the front. It would certainly help increase the security in your premises. Also, the light turns on at dusk and moves to charging mode in the daytime automatically. Are you looking to turn your garden or pathway day like at night? Get a unit of this 15W LED lamp that could emit 1600 lumens of natural white light. Use the link above to buy a unit of the light.

This ensures bright lighting in your outdoor spaces and its industrial-strength build guarantees a longer life. Enjoy unlimited outdoor lighting from solar power by saving a significant amount on your power bill. Really, you could trust on its built-in LiFePO4 9600mAh battery for bright lighting for years.

Why We Like It

  • Industrial-grade rugged and durable solar streetlight.
  • 15W LED light with 1600-lumen full brightness.
  • Motion sensor and a light sensor for enhanced security and automatic lighting.
  • A premium LiFePO4 9000mAh battery inside.
  • A 20W 17V polycrystalline solar panel.

4. Shangboyi 20W LED Solar Streetlight

The next item on our list of the solar-powered street lights comes from a brand called Shangboyi. As you see in the title, it is a 20-watt LED solar light with a full brightness of 1200-lumen. By the way, you can install the solar panel and the spotlight separately to offer a better lighting for your outdoor spaces. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fix both the items on a single pole or wall. Like all the above items, the Shangboyi model also features an automatic turn on/off feature, making it another cool choice for those who look for a good solar streetlight.

Check Price and Buy @ Shangboyi 20W LED Solar Streetlight

Like all similar models, the Shangboyi solar light is waterproof. It features IP65 waterproof class so you can fix it anywhere outside with no worry of rain or other water splashes. Once fully charged, it can offer you light for around 9 hours a day in its bright mode. Meanwhile, on a cloudy day, it could store the power to run the light for around 4 hours. Anyway, it is one of another best solar-powered street lights you could find on the market at an affordable price. Use the link above order a unit of the light.

Why We Like It

  • An ideal solar outdoor light with a brightness of 1200 lumens.
  • IP65 waterproof solar light for anywhere fixing outdoors.
  • Automatic turn on/off feature to light up your outdoor spaces in the night.
  • Can be fixed both separately and as a standalone unit on a pole or a wall.

5. TSSS Waterproof Solar Street Light

Here is another popular solar-powered street light on our list. This is a more affordable solar LED light with 24 LEDs that could offer 1000 lumens brightness, which is equal to what a 15W fluorescent lamp emits. Well, the light from the TSSS lamp has a 120-degree wide angle. You have all important features with this elegant, all-in-one solar light. It has got a 7W solar panel and it touts a night sensor, a PIR motion sensor to become one of the best solar-powered street lights on the market. 

Check Price and Buy @ TSSS Waterproof Solar Street Light

You could quickly install it like all the above models. It comes with all the required accessories for mounting it over a pole in your garden, park, pathways, courtyard, or etc. You don’t need the help of an electrician to fix this cool solar LED light. The light has also got a good battery inside. That would offer you over three nights of lighting once fully charged. If you love this product check out the link above and buy a unit at a great price.

Why We Like It

  • 1000-lumen LED solar outdoor light for your gardens, pathways, and courtyard.
  • 24 super bright LEDs and a 7W solar panel on the top.
  • PIR and night sensors to run the lighting automatically.
  • Easy-to-install solar outdoor light with all required pole mount accessories.
  • One of the affordable solar outdoor lights on the market.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list on the coolest solar-powered street lights. It is certainly an awesome idea to go solar in lighting up your outdoor spaces. You can find one of the above models to decoarate your garden, pathways, courtyard, streets, and parks with the unlimited solar energy. Thanks to the advanced sensors and other technoligies, you no longer need to manage the lights everyday. They will light up automatically and provide better illumination and style for your outdoor spaces with no addition to your power bills.