What if your window blinds could power your home? Well, SolarGaps solar window blinds nicely replace your traditional window treatments and give green energy. Amazingly, along with shade from sun, you get constant power to run your household appliances and gadgets. Though looking like modern window blinds, they are smart with built-in photovoltaic modules from SunPower, which significantly reduce your power bills.

SolarGaps team is, in fact, crowdfunding the project on KickStarter. The company expects to start shipping of the solar window blinds by September this year. Anyway, there has been an awesome response for the solar blinds campaign on the crowdfunding site. As of writing this, it has collected over $66,000 with 7 more days to go. Hopefully, it will be attracting more backers in coming days.

Solar Window Blinds

Solar Window Blinds – SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds

The power you get from the solar window blinds is enough to run many gadgets in your home and office. As per its maker, the solar blinds are so efficient that 10 square feet of your window can produce 100 watts to 150 watts of energy depending on sunlight. As you know, that power is enough to run three MacBooks or around 30 LED lamps. You can also store the power from your window in batteries for later use, by the way.

What Makes it Special

SolarGaps Solar Window Blinds

Great Replacement to Expensive Rooftop Panels

First, SolarGaps is an amazing replacement to the highly expensive rooftop panels. Of course, renters would rather prefer the movable solar window blinds to the rooftop panels. When you move, you can easily remove the blinds and set up in your new home quickly. SolarGaps panels are available in different sizes, including a customized option, so that you can pick the best fitting solar slats for all your windows and ventilations.

Amazingly Innovative Renewable Source

It is a fact that developers recently come up with unique solutions for green energy. Solar-based covering for windows is, no doubt, one of the coolest ways green power can change our lives. This solar window blinds is perfectly designed to fit windows of both your home and office. Simply, you can replace the traditional blinds with this energy producing blinds to save up to 70% on your power bill.

SolarGaps Solar Blinds

Automatic Sun-tracking Capability

Great thing with the SolarGaps solar window blinds is they automatically track the sun. Its founder Yevgen Erik designed this in inspiration of how sunflowers followed the sun. Yevgen went successful in experimenting with ways to duplicate sunflower movements in SolarGaps by adding self-adjusting movements. That said, you can just put the blinds down on your windows in morning; they would follow sun and produce energy constantly.

Well-Equipped Solar Window Blinds

Well, SolarGaps solar blinds is a plug ‘n’ play system. That is, it could directly charge your gadgets, letting you make use of the power in daytime itself. Or you can store the power form the blinds in battery to use in night or contribute to the grid. Moreover, the solar blinds come with mobile apps that help you manage their functions through Wi-Fi or other Internet of Things tools including Google Home, Amazon Eco etc.

Solar Window Blinds SolarGaps

Where to Buy From

SolarGaps is available for pre-order on KickStarter. Ranging from $39 to $4,895, you get different slats of the solar window blinds as of now. As per the size of your windows, you can pick small, medium, large, or extra-large variants of the window blinds. KickStarter campaign offers good deals with prices of nearly all variants at 50% less than original prices.

For example, a XS sized slat comes for a price tag of around $400 with 50% off the original price. Its size goes 36 x 36 inches. Meanwhile, different high cost options bundle remote control, motion sensors, Wi-Fi-enabled control electronics sensors, and power inverter.

Final Thoughts

SolarGaps solar windows blinds can certainly revolutionize our life indoors. We all use window blinds to cover sun and ensure better shade inside. They also add to the beauty of our interior. These stylishly-designed solar window blinds offer you power in addition to shade and beauty. As per its maker, set-up of SolarGaps is also simple. Overall, it is going to be a great initiative in making our living spaces rather friendly for greener life.