What about solar wireless security cameras? Solar is the most reliable way to run remotely-located surveillance cameras. If you place a camera in your office or home, you can rely on grid power, no worries. It is when solar-based security cameras let you enhance the security of distant properties, garden, remote home, or outhouse. You don’t need to worry about charging your cameras since there is the sun in the sky. Typically, a solar Wi-Fi security camera is capable to store enough energy from the sun to run it for multiple days.

Solar Wireless Security Cameras

Top Solar Wireless Security Cameras

Of course, we have a range of solar wireless security cameras on market. We take a few examples here to give you an idea of how these solar-powered surveillance cameras work. Well, with Wi-Fi and SIM connectivity, you can track the footage from inside your home, office or anywhere in the world. By the way, the included or built-in solar panels charge internal batteries of the cameras to ensure endless power supply.

Well, solar wireless security cameras come in with different features and capacities. Fine, you can see solar IP cameras with built-in or separate solar panels. Plus, they differ largely in design and size. Hence, you should check each product in detail to make sure it would meet your requirements. Anyway, below we have a look at the best solar-powered outdoor security cameras.

Coming to specs, a solar wireless security camera works exactly like a regular security camera. As you see, it only differs in the way it gets charged. Unlike traditional cameras, it has solar panel to use solar energy to juice up its battery. Yet, most of the models also come with the option for charging from a wall outlet. By the way, going for solar security outdoor cameras you get an extra advantage too. That is, you can place it anywhere with sunlight for enhanced surveillance.

1. KKMoon Solar Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

We have KKMoon’s solar outdoor camera as the first one on our list of solar wireless security cameras today. It touts a common design that you can find from other brands also. Its all-in-one design, however, gives a sleek and stylish look for the camera. Indeed, it is one of the top-selling solar security cameras on the market.

Of course, it is a perfect solar security camera with CMOS sensor and 720p video recording. You can install it easily and its combination of solar panel and Wi-Fi makes it really a worthy piece to ensure security around your home and office. Connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi and track all the events that happen in your place.

This model highlights a motion detection feature. You could trigger the device to record footage if something moves in front of it. Absolutely, that would enhance the security of the area you have placed the camera in. By the way, a fully charged battery of this camera can run it for two days.

So even if there are some cloudy hours a day, you could manage to keep the camera working fine. By the way, it is indeed one of the best-sellers in the segment as said above. Well, it has got good customer feedback on various retail sites. Below we have more models of awesome solar security cameras for you to have a look at.

2. Funxwe Solar Powered Surveillance Camera

The next comes a similarly designed solar camera from Funxwe. This solar-powered surveillance camera touts highly efficient thin-film solar panels. Inside you have it with a pair of 24Ah lithium batteries. That is powerful enough to run the camera for a couple of days uninterrupted once fully charged.

Specs wise, it is a 1080p HD camera with Starlight sensor that ensures bright view at night. Well, this camera offers 110yd night vision and 3X digital zoom. Through Wi-Fi, you could easily connect the camera to your smartphone. It comes with a built-in 16G TF card, and you can upgrade it with a microSD up to 128G TF.

Thanks to its solid mounting stand, you could also fix it very easily and strongly on your wall or other surfaces. You can simply screw the base to the surface and make sure you have the solar panel exposed to sunlight. Order a unit of the camera using the above link if you like it.

By the way, as said above, this camera looks like a copy of the above KKMoon model. Maybe, KKMoon and Funxwe ordered this from the same OEM factory. However, there is different customer feedback to the cameras on key retail sites. So, we think you will also love to have a look at this camera too.

3. Freecam Solar Wireless Security Camera

The third pick in our list of solar wireless security cameras is something unique. Different from above models, it is equipped with a built-in solar cell. Of course, that makes it a truly standalone solar camera. So it is quite easy to fix and manage. We have more details about the all-in-one solar security camera below.

Coming to specs, Freecam camera is surely a perfect security camera with increased night vision. And it also features a waterproof build. As said above, you can easily fix it anywhere and record footage in 720P HD. And its battery, once fully charged, can run it for five days. For a full charge, it needs the sunlight of a single day.

Well, the battery inside is a powerful 6400mAh unit. That offers you longer standby life, i.e. 30 to 60 days without the sun. By the way, this cam works only with 2.4GH routers, not with the new-gen 5GHz routers. You can monitor the footage on your phone, tablet or computer.

Also, it can send a photograph to your mobile or computer instantly after it detects a movement in the area you have fixed the camera. That said, with access to sufficient sunlight and a reliable network, you could ensure high security for your home or work premises, gardens, outhouse, or distant properties.

4. WhoaCow Solar Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Here comes the second standalone solar security camera on our list today. The WhoaCow outdoor camera has the same features of the above Freecam model. You can easily mount it anyplace where you don’t need grid power connectivity. Coming to design, it is IP55-certified water-resistant and so can survive heavy rains.

Specs wise, the WhoaCow cam integrates a high-efficiency solar cell to juice up its 6800mAh built-in Li-polymer battery. Amazingly, with 5-day sunlight, it can store enough juice to run the camera for around 30 days. By the way, it offers 720p HD footage and also works nicely in the night. And it equips a 16GB built-in memory.

Overall, the WhoaCow solar camera looks like a copy of the above Freecam solar camera. Maybe, the same OEM factor would be the reason for that. Whatever, it is indeed yet another pick you could find on the market of solar wireless security cameras. Use the link above to buy a unit of the WhoaCow solar camera.

Finally, the standalone camera also highlights a high-quality motion sensor, night vision capability, and built-in 16GB memory storage. Well, you can quickly fix the camera anywhere there you have enough exposure to the sunlight and access to a network, either Wi-Fi or mobile network, to run the camera at its full capacity.

5. Maxsa Solar Security Camera with Floodlight

Maxsa’s solar security camera is a unique model as it comes with a floodlight in the bundle. As you see in the photo, it integrates a camera and lighting so it helps protect your home and family more perfectly. You can keep track of your premises day or night with good viewing.

Come to the camera, it is actually a 640P video surveillance camera with the capacity to record footage up to 4 hours at a time. Meanwhile, the built-in LED light offers a brightness of 878 lumens. That is quite enough to light up your home and property premises at night.

Well, being another important security feature, it touts the capability to capture movements within 110-degree range during the day and around 15 feet at night. You could store the video in its 16GB microSD card to have a look at the video when needed. The included memory can store footage for up to 4 hours.

Inside the camera has a 4.4Ah Li-Ion battery that you could charge from sunlight during the day. As you see, it is up with a small solar panel and 15-foot cable. So it does a good job of harvesting solar energy and powering up the device for long days. The Maxsa solar camera is actually doing well on the market and so it looks one of the best options you can see on the market of solar wireless security cameras.

6. Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Panel Bundle

Finally, we have Ring’s famous Stick Up Cam with solar panel bundle on our list of best solar wireless security cameras. This is actually one of the advanced wireless security cameras in the world. Coupled with a solar panel, it can take full control of the security of your home. You could have a virtual look at your home from anywhere anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

What makes Ring Stick Up Cam exceptional is its capability to produce HD video as well as two-way audio. That is, you can watch HD footage of your home from the comfort of your handhelds, thanks to wireless network.

Also, through the device, you can actually speak to anyone in your home. That is what makes the Ring Stick Up Cam something special on our list today. Anyway, use the link above to order a unit of the Ring Stick Up Cam with an included solar panel.

With the solar included solar panel, Stick Up Cam takes only four hours to fully charge from. That makes it work round-the-clock so you don’t need to worry about charging. By the way, it works with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 10 devices. As an initial offer, you get a 30-day trial for Cloud Video Recording, which would give you a chance not to miss any recorded footage and access the video from anywhere.

7. Lynx Solar Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera

The next on our list is an advanced solar camera from Lynx. Apart from common features like solar power, Wi-Fi, and better night vision, this model highlights a special face recognition facility. That is, the camera identifies the person in front. And leaves check-in notification with familiar faces and alert notification with unfamiliar faces. Of course, that makes it a really awesome security camera.

This is indeed a perfect outdoor camera for security purposes. It offers crystal clear HD video. Well, using the Tend secure mobile app, you can access the footage from anywhere in the world. With access to free cloud storage, you can anytime check out the footage for the last one week. Use the link to buy a unit of the camera.

As you see in the photo, the camera and solar panels are two different parts. You can fix the camera anywhere and connect it to the solar panel, which is capable to collect enough energy on a single day to run the camera for a week. That would certainly make the overall system a perfect security surveillance camera.

Final Thoughts

Everyone needs security for their properties, home, garden, and other valuables. It is never a new thing to set up a surveillance camera for that purpose. However, it is a great idea to go for one of the above solar wireless security cameras for increased security. If you want to set up a security camera in your garden, warehouse, remote home, or anywhere outside the main building of your home, it is indeed good to get a solar security camera. That ensures live tracking of your premises with no interruptions at all.