We recently came across BioLite’s fire-based phone charger. Here comes yet another innovative off-grid power solution that simply uses fire and water. Yes, you power up your phone with just fire and water with a Stower Candle Charger. Needless to say, it also works on the same thermo-electric technology of BaseCamp Stove.

Stower Candle Phone Charger

But the process is a little bit different here though. Stower, known for its camping stove-based FlameStower charger, has made use of a semiconductor device to alter temperature gradient to electric power. Clearly, it converts change in temperature – heat against coolness of water – by building this cool charger in a way you set fire in the bottom and fill water atop.

Absolutely, Stower Candle Charger is more reliable than solar and crank. These two popular off-grid power solutions have some limits. Solar is obviously not for night, meanwhile crank brings only minimal results. Of course, here this fire and water off-grid power generator is an awesome idea. It works anytime, anywhere.

Stower Candle Charger – Fire and Water Charger

Coming to specs, Stower Candle Charger, as you know, works on thermoelectric technology. And it offers 2.5W of steady power and 3.3W at peak. You have a built-in USB port to connect your gadget. Though the amount of power is very less, it is an instant off-grid charger. As soon as you set the flame it starts to produce energy.

Besides off-grid power, you can collect some sterilized water from Stower Candle Charger’s tank if needed. Well, if you replace the boiled water occasionally, you will get 1 liter of sterilized water in an hour. By the way, the water you need to fill in its tank is 150 ml and you need to refill it as needed, roughly in half an hour.

Regarding its efficiency, Stower claims that a candle canister is enough to give you six hours of USB charging. Design wise, it is a cool device with a slight weight of 11 oz, making it ideal for carrying anywhere. It size goes 42.5″ diameter and 4.25 tall while it is collapsed, and it becomes 6.5″ tall when standing.

What Makes it Special

Innovative Concept for an Off-Grid Power Solution

Different from regular thermoelectric chargers, it makes use of water and fire in a mix-up to produce off-grid energy. As put it above, a built-in semiconductor converts the temperature change, realized by the fire in the bottom and water on the top. And a smart circuit matches the energy output against the requirement for the connected gadget. The outcome is green energy to charge up your phone anywhere, any time.

Friendly for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

Of course, this is what makes Stower Candle Charger unique from its solar and wind turbine alternatives. For solar and wind chargers, you must go outside for stable results. Meanwhile, this inventive solar charger works anywhere – indoors or outdoors. But you should take care to get the fire not blown out when you are outside.

Instant Charger – Great Alternative to Solar and Crank Chargers

It takes no time at all to start producing energy. Just after you set the flame and fill, Stower starts to generate power. For this reason, it is a superb alternative to its solar and hand crank rivals. For solar, you need bright sunlight and for hand crank, it takes a lot of time on cranking to produce a bit of energy. Here no waiting, just set fire and connect your gadget. That is all.

What you May not Like

There are, of course, several reasons you must not buy Stower Candle Charger. First of all, it doesn’t include a battery. See, without battery, you need to direct connect your gadget to it every time the energy production is under way. That means you are bringing your valuable device near to fire, though Stower claims its system is very such secure. Moreover, for that price, you have other reliable green power options to go with.

What Customers Think

Before moving to the customer feedback on Stower Candle Charger, we want to clarify a thing. It is actually a fun product rather than a serious way to make off-grid energy. Keeping this in mind, the Stower fire and water phone charger is a great way to charge your gadgets as you undergo a blackout. As of writing this, most customers who have had comments on it on Amazon have put it a good score, giving it away 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Stower Candle Charger features

Final Thoughts

In summary, as noted above, Stower Candle Charger looks more like a fun off-grid power solution. Indeed, it is strange way to charge up your phone under a blackout. The great thing with it as compared to solar or hand crank solutions is it works anywhere, any time. And the power it produces is quite enough to charge a phone in some hours.

However, we can’t tell it is such a safe way to off-grid power. Outside it is not easy to keep its fire ablaze in a windy condition. Meanwhile, indoors it is not always safe to have some fire alive. Its concept is however very interesting and rather eccentric too. And if you are a kind of person that enjoys these things, of course, Stower Candle Charger is for you.