Looking to utilize winds to make off-grid power? Then, this Sunforce 400 watt wind generator is a cool way you can go with. This lightweight wind generator is a ready-to-use off-grid power solution. All you need to do is to unbox the pack, assemble and mount it somewhere with winds. Quickly, it starts to produce energy.

Of course, Sunforce 400 watt wind generator can charge any 12V battery. That means it is a cool off-grid power solution for cottages, tent and flat. Moreover, Sunforce has made it fully weatherproof and powder-coated to make it good for marine use as well. Certainly, good build quality ensures more life for this wind generator.

Wind is definitely a wonderful off-grid power source. It gives you energy all the time around. Yes, if there is wind, you sure get power from a wind generator. So, it looks a fitting solution for cottages, flats and tents. It is also very easy to set up the Sunforce 400 watt wind generator. All you need in addition is a pole.

Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator – All you Need to Know

Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator

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Coming to specs, Sunforce wind generator is ideal for charging 12V batteries. You can plug in it to an existing 12V battery, RV or boat battery to use wind as a power source. As you see, it produces up to 400W or 27 amps of energy. More amazingly, Sunforce 400 watt wind generator touts a built-in regulator to automatically stop charging once the battery is full. Certainly, that gifts more life for your battery.

Moreover, Sunforce has made it with quality materials. Its blades are built with carbon fiber composites to ensure reduced noise and long life. Plus, it boasts a patented high wind over speed technology that offers smooth and clean functioning. Overall, it measures at 27 x 44 x 44 inches and weighs at 14.5 pounds.

Sunforce 400W Wind Generator

What Makes it Special

Perfect Land and Marine Wind Generator

Sunforce 400 watt wind generator is a ready-to-use off-grid power solution for both land and marine use. You can install it easily and charge your battery. It is quite easy to generate off-grid energy with this wind generator as it works smoothly anywhere. Built with weatherproof and power-coated materials, you can mount it on your boat, cabin, tent and cottage with much comfort.

Well-Built, High Quality Wind Turbine Generator

Indeed, it is a well-built wind generator. It comes with light cast aluminum body that makes it durable. Plus, as noted above, you have the Sunforce generator with power-coated and fully weatherproof materials. Its blades are made of carbon fiber composite that guarantees you less noise and life especially in marine applications.

Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator Parts

Easy, DIY Installation for Anywhere off-Grid Power

It is very easy to set up Sunforce 400 watt wind generator. All you need to buy a mast to mount it on. Plus, a location that has better winds with no surrounding obstructions. Ideal site for mounting the wind generator is 20 feet above any nearby objects within a radius of 250 feet. You can yourself assemble the wind generator and set up it quickly. You can buy Sunforce 30-feet Tower Kit from Amazon for separate price, by the way.

What Customers Think

Customer response to Sunforce 400 watt wind generator is not much awesome. Though it is one of the best selling wind generators on Amazon in its price range, many users have recorded negative reviews. Out of the total 50 reviews, 30 are talking about its shortcomings that mainly include non-functioning, lesser power production and regulator error. However, several customers are happy with the way the generator works.

Sunforce 400 Watt Wind Generator Full Set

Final Thoughts

It is high time we should develop more off-grid solutions for energy. In fact, wind generators are usually installed as big projects. Today like small and lightweight portable solar solutions, companies also focus on ready-to-use and tiny wind generators. Sunforce 400 watt wind generator is one best example. We are still waiting for rather efficient and powerful wind generators. This Sunforce wind generator is a good concept, indeed. It is a wonderful lightweight, easy-to-use solution to make wind power irrespective of all its  shortfalls.