SunKing Solar Light Home 120 is a cool solar-based off-grid home power system with a USB charger. Well, it acts like a grid-power like solar system with its three 200-lumen lights and as many wall-mountable switches. Simply, you can light up a home of three rooms with bright light. And wire the rooms with switches to easily manage the lights. Plus, you get a USB charger on the included power bank that carries a 12000mAh battery.

The ultra-light SunKing Solar Light can indeed change the way you have been living off-the grid. Well, you may come across many solar-based power solutions, but it differs from the most as it is a full system for home off-grid power. Amazingly, along with included lights, you get it with a USB phone charging option. Of course, that makes it a worthy life-changing solar solution for everyone who wants to live off the grid.

Moreover, SunKing Solar Light is part of Greenlight Planet’s esteemed goal to build off-grid solar solutions for developing countries. Well, it is a for profit social business that designs reliable solar solutions for those who live off-grid. Its founder T Patrick Walsh came to see that people in rural India would rely on kerosene lamps. It prompted him to design solar lanterns, which ended up in the making of a line of SunKing products.

SunKing Solar Light Home 120 by Greenlight Planet

SunKing Solar Light

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Regarding specs, we should check each component in SunKing Solar Light Home 120. Well, it mainly packs a small solar panel and a power bank. And its function is to light up the included lamps and USB charger. Clearly, you get SunKing Home 120 with a 12W poly-crystalline solar panel and 12000mAh lithium LFP battery-based power bank. Yes, you can charge the power bank from sun and store energy in the power bank.

Moreover, unlike regular solar chargers, you get SunKing Home 120 kit with three lamps and as many wall-mountable switches. Fine, each hanging bulb gives you 200 lumens, making sure you get enough brightness in three rooms. The wall-mounted switches make managing the lights easier. And above all, you get a USB port on the power bank to charge your phones and other devices.

SunKing Solar Light Solar Panel

What Makes it Special

Cool Solar Light and Power Solution

First of all, SunKing Solar Light Home 120 mixes two essential features; power and light. We have several off-grid solar chargers on market, but this one is perfect for your home. It gives you both power and light just from sunlight. Overall, it could deliver 600 lumens light and charge your phone from its powerful power bank.

Ideal Off-Grid Home Solar System

Looking for an off-grid home solar solution? You won’t get this much perfect solar solution for off-grid home use. Amazingly, you get both power and light from a single solar device. And it is designed in a way you can easily install it in different rooms of your home. Well, you can mount the switches on your wall and lights in three rooms. All the required cables to wire a small home come with the SunKing Solar Light Home 120.

SunKing Solar Light By Green Planet

Amazing Concept for People Living Off-Grid

Greenlight Planet, as noted above, has realized this to tackle power issues people in third world countries face. Experience of its founder in India’s rural areas has pushed the team to design such a cool off-grid home power system. Of course, it comes out to be an awesome solution for people, who have been relying on kerosene for basic lighting. Along with it comes an option for energy storage, which makes it rather cool, indeed.

What you May not Like

It is a tiny home solar system. It packs a 12W solar cell and a 12Ah power bank. And it doesn’t fit for all outdoor use. Of course, you can set it up in a camping tent, but its carrying during a camping and hiking is not as easy as you take a folding solar charger with power bank. However, interesting thing is you can take only the panel and power bank on the move, but is a bit expensive compared to more powerful folding solar chargers.

Green Planet SunKing Solar Light

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What Customers Think

SunKing Solar Light Home 120 enjoys awesome customer score. As of writing this, around 20 customers have shared their thoughts on it on and nearly all notes are positive. More amazingly, it has grabbed a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars suggesting that almost all customers who have bought it are recommending it.

Final Thoughts

As one customer noted on Amazon, SunKing Solar Light Home 120 is worth its price mainly because it outdoes all the China products in terms of performance. Of course, you have a lot of Asian-made off-grid solar chargers on market. This product, different from the crowd, features a host of exciting things, including next-generation battery, cute and bright lamps with 3 brightness settings and a powerful USB charger for your gadgets. Above all, it is easy to set up and is transformative too. You can put it together in small off-grid cabins and tents.